NameKung Fu Clicker

Become a real Kung Fu martial arts master. Download Kung Fu clicker for android, you have the opportunity to regain the very glory of your school, which was once earned.

Neighboring schools are under attack by the most powerful clan of the Deathfangs. It’s up to you to muster up the courage to defend your school from these brutal attacks. Invest a lot of money, try to increase your income and get only pleasure from it.

All your rooms can be significantly improved, prepared to receive new students and take on a very serious matter. Try to fight in a new school, study for one five and meet in duels with other schools. You will have to climb higher in the ranking table, get a black belt and your school will become the most prestigious in the area.

Teach your students all the techniques of Kung Fu, show what you are capable of and get certain bonuses. This game is completely free, only some items can be bought for real money. In the near future, your school will shine again and become very popular. It will depend only on your skills whether new students will come to you and how your business develops.

Kung Fu Clicker MOD

Show down is literally full of pay to wins i recommend just playing in dojo until you have a stronger characters. Forced files and media permissions are a big no-no, so a very deserved 1 star.. fun game one little bug do the rade count down for some reason freezes. Fun game, but I can't seem to buy the wooden chests for 10 lotus in the showdown tab. Game is decent but could be better takes a ton of souls to get/ upgrade relics.. matchmaking in their popular is broke but after reviewing reviews this has been going on for years. Currently ranked 150ish being matched with high ranks on both other factions 5x + my power 20 attempts in today with the closest being about 4.5x my team str and ranked 40 on their side. Pretty lame and as such I suggest going to another game with a symbolance of balance.. This game has fantastic style and the gameplay is well balanced. I only wish there was more by these developers in this style. Personally I have about 4 games I've personally designed on paper, and these developers are the ones I would trust to adapt them to coding, and if any of the developers do see this, i have some ideas that could probably develope quite the following if I had this game's sheer amount of style and charm. It is a very good game but some time it hangs. Pretty good, fairly easy. it just stopped saving after i got to Rank 5. Why is the game asking for photos/videos permission? Stay away.. Op in the chat bro what a nice what a nice game wah wah . The game is cool the trick is to go past to the past to get strong and win.

Kung Fu Clicker APK

This game had a potential dont give up upadating this game i like this game a lot. So far it has been a pretty entertaining game actually. However I have came across two bugs so far. I am just unable to purchase chests with lotus crowns, I press the button to but it but I just don't get it doesn't charge me luckily. Also sometimes the raid timer just stops so I have to pay to speed up the raid.. The core problem of the game is the raiding, there should be a feature to boost through all the raids up until a certain point when you transcend. Having to go through 100+ raids,(because masters aren't strong enough to do them on their own) while being stuck at a gold wall to unlock the last dojo is exhausting.. I like to see some more Indian character who use urumi sword (flexible sword) and this game is great. . Was fun until the game stopped loading. The first night I played indidnt have any issues. Game loaded fine and I feel like i progressed decently. 24 hours later i go to load the game and it crashed multiple times. Tried legitimately 10x to get it to work but nothing was working. Spent $20 and now I feel like I wasted my money. Hopefully they fix this problem because when it worked it was actually a good game.. I cant openn the wooden chest using the lotus. Is it a bug?. Cute clicker game, unfortunately it often freezes at the end of a raid and recent progress is lost. Can't even start the game up lol it starts the initial load up, throws an ad in my face before the load even hits 100%, and then crash-closes the app.. not that I disagree or some sort , but , hey , don't "mock / insult" monks tho , you can alter to "other character" than refer to monks ( they're good & kind people ) if you know what I mean , there many kung fu heroes / naming / resemblence ( wong fei hung / jackie chan / andy lau / bruce lee / etc , why monks that mostly meditate ? ). Enjoyable Idle game. Has some interesting gameplay mechanics I've not seen in other idle clicker games. The theme is 100% me too.. so if you like kung-fu, download this game chop chop..

Kung Fu Clicker APK

Fun to get over powered but my opinion doesn't matter play it your self. Game does not open for me it just keeps closing and i was looking forward to playing the game with all the great reveiws it had. Honestly near perfection, no forced adds, great artstyle, fun game, I recommend HIGHLY. its a really really really good game i saw lankybox play this and i love the game its so addicting i love i hope there would be updates the game is so good its a amazing game really good i love it so much!!! make updates please game is sk good its so addicting iwas so bord but now i have this game i fell amazing !!!!!!! i love the music and it really sounds like Chinese music its so relaxing love the game so so so so so so so much. The Game kept crashing then when I finally got in the buttons wouldnt work. Kind of sad I was looking forward to playing it.. A shameless cash grab. Represents everything that's wrong with mobile gaming; closer to a pokie machine than a real game, complete with constant flashing popups and nonsense begging you to put in another $5 for no real meaningful reward.. Waiting for more content i have just about reached the final building i need so we will see what happens after. To sum it up, the game is great for passing the time and for enjoyment. The only issue is that the relic that you get from the event, after upgrading it once the second time I acquire it, it disappears...I already lost 2. I was suppose to use that to upgrade it but it's gone.. App keeps crashing can't get it to open and I'm a subscriber. this is awesome game you guys are definitely worth playing on the music is always awesome and funny:):):).

Kung Fu Clicker APK

This game is completely unbalanced, trying to earn points and I am power lvl 11k and put against 20k-150k, if this game ever gets an update to be more balanced I will come back but as for now I am uninstalling.. I would like you to fix Kung Fu clickers because he keeps on saying when I load into the game it says Kung Fu clickers needs care information so will you please fix that for me. Its really just a good game better then minecraft in my opinion. really love the game it got insane things like the show down is insane even got to epic characters and the characters faces are pretty good and really got to the GIANT LETTERS like this i got to XX even got to top 20s liked the game a lot you should try it out!. This is really really real good game and idk what to say btw HAHA. I absolutely love the soundtrack! The entire album of soundtrack is what makes me stick to this game. Goes to show that great music could make for a great - and this is the only mobile game that shows the best of that principle, really. I commend to the music team of this game for such great work, really. I also want to call it an accomplishment. Amazing!. I tried modding but it was useless also now it crashes for some reason i removed the mod pls fix. The game has good artstyle, good soundtrack. One of the few games that has love in it. Amazing game, would recommend.. This game is awesome. I like the idea of collecting masters, I get at least one every day, and I've been playing for a couple weeks now. Another great idea is the battling system, and collecting character cards to make characters more powerful. And gems are also very easy to get, and is never grindy.. It dose not load I can't even get into the game and I am getting mad because I uninstall it and download it agine and it dose not work and I'm 11 years old so I'm allowed to play it.

After playing for a few hours the loading screen is stuck at 29%. Tried clearing cache, data, and even reinstalled the whole application. Please fix.. What make this game much better is the rap background theme. I played 1 week ago with lvl 24 Infinity Shades and I Can't Go Back in The Game u will be stuck in the Loading screen with 29% and it gives a ad On Loading screen It will Make u Go Out of the Game. I found some exploit/bug when i try The event and the arena when a character enters the rooms i can tap the enemies but when my master die i still can click the enemies I exploit the events when i get to the top floor boss i can tap it infinite times with my auto clicker but still love the game And i can use date and time on setting ;). Totally annoying..after playing for 3 days(i got epic and strong masters)the app stop working...the game freeze on loading screen...if you can fix this i might change my review...pls fix it..and i also tried to uninstall the install but its still the same...plsssss fix it...and also the game have so many bugs!. Hello, So when I'm making a purchase it doesn't work and it takes my money away :(. Games really fun and the design is nice but everytime I start up the app it freezes on the loading screen at 29%. The game was good at first i really like it but while i was playing game suddenly crash whenever i try to open the app again it just closes again i tried clearing the cache and data but it still crash i also tried reinstalling it but i still can't play it since it still crashing. I can never get any lotus flowers because they constantly pair me up against absurdly higher level people. That makes it super hard to make any progress.. Brilliant game, love the animation used. Gameplay is quite fun. Similar to Doomsday clicker in a way .

I'm not usually one for idel clickers but this little game is amazing! It has such vibrancy and life! The music is fantastic! And has a sense of humour. It's simple yet sweet. 10/10. Make dungeon inc and this game offline always, and never stop making songs for your ads guys. So brilliant game. So brilliant sound and visual effects. So brilliant feel the game. Well thought through of everything. All works fine. Just app got to slow down with asking for watching videos and asking for buying stuff. But other then that, brilliant.. Great game, beautiful graphics and artstyle and the only downside of this game is whenever i fight in showdown i always get an enemy with 40k+ power while i'm just 3k+. Everything is fine about the game expect for the multiplayer when your low level with nothing you matched up with people with like 40 thousand more power then you. I don't know how to explain this but this game is amazing. I love this game i have been playing for so long and it is still entertaining. I dislike that you're forced to buy a new dojo, whenever you're able to. I have a particular way I like to play these types of games, and you ruin it making me open up more before I want to. And you force players to reset too. Terrible game.. Why do you require access to my photos, media and other files? Uninstall.. amazing game and the best of the game and the most exciting game of all time.

Cloud save doesnt seem to work, how am I suppose to save my progress? pls help. Want to know kung fu? Join Avatar Dojo. This game is a Flawless Victory. Tap first, Tap hard, No mercy! And Avenge your brother.. Aside from nice graphics this is a pay to win game. If you don't, no matter what you do the odds are heavily against you. No matter how many times you level up your defenses the guys attacking you are always getting stronger and stronger, even clicking on them doesn't help and at the end you lose most of the time. The off line earning are basically useless. They do somehow reword you for keeping the game open, clicking and watching ads, but not to the point to get an edge. 5 stars for the graphics, 1 star for game play as it is designed heavily against you. So if you like clicking and watching ads for minimal reword go for it, if not forget about it. Last but not least, don't be fooled by the progress in the beginning of the game, it's designed to suck you in hopefully for the developer and pay real money to keep it up.. pls fix the showdown mode , I always meet with people that has higher power than me. Left the game cause they errored my account after purchasing for xi and shi kid dragon character. They will refund me but I cant get the special gold character now cause of their fault. So I'm done.. This game used to be my favourite once in 2019 I am again playing it with a new start but the recent update banned or removed shadow fang attacks and showdown too this, game is getting more horrible that I cannot load my playstore account I used to play in 2019. Hey um I have same problem too with the whole event and showdown its not happening please fix it. Hey!! Where the f! Is my new master?? I bought wu & Shi and I didn't have anything! Plus a I subscribe and a member! Don't be fooling ma money man!!. Is it a bug or am I being shadow banned? For some reason I cant join raid event or showdown after the update. And daily claim is also stuck. What's worse is I cant even connect to support in game. Very frustrating especially given that I had in game purchases already, such a shame. Unless an update to this is made I guess it's time to uninstall and move on.... Good game i played alot but it stopped loading at 29 Edit : i tired restarting it and it still does not work.

Worst game ever. Dont ever listen to support to uninstall and reinstall the game. They made me lost all my paid gold limited character. Lost all my data which a few of my GOLD character are level 49. And they only gave me 5k gem and restart the whole thing. Email alot to them they didnt even return all my paid gold character. Not gonna play this game anymore. Player beware dont buy any limited character.. A bug when transcend, couldn't click anything, and restarting would loop as if you hadn't transcended.. Make more more more more more more more kung fu girls updates!!!. I liked this game very much but now this is the worst! It lags and crashes very frequently when I turn on my mobile data. Please fix these frequent crashes or this game will be as fun as it was before. I have a 8gb ram device with Helio mediatek p70 processor and my os is android 10.. the game fun but the game reset me back to the beginning and I lost all my progress. The game is so nice but after playing for a while it freezes and I have to open it again from time to time . Pls fix this. Ok, so I really love this game, but after I've updated the game to it's latest version, it's not working. Whenever I go into the game it loads to 29 and then the game goes out. You guys need to fix it. Because I've reached too far to start over. Ok.. The freezing and glitching are terrible and have gotten completely out of control.. This game is very fun and very addicting but after awhile I couldn't play the game because it keeps crashing, I keep trying to open it again and again but it still keeps crashing. I'll only give 1 star for now.. Fun game easy to play the only thing I hate on it is the match making I'm only at 6,000k and I get people from 10,000 to 100,000k please fix this asap after you do then I'll change my vote.

I am not being able to watch adds to boost production or spin the wheel :/. My finger is on fire and I might need a new phone... other than that this game is the one to have good luck and in the words of the> tin man and your going to need it oooiiiilllll or your shoulder is going to look like that guy's arm in that movie.( lady in the water) lol check it out you will laafff. Game crashed mid game after weeks of use. Will not load past 29% anymore when opened, even after force closing and unistalling and reinstalling multiple times. Unplayable at this point. The gameplay is quite novel, however it keeps crashing on my device (Vivo V9). Although I had removed it from my device because of performance issues, the overall experience was great..

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