NameLullaby of Demonia
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ReleaseGenius Inc

An exciting simulator with great graphics. Lullaby of Demonia: Otome Game invites us to become antique dealers, travel the world, and get the wealthiest clients.

Quite unexpectedly, one of them was Lucifer himself. In your confrontation, you fail, and you have to turn to him for help. Lucifer offered you a job as a custodian of his ancient relics for this service. There is only one problem with this: you will have to become a servant for his four sons.

Begin to adjust to life in a vast castle where only sin and temptation rule. It is at the moment when the sons begin to compete with each other for your heart and soul that all the worst begins. You will have to try not only to survive but not to lose your soul in the fight against demons. Solve your problems, deal with difficulties, and move forward so as not to lose everything.

Lullaby of Demonia MOD

The choices cost to much rubies, I would rate this a five star only if the owner made the choices cheaper, thank you.. I love this game and the design but (like Guardians of the zodiac) there's a low chance of getting gems from playing the mini game.. I love this game soooo much! I would really love if there would be a season 3, please think of adding it soon. It's nice but the season are not that much good cause when I was clicking on season 2 after season 1 it didn't seem to be happening. And Alastar's VIP VACATION too didn't happen and Lucifer's Story was also not playing so. PLEASE Set this bugs pls take care of the bugs or it is something else of it is !! Please tell me.. As always. Perfect. Story line, character design, n also character development. It took me around 2 weeks to finish the season 1. What I like is I don't need to spend any penny. Even though sometimes I get frustrated cuz I play the mini games till I can't play it anymore lol. Overall it's great and worth to try. But, I suggest maybe you could try adding more ways for us to get the rubies. For example giving us 3 chance to watch ads within 4 hours instead of one chance (which only worth 2 rubies).

Lullaby of Demonia APK

Everything's great about this game but I've got only problem. Make a system for earning some gems... Like a mini game. The existing one is way to random.... Great story except it is a Lil more focused on one character ( the one in the app icon) but overall pretty fun. A fun story with lots of beautiful art with it true the gems are hard to get but I don't mind it would be nice to see this one with a similar ending to forest of destiny the season with the wolf boy.. obviously with all these games theres a way to earn gems. In these particular cases for their games its slots. In which I don't mind doing but I think the video duration should be shorter, for the earning 30 points one. because 30 points doesn't get you anything. Of course other that that great game.

Lullaby of Demonia APK

Great story's but tapjoy I won't give Me the points it owes me and it's been 3 hours I've tried everything email support sending more evidence I did what I was supposed to but no rewards and I genuinely don't know what to do. I know it was silly of me to hope for the use of neutral pronouns in an otome game but I'm sad to see this isn't the case and won't be able to finish the game.. Love this, definitely my second favourite Edit: was my second favourite but changed after I read all of them. The final one I read could have gone better but I still loved it.. This was the first genius inc game i played and was probably the best one ive played it has a good story and character growth and lore to it.

Lullaby of Demonia APK

I love this game sooo much who ever have not play this you should try this you are gonna fall in love with this game. I luv this game so much . After finishing season 2 I'm wondering if there is going to be a season 3 . The character are amazing and the settings are stunning I would recommend this game :). I just adore this game. The art is beautiful and the story is amazing. It's bittersweet sometimes and makes you feel Can't wait for season 3. It's amazing and all but I would prefer if we could choose our pronouns because I dislike going by she/her please fix that.

The story is quite the blast, I will rate it a 5 out of 5 cuz of the story the only thing I hate is that there is only one mini game to earn coins and it gives quite less points which is just annoying there should be at least be another mini game to earn points and the gems trade is just a bit too expensive 12 points for one gems takes a lot of time and that makes you miss out on some scenes that may change the story.. I love the story and the characters. The art style is beautiful. If you play the minigame, you can earn gems and the special options are worth it. I recommend this game for Visual Novel lovers who love supernatural elements.. Great art. Generally, good game. Though it's not for me. The 'player' often acts and talks in an average typical mc way and I happen to disagree with a lot of their decisions. And it is the type of otome game where you'd need to have a certain number of gems to get access to an interesting scene. There aren't many times you can make decisions, maybe once per character interaction while they's heaps of dialogue. And when you can make a decision, the most appealing option has to be bought.. Love it alot... But my only problem is the gems that take A WHILE to get (either that or pay money) for basically every good choice..

If it weren't for the fact that you have to pay for so much, this game would actually be kind of good. But you have to wait soooo long to be able play properly and if you use any gems, then you won't get them back unless u pay. Nice characters, promising story, everything in game hidden behind a pay wall. Nothing free about it and not worth the download.. PATIENTLY WAITING FOR SEASON 3!! THE STORY LINE AND CHARACTERS ARE THE BEST! Actually this is my fist time seeing 4 story on one app! So now I feel the characters are part of me now! I spend days reason HAHAHA!! I love it!. The story is interesting but the writing itself is pretty obnoxious half the time. And sorry but Lucifer smokes almost all of his kids. He's cute af and has a big hunky bod. Why can't I have a piece of that? I don't wanna read some other chicks romance. And why does only one of our options get an extra story?? Out of the 4 choices, I'd rank Alastor at #3 for me personally..

OMG WE WANT SEASON 3!!!!! PLEASE!!! OH MY GOSH I'M SOOO EXCITED TO SEE RAHAB!!!! PLEASE CONTINUE THIS STORY. And also this is my 4rth most favorite game ever. (All of them are by genius ). I really love it the game but the only thing I hate is that it freezes and then kicks me out the game and the I got suck a part in season 2 and couldn't do anything it just wouldn't let me skip without kicking me out the everytime. still disappointed with the premium choices system. intrigued by our profession of 'interdimensional antiques dealer' but quickly disappointed to learn the dilf is off the table c'mon man i don't want those brats, let me smooch the dad! lol I'll keep reading tho story seems interesting. update rating when finished. I love this game I can play it over and over again the only problem I have is you never get a chance to be Lucifer nor do you get a chance to see rahub.

I'm on like the 5th chapter and Valec can't really be a 'love interest' he's like 12. I'm just confused I guess I'll find out eventually. If it's Genius Inc , just download it .. but can't give five star , cause there are still some flaws which needs improvement,., But it's better than others .. This is an amazing game, I love how you made a way where we don't have to pay to get rubies.. The artwork is amazing as always, the twists/ storyline was great, the charaters are wonderful playing to their role. It was an emotional ride on some parts of the story. I really liked it this gets five stars. Edit: OMG IT HAS A SEASON 2 yesss!!! btw I really love the opera music it played when you meet the 3rd brother in the dream. (You guys got me ugly crying close to the ending of the story. Whyyy) OMG the clifhanger, Let me see the last brother plssss!! .

Great game but it's hard to farm gems. It takes me seven day to finish it. But still it's kinda worth it. Please fix the bug. That won't give me my gems. When I first started it worked and I love it but second time I watched the video. It wouldn't give me anything. I wanna play your games but I won't play anymore till this bug is fixed.. Story, plot graphics others overall is really good but the fact that rubies are way too expensive and when I tried the offers it didn't work and it's worthless I can't just wait for 4 something hours to get points to trade it's actually annoying... I like the game, like everything about the game but the last was like something i want to know first when it's ended i don't know second there was person that i want to know who it is and please make games like soul of yokai and BTS anime games..

Season 2 trigger warning: amon is very rapey. As much as I loved the season I felt like I HAD to spend rubies to consent to it. Season 1 ending was a let down with the LI routes. I really hate the way Season 2 ended, it was heavily implied amon would be a route but sadly wasn't. Despite the negatives I'm still holding out hope for Season 3 and hope the new brothers will be made as love interests.. it was good at first you get to change the name but all of a sudden I lost all my progress and the name is YN I didnt chose that name I thought it gives you and option to change it so why cant I do it?. This game is one of my favourite games from genius inc. Really loved it. The season 2 is as good as season 1. Alastor's route was good as well. I really liked Amon a lot trust me. I hope you ppl give a chance to choose Amon in the next season or perhaps make a personal route for him. Like literally the season 2 was very good, didnt disappoint me for a single sec. I played Lullaby of demonia right away it was released but didnt write any review. But I really want Amon as a love interest.. Actually it is the most boring story ever I played developed by genius disappointed..not so much exciting or thrilling just chatting, over and over.. didn't like it as much as other story!.

Like the story, but I started having it crash on me occasionally. Cleaned my phone and even removed apps I no longer use, freeing up space. Crashing continued. I seen this app needed an update, so I did. Now it crashes every time I open it. I have a Samsung S8+, so maybe it's no longer compatible. I'm a bit sad, but its ok, my favorite is Blood Moon Calling. I LOVE Aloysius. That app is all I need, time to reread it for the umteenth time. That's not crashing. Update... Its working now. When the story gets interesting, I am out of rubies. It is far better than that if the developers use game within a game much more like battles rather than mini game to earn rubies. I'd love to play it again but not like this. Too time consuming and expensive.. The game was lacking one crucial thing. BELIAL!!! Please tell me Belial will be a boyfriend option in the future! I had to skip giving Valec a kiss because I was waiting for Belial to offer one Even Amon got an exclusive choice! Otherwise this was an amazing game. The story was thrilling the whole way through!. Its a really great/cool game and stuff but like whenever you are hoping its nothing with like spending money. "And you wanna be nice to that person because you don't want them upset and yet the other choice that does NOT cost anything it is something mean or rude or something that is like gonna make he/she upset but the other choice that gem related is something that can make he/she happy or surprised",but still a great game other than that one whole part.

Absolutely love the story was totally worth reading can't wait for a season three. Also hope a story about Ifrit is created.. The best story the best game full with emotions it is the best ever .put I really want to know how's the other brother in the end of season 2 the has to be season3 plz make a season3 and keep up the work I look forward to another game like to one .. The art, stories, characters- they're all relatively great but there's a massive issue, for a free game, you sure have to pay a lot to play it properly. Even with the minigame- you don't earn much and the chances of you winning in the minigame is incredibly low. I didn't get to enjoy the game all too long when I noticed the ridiculous prices and system when my first choice popped in. Won't be recommending this game to anyone unless you're rich enough to spend money away.. Genius inc you never failed to make me happy omg, is there going to be a season 3 with rahad?? I wished i could pick belial tho he's handsome.

Don't like how you have to use gems for the best romantic choices even since I a impatiant and I don't spend money on games the gem choices is just irritating sorry would NEVER recomend to anyone at all but it's a good game story and all. (Had to delete because of gem choices so unfair.). Hey you did really well on the characters, valec is my fav I fell in love XD. I don't really like how you have to wait for more tickets. Or watch ads to get more gems but it's ok. Also I really love this game and I really hope you make more seasons, I would really love that.. It's a good game and the story is great but I hate that you have to buy gems and it's expensive too I wish that you can watch an ads as another way to get gems.. For ppl just getting into Otome, Genius Inc. a good start. The art is beautiful & detailed; HOWEVER the gem system/prem choice need touch up. Maybe more ways for earn gems beside slots bc they're pricey. Logins or something. The choices are during a premium choice is either romantic or rude. if you're going to make prem choice cost, there needs to be mid ground options when prem is up. Plus LUCIFER NEEDS TO BE A ROMANCE OPTION FOR MC! I said what I said! But the Genius devs really did good..

Story seems a little less formulaic than most genius games I've played, but it's one of the games where are the love interests are domineering and I find that annoying, so it's not for me.. I literally love these prime games but I just wish the pronouns were gender neutral. I'm a hopelessly romantic trans dude and constantly getting misgendered is a little upsetting, especially bc I love these guys lmao. Story is good, characters are likeable, and choices are plenty. BUT! All romance choices are for rubies. Let me tell you how much rubies cost: for one romantic choice I'd have to pay more than half of what I pay for food every week. I am forced to get rid of it, because I'm just too poor to enjoy it. Sorry, but I can't recommend.. The story is so good and also the visual it really caught all my attention they're all so cute and handsome specially Ifrit and Alec. My only problem is the diamond.

I absolutely loved it the thrill is amazing keep up the amazing work and if possible can you guys do a side story I would just love to see alastor and the player make a family together and just feel what that would be like again yall are amazing keep up the awesome work . Such a good game! I don't like the way you have to get more tickets though. It is still very fun!. SEASON TWO the dreams with Amon talking about Alestor as the boyfriend lol there must be a mistake since I choose Malthus. Fix pls.. I love it !! and I wish you to make a another season and pls put anmo as a option and the end of the story I was little sad because they don't have it but Still love the game.

Ok so there is going to be a season 3 and rehab is the prince of gluttony alright! I'll be happy to wait for it then. I like the character,the storyline and the design . And if you can add another season please do I want to see Rahab's look, please .

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