NameMagic Spellslingers
ReleaseWizards of the Coast LLC

Strategy game with card mechanics. Magic Spellslingers is an exciting strategy with card mechanics, cool graphics, and interesting gameplay for Android devices.

In this game, you have to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of magic, where you are offered to try your hand at tactical duels. According to the developers, this game is great for both beginners and veterans. The gameplay mechanics are very easy to master. Before starting battles, you need to select a character. Heroes are presented in the form of cards with a set of skills, abilities, and so on. As you progress and win battles, you will unlock new cards with unique characters and various upgrades. When you have a collection, you can create squads of characters and put them into different battles, thereby adding novelty to victory tactics.

Magic Spellslingers MOD

Magic the gathering how I always wanted to see it in my mind come to life in my pocket..great work people I absolutely love this 10/10 stars. Once I got the game to load I found it to be immensly fun and entertaining. Needless to say it is enjoyable... Wonderfully Fantastic Game. I daresay it could be a mobile masterpiece if the devs put some more love into. First would be advertising. I didn't know this game existed until 3 days ago, and I wish I did sooner! The second is adding a casual mode. I'd love to try out every character but would rather not test them in League mode. Lastly would be again advertising. Again, this game is amazing, but it is a hidden gem. Tell more people about it, Devs! You have a game worth talking about, unlike most.. Installed and can not get the game to load. For 3 days now, it just says disconnected and something about internet. I have high wifi strength, and my mobile data is strong. This I literally the only thing that has issues. App does not work on the REVVL 6x 5G phone. It always gives me an error pop up. I have sent the info in but nothing as of yet..

Magic Spellslingers APK

Trash game needs alot of work plus if your not good at deck building then don't play this game if you don't make the absolute best decks then your gonna lose almost every match such a waste of time don't spend money on this game horrible. game can be very fun. however I tend to regularly get a glitch that completely skips my turn when I'm playing which usually means I'm guaranteed to lose. if that glitch gets fixed it would be a 5. I am unable to run this game at all, after getting a message that one or more asset files failed to download and after a very long download process.. I like that it's a wizards of the coast produced game. Being an ex MTG player it does the job in tickling my mind to create different kinds of decks to beat other players with. Surely this will only get better once more cards comes out.. My only request is to keep it balanced! Also, give more options to grind resources to craft cards. Edit: it's sad! it's not been updated in 1 year! It had potential but sadly not prioritized..New review, from initialy 5 stars to 2..

Magic Spellslingers APK

It's great from what I've been able to play but unfortunately it's marred with bugs and I have to close the app whenever I finish a match, it recognises that I won and rewards me still but its awkward to deal with and its ruining the experience, will redownload in a couple month to see if its fixed because as it stands I can't enjoy it consistently enough in its current state. Love that the game bugs and i lose my entire turn when the timer is showing that its the opponents, turn but when the timer runs outs it goes back to their turn. Enjoy this game but this bug has happened multiple times in recent games.. I really like this game, but it hangs up so much after matches, before the main menu, so alot of the time I've got to close the game out and restart it and hope that my progress got saved, I reluctantly uninstalled because as much as I want to continue playing this game it's just not worth the headache. Please fix these issues.. Good game But the bug is connection reconnect, trouble connection from this app I think.. Long starter loading, and sometimes game freezing.. Please fix the bug immediately...

Magic Spellslingers APK

Game is nice, planeswalkers (spellslingers) are animated which ia very entertaining, and speak casually and have some random animations... but it is still not as good as Duels on steam (back in 2016). Sorry, but 3 stars is max. I would give Duels 5 stars, without even playing it. Arena on mobile is good, but on mobile it is unplayable, eventhough i have high resolution screen (samsung galaxy a34) i cannot read card text. It breaks my heart, i loved Duels :(. Not a bad Hearthstoning of Magic: the Gathering. But with Arena available, why would anyone play this over the version that isn't Hearthstoned of the tabletop game beyond shorter rounds on the toilet?. Hey! This game is great my only issue with it? YOU GUYS HAVE LITTERALLY ABANDONED IT. Make some new content! New spellslingers, new cards, anything to keep the game fresh and exciting. This game hasn't had an update since January of this year...come on now. It's good but has just too many bugs and the fact that when you win a Mach it just sits there.

Game does not continue play after a victory or defeat I must close the app and reboot to play anymore 12/19/23update took away two stars the 24 hour daily gift never gets refreshed It does not get below 20hours for days now. Reminds me of Hearthstone..but mtg easier mtg..but fun none the less. Worth a shot.. they sort of got rid of land's..for mana is a faster mtg too..I give it a four only because I prefer the older mtg arena atm. Reminds me of the old days, with a spin. I like it alot and I've only played 2 days. Idk what everyone else's problem is with the app. It has a few glitches but nothing major. For now it's a two needs some tlc and could be something met with joy. Fairly seems new and clunky.

I really like this game. I love magic and this is an interesting and fun format of the game. Plenty of cards and Planeswalkers to pick from and play how you want. The abilities are pretty cool. My only problem is that this game uses so much battery life it is unreal. It's easy to get sucked in for an hour at a time, which will take 60% or more from your device. That, and the fact that there hasn't been an update since almost a year ago is concerning to me. Please optimize this!!. Minor bugs on occasion such as selecting cards or seeing them. lack of additional gameplay. Want campaign like they had on xbox way back when or in magic 2015. enjoy making own decks, way better than recommended. roadblocked on getting cards or planeswalkers but typical to a grind. Need than ranked and event. Buy more items with diamonds. Need Way to use other planeswalkers without punished. Maybe separate ranks for each planeswalker, non ranked matches, or again another gameplay option. We need an update! More characters and more (skill, creature, land, etc...) cards asap. I could play this for years if it gets more. If not, then might last months maybe even a year longer until i move on. Old edit* Bug has been fixed...great game again!!! Def needs some new characters and cards soon.... Game has a great feel, super cool card spread, and good overall design. But the lack of upkeep is apparent, as alot of bugs are game losing, and make ladder feel unplayable some days. Between playing a card, and then it just disappearing, and just being forced to skip a turn for no apparent reason sometimes, the game feels underloved. If we don't get bug fixes and new cards soon, Spellslingers will likely die entirely. (And the scene already a rather dead.).

Waste of time. Why would magic rip off hearhtstone? Cause greed and boredom. Don't play this and feed into the greed. Go download heartstone or play magic, not this filth. Quite enjoying this game so far since I have no idea why they region locked MTG Arena. Another alternative for MTG Arena but really dohope they release Asia version for MTG Arena. Changed to 1 star because there is a bug that makes you concede when clearly I was winning the game. Either opponents using some sorts of hacks or it is a stupid bug! Fix it please!. I would give 0 if I could doesn't work after the first tutorial game?!?! For a billion dollar company they should be embarrassed!. This is an incredibly exciting and maybe fun game? It's really to early for me to tell, but so far, I'm really enjoying it! I'm not familiar with any of the cards or spells yet, and I don't know how to make the moves either, but I really hope to learn! This game really looks fun & exciting!.

There needs to be a way to report players that greif and run out the clock while spamming messages because there losing. "LDtimePrism" is probably the biggest toll and we have to deal with it or forfeit. ..thats messed up.. This game sucks. Dumbed down MTG gameplay that's also really bad and laggy, with an atrocious art style on top. Loading screens and micro transactions everywhere. Don't play if you know anything about Magic's core gameplay.. I'm a magick Fan-girl so opinion is definitely weighted. I love this for the sense of connection with the various planes-walkers from the lore. Can't even get past the resource download. Says one or more asset files failed to download. O well on ward and upward..

it should be a randomized starter character not always chandra. dont get me wrong now, a total beast of a deck for aggro but i really hate playing it over and over and over. lol. I good first time card game! Plays almost identical to hearthstone while still improving on the formula with tactics MTG players are already familiar with. I have not played yet. I've been told I will like this, and as someone who went from mtg to hearthstone, I hope so. I shall continue to update as I play. Still testing it out, runs well, plays like magic lots of reward systems, will rate again once I experience more of the game..

Really addicting and fun. However, there is currently a bug in which you find a match in the match won't load. Please fix. Other people in my guild are also having the same problem.. Giving it a 3 star rating bc I currently have all the spellslingers and now I have 12 keys I can't do anything with do you plan on doing anything else to this game? Like why not for now instead of getting a key get a extra chest or a card pack like I wanna keep playing but it's just getting repetitive and mostly pay to win hopefully yall do something soon. I Don't know if u stupid company that made this games are reading this but for the love of god do something about this your games maybe u should rewrite some spells or at least take a lot look at legend of runeterra some cards are way to powerful for their cost also I don't know if it is the game or maybe it is hacker that hacked this game but when am playing and I have an network reconnection u give automatic win to the other player which is unfair. I tried really hard to enjoy it but this game just straight up isn't fun. Not a well designed card game.

There are some bugs with getting caught on attacking which can be frustrating. Once those are ironed out I think this will be a fun experience of almost magic. Just here letting you know your latest update didn't fix the bug that locks you from continuing at the end of a Match, not sure if you were trying to but it makes the game unplayable so idk what the point of updates are *shrugs*. This game is so far below Magic the Gathering. Chandra is Way to overpowered. There are times when a player starts BELOW 20 hit points. There is NO 2 creature blocking. There is NO ability to choose when you cast instants. Overall this is a cheap attempt to do some hearthstone junk.. Half the assets don't load and the loading screen just takes forever, I can't see half my cards just black squares and the background graphics are also just sprites.

Still pay to win no matter how you slice it. No fun when you can mix and match cards of different colors using the same mana. And whales can get things you can't.. I really want to give this a five star rating, but the app is so poorly executed that I want to give it a one star rating. This is a great substitution for those of us who can't play arena on Mobile, but I suppose if wotc actually invested some of their profit back into their products I could just play arena on Mobile so... I wish I could spend more of my disposable income on mtg through my mobile device because it is more convenient -hint hint-. Like Yu-Gi-Oh's rush duel format, but for mtg. A really fun way to get a game or two while killing time. Only gave 4/5 stars because I have an extreme dislike of microtransactions. I don't feel that the game pushes them, but still, they are there. The game is smooth and plays great and I'd honestly love to see the format find it's way to tabletop.. A well-made and fun game, but... Manipulative. Obscures the amount of money things cost. Gives you a lot of stuff in the beginning to lure you in, then reduces that amount. The classic CCG lootbox formula that shouldn't exist. Great mechanics, horrible business practices. Also rather buggy..

Basically plays like hearthstone but with magic the gathering creatures and Planeswalkers. Has a lot of potential but I notice the game freezes up after you reduce the AI's Life points to zero and I have to exit out and restart the app to progress.. This game is amazing because i have grown up on the original magic the gathering TCG and this is just like it except a little less complicated and little more fast pace but i love it. I would give this game negative stars if I could. Gameplay is fun at first, until you get to higher levels and then you face nothing but tryhards that completely ruin the game experience. I have played MTG since the 90's and while it has the essence of Magic there's none of the fun. It almost feels if the AI punishes you for creating any other deck than the ones they suggest. Game consistently crashes or lags out. I would not reccommend this game to my worst enemy.. I can't even enter the game because before it even finishes download the data for the arena it crashes no wonder why you have a 3.8 rating you don't even pay attention when it's a game-ending bug like prevent any of your players and buying or playing at all until you fix this bug I will not give you a better rating the base game is only as good as its availability in right now it's borderline unaccessible.

Boring and frankly has a tedious and FORCED tutorial that's just kinda of like no realy to jump ...jump... like your explaing mechanics that have existed for at least 15 years I'm sure we can figure it out. So far I'm digging it, I'm play MTG extremely casually and this is a perfect way to kind of get that strategy feeling and yet not have to contemplate your turn for 30 years. Great to play in between classes!. Very good game, but a bug appears more and more. During a battle, suddenly, it's stopped by a "defeat" for me, even if it's my turn, even if I have more than 20 PV.... Actually it's too frustrating, and after several consecutive times, I think it's not possible to continue playing. It's like a better version of hearthstone!! My favorite aspect is the vertical screen. That one feature alone puts it above almost every other AAA TCG on mobile! I highly recommend playing!.

Uninstalling. Haven't played in awhile ,went back to play. Everything was deleted. Didn't get a new phone, so Everything should be there. Ok gameplay-probably better than hearthstone. However, they keep adding microtransactions without fixing the broken game play. Cheating is allowed RNG is trash (events with one in a million chance regularly happen) Drop rates are BS (1/10 packs are supposed to be mythic but I got 30 in a row without any) Mechanics often do not follow supposed game rules or card text: E.g. debut does not trigger upon playing from hand, but only upon resolving on battlefield. I really love this game and play it fairly regularly. There's a lot of great characters to unlock and lots of really awesome cards to collect. I wish they'd add even more characters and cards to acquire.. Idk y but the game will have me draw a card but not say it's my turn so I can't do anything but wait until it's the enemies turn again.

The game can download 400 MB, but cannot play, it says, cannot connect to Internet, try again later. Clear cache, reinstalled, re download again 400 MB, and still cannot play. What a joke of game . Too slow, give options to reduce effects to speed up, looks like most people are playing in a pc while doing something else, too slooooow, slooow and freeze 3 out of 10 times. This game seems to lean more towards pacing yourself and not playing hours at a time. Overall good quality game. Magic Spellslingers offers an enjoyable gameplay experience with intriguing archetypes and deck crafting freedom. It's friendly to free-to-play gamers but has notable drawbacks. Reports of significant bugs causing mid-game losses and a lack of substantial updates for six months raise concerns. The lead designer's shift to another MTG TCG also impacts the game's future. While potential exists, it's recommended with caution, and the current state may affect your motivation to continue playing..

It's not Magic, but it is? Whatever, I actually really like the spin on it! Only problem I have is that when I win a match, the game crashes and I have to reboot the game. Granted, I do keep all rewards and progress after the crash and it takes maybe 12 sec. to boot back up, but the fact that it NEVER happens if I lose a match is super annoying. edit: really need to fix the ranking system. If I'm in the "gold" league I keep facing opponents that are WAY above me so I have no chance of winning.... This game has truly restarted my love for Magic. I was in a really bad spot in life and I had no drive to play magic anymore...but, this game has sparked that love once again.. Im having fun but I paid coins to join a event and because of a network error on the other player I didn't even get to battle and it took my 500 coins. Big problem. Lot's of loading and some things not consistent with MtG but still very fun so far. Update! This game is now unplayable. It constantly glitches, freezes and crashes. It's a shame because it was a fun little iteration of MtG.

This game has great potential, but every game being essentially, either ranked or an event that gives one free entry combined with the bug that just skips your turn entirely makes it absolutely frustrating. The fact it has been pointed out to the devs several months prior, with several forum posts about it, and yet still nothing has been done to correct it.. Loved it so far as a completely new player to magic this game is good for explaining terms that may have confused new players but it is a tad laggy otherwise I have no complaints so far but I haven't done some PVP yet so we'll see still This rating stands so far.. I've been forced to close the app everytime I start a game due to it crashing. It just stays on the battlefield with no sign of cards, or spellslingers. I've seen multiple support tickets that mention the exact problem as mine and yet NONE have been answered by staff. We need solutions.. Since the first day I have downloaded this "game" I have had crash after crash. At this point after trying and failing to load games after a few tries I just move on. I have tried with wifi and without to no avail. Really hard to give an honest review when I cannot even play..

Game is currently unplayable..4 out 5 games have errored out and I have lost ranking because I have to force quit and restart.. If i could give a negative star rating I would. Match up system is trash. No matter what, your opponent starts the game with a stoked deck of op cards. You're matched with people who are way over your level. The game always starts off slow when you go first. As with most other games here it's rigged against you so you'll have to break down and spend money. I would like to see it streamlined but I can't get into a game on my current phone, and many animations appear black and glitchy. Update: if this problem is encountered by others, meticulously ensure the download goes uninterrupted as appears to have been my issue.. I cant even load the game. I've tried deleting and redownloading it several times and still the game won't even load..

Game crashes after every battle... only reason I even give it 3 stars is because I'm a fan of magic card games.

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