NameMaybe Interactive Stories

Maybe Interactive Stories is a novel simulation sport developed by CINAMON GAMES. In this sport, you’ll learn and participate in a well-written novel with animation and music! Select your reply and generate a result that works for you. It’s also possible to customize your character and work together with others! Learn to study extra!

Plenty of folks love novels! They give off a unique vibe from the film or TV present. Lengthy earlier than the digital camera was invented, fiction dominated the world. And they’re nonetheless familiar at present! However, most current novels are in digital format that smartphones, tablets, and computer systems may learn. If you are searching for a novelty sport, this sport is ideal!

Maybe Interactive Stories MOD

i would not recommand this game for 1 if you pay the $10 to be vip you only receive 10 gems than the 5 you get for watching the videos but the answers with in the game cost 17 gem 25 gems 30 gems. at the end of a chapter i think you should give out some gems so if someone spend their hard earned money on this app they can feel like they are appreciated for putting money in your pockets. When i first started using this i felt it was so good. But after few month they have changed everything. Before we used to get free passes for different episode everyday. Now we get free pass only for the same 4 stories constantly for about 3-4 months. It's really disappointing. Every good choice needs gems which cost way to much for the amount you get and considering you need to 12+ for the good choices you have to buy the 20 pack everytime. I tried it some yrs ago in my mother's phone and I was amazed how well this app has been made it's great . The diamonds keep disappearing every day. All of the diamonds that I collect in one day disappear the next day. They become zero I don't know why. I tried to update the game app but there was no such option. I deleted the app and downloaded it again but the problem didn't get fixed I lost all my saved data instead even though I logged in with Facebook I still lost all my saved data. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Please .

Maybe Interactive Stories APK

I really love this app,I am very happy it contains LGBTQ+ stories too other than just straight ones.The quality and the stories are also pretty great,plus its free!This app really deserves a 5 star rating,appreciate your work game owner!. I love the stories but this app keeps resetting my tickets and diamonds. The tickets keep going to 3 and diamonds to 20 even when I know I had more I logged in daily and used the watch ads to get diamonds and had over 30, now it say 20 It's done that three times now . This almost rivaled Choices until I spent a week straight playing family island to get 380 diamonds free & TWO DAYS LATER they were gone. I emailed them. Got a response next day. I knew I only had so long to complete the game task in order to win diamonds BUT according to them the expiration counted for how long I would keep "event diamonds" too So many of the task are damn near impossible to finish in the time they give. Then they time you on when to use them????. Nice love this game my diamonds disapear what going on if you want people to read the storys fix the glicths.

Maybe Interactive Stories APK

Really liked the stories and also thinking of writing a novel based on one of the stories from the app. Just need copyrights . I love the way the book excites a person with it plot twist bit I was wondering why you give 3 free options to the same books ever time. It general I enjoy the experience. I want to be able to go back and pick onthere endings ,or the story of free choice passes,but I love everything else. i just collected all of the diamonds before and when i came back to the game, the diamonds suddenly gone? What? At first, it has no problem with it but then the amount of my diamonds kept lower and lower which is frustrated me a lot acrually.

Maybe Interactive Stories APK

maybe the first ever game i enjoyed the story is too good however as someone who lives in a country like iran i cant purchase the diamonds and watching ads for 1 gem is really annoying i really wish there could be other ways to earn them specially since games like gentelmans club require gems. Playing maybe stories are so much fun. It also provides good graphics and quality features. And with all stories characters I'm falling in love. I was really enjoying this game and would have given it 5 stars but over the last 2 weeks or more ever time I go to save my cristals there not there the next day how am I supposed to play your game with this happing. I've been playing this game for so long and I used to love it, but lately, stories and art styles have been so boring, new stories are all about boring erotica relationships without any good story lines. I wish you could publish more stories like "Royal blood" with good story plot and beautiful art style..

The artwork and stories are well done, but I've got some issues with it; 1. There's a lot of grammar issues, which can be distracting and hard to read. Some books tend to have plot holes, too. 2. There's a LOT of times during 1 chapter you need to spend diamonds on. Unless you spend actual money, you can only do at least 1 diamond choice per every 2 chapters.. Whats wrong with this app ? No matter how many diamonds I earn everyday they just disappear the next day ? Are u going to fix this issue or what ?. I'm enjoying the stories so far only I was supprised that the diamond's went up to read the other chapters. I love wild pitch if you like gay stories I recommend this one I know I just got it but I'm on episode 4 Edit 1: idk how to get more tickets for the rest of the episode's.

After the new policy of the diamonds, I can't stand playing it! I'm a busy person I want to collect dia so I can in my free time play the game but the dia expires and my previous dias before this change have been decreasing without any suitable reason. I thought that someone is stealing from me. I spend a week collecting dias to play the game on the weekend but they are gone already. I hate this update.. The reward system was okay at the very start. Now Maybe's takes away your rewards. You're not really getting any loyalty rewards because as soon as you get your diamonds, Maybe is taking them away It's a great app. It's just that their reward system is backwards . Hey, everything was going well and good, storyline was awesome, and illustrations were next level. But, somehow, I lost my diamonds. It's quite frustrating. It happened multiple times. Please fix it.. I've had the game for awhile probably a year or more, I tried to log in today and the app won't work I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still won't work I've saved thousands of crystals I'm going to be pissed if they erased my account..

Variety among the stories and the visuals in this game are the best! There was a diamonds and choices problem before but it seems to be improved now. Thanks for the game developers' response! I have been enjoying this game a lot. . Too expensive. Unable to get a happy ending unless you are ready to pay. Like seriously, why do every choice needs that many of diamonds? Not everyone can afford purchasing all the time. And the free diamond are very less compared to choices' cost. Disappointed!!. It's a good game it just cost to much for the gem option like I would be playing a episode and it will be like 17 gems to kiss him back it's just to much. I love the game but it keeps taking away my diamonds every time I exit the game. For example, I had 275 but it keeps going down to 247.

This game is good but i do not like that we need diamonds for the good options and do not like that we need tickets to continue with the game. Literally the best interactive app EVER!! yea sure you need diamonds but you can install apps and play actual other fun games to earn that. I loved the your throne and remarried empress story sm.. I have been using this app for years and loved it. Over the years, I have occasionally spent money, as a monthly thing or one off purchases, I didn't mind this because unlike most apps they gave you good ways to save up diamonds and earn them. But lately, they have been deleting diamonds every few days - this is essentially stealing from players who have EARNED those diamonds through watching adds or completing tasks. I had about 200 saved up before this update. HORRIBLE change. There's no point. Don't waste your time on this game. The decent options take a lot of diamonds and even if you try to save up the "event diamonds" will disappear in a couple of days if not used immediately. They classify event diamonds as any diamonds received from login, watching ads, and rewards for completing missions. This is their way to try and force you to spend money to buy diamonds. Deleted game once I found out.

STAY CLEAR FROM THIS APP, unless you don't mind being taken advantage of! This game is shady when it comes to any diamonds that you earn! No matter if it's watching ads, using Tapjoy, or their daily gifts, they ALL have expiration dates of around 2 days! If you don't use them, they're automatically deleted from your account! An offer that took me a month to complete, to earn 300 gems, was gone the next day, leaving me with just 2! I'd NEVER give my own $ to them! ZERO STARS IF IT WAS POSSIBLE!!. I never thought I would find a yaoi game in this but I'm happy there is wild pitch is my favorite game its got what I like great graphics cute sports guys of different variety and attitude and sports and we get to be part of the team I hope you guys make more yaoi games like this maybe a murder mystery one one where the main character he is related to Sherlock Holmes and follows in his ancestors foot steps along side love interest #1 being your childhood friend and then you have mr killer boy!. I love this game but here lately my diamonds have been disappearing like today I have 38 diamonds and I now have 12 diamonds and I did not spend it on any choice at all I was saving them up to make a choice on a chapter I want my damn diamonds back so I'm very angry right now. And I think that they need to either give you more diamonds or lower the prices of the choices it's ridiculous having to spend 17 diamonds for each choice I mean what are you going to buy with 10 diamonds.. The game is cool and the stories are nice but the free gifts it's the 8th week in a row where I've read all the books from the free gifts LET US CHOOSE THEM PERIOD U CAN GIVE US LESS FREE CHOICES OR SM BUT LET US CHOOSE MANN.

Itd be better if you just paid like a flat rate for the story. Like...9.99 or whatever, and got rhe whole story and could pick whatever answers you want. Premium or not.. Wow, I never see an app more dead than this one, how many months "how to be maniac" has been in the coming soon section? And this is why they put expiration dates on the diams, it's to be sure we don't accumulate them while they come up with new stories.. This app was good until I'm trying to save to get more Diamonds and then the next day, a few diamonds kept missing. That never happened before! I sent an email to them about what was going on and then they said this: "Each event diamond has an expiration date, and the expiration date will be shown for the event diamonds to be expired first. Event diamonds' will disappear automatically from the game account after the expiration date, if not used before that. So disappointing! Who does that?!. Just started playing this app. It's OK so far. More stars will be later if the app gets better but for now 3 Stars.

I give a five star because it has very sweet story lines,but the part where you get diamonds I would maybe like suggest for the number to be increased. If possible i would give zero stars the diamond I have been saving keep being taken away when I close the app and reopen again this has happened more than once if possible I would like to get them back. I wish there was more GL stories. ): Flower Lane is not just great but one of the most memorable stories I read from these kind of apps. Otherwise, I really love the UI and how neat everything is, and found plenty of stories to enjoy. Excited to see more!. This was one of my favourites! The story is good, graphic is nice, and ad is only to get diamond. Never interupted when playing, NOT EVEN ONCE. And that was great, i can accept it..

I liked storylines specially kill your boss, but the problem is ads which is not enough, can't you let us see more ad and get diamond?. There's bug. I'm trying to collect at least 10 diamonds everyday. But sometimes, when I start the game, the diamond decreased. I've collected 60 diamonds already. But the next day, the diamond are just 20. My experience with this app has been questionable. I've been playing this app for the longest time. But my diamonds have been disappearing and I've been saving for the stories. I don't know the full amount but it will be quite a bit. It would be nice to have diamonds for the stories. But I looked at the usage and it said that it's expired? Yeah, no. Not going to play with me. Please, figure it out.. the diamonds are messed up. diamonds are only good for the day you get them. so if you get some at 9pm when 12a rolls around you have nothing again. It's a shame because I really enjoyed this app..

I like that the mc and li are at odds, because it feels more realistic and I get to behave exactly as I would in real.. VERY ANNOYING! can see why everyone is giving this app a very negative review! You are inundated with advertisments every second you click! I had this app for about 30 minutes and then was itching to delete it! Would not shock me that over 90% of the users there are all bots! I would not waste your time with this one! Unless you are happy to watch advertisments every second!. It REALLY bothers me that your gems have a tiny shelf life. That's absurd. I originally gave you guys 5 stars bc it's so cool to have a platform where even the users can create and post their own stories, but I can't get over the gems disappearing thing. That's awful. It takes forever to get them and then you just YOINK no more gems! Have fun trying again! That's ridiculously frustrating and I'm kinda done now.. The game is Awesome but there very few gems......and there not many options to earn gems that disappoints me alot.

The stories are good but unless you like to play them a little at a time it's not worth it. They give you 4 stories with 3 gem tickets each day and ot usually last for 12 days. Getting gems sucks. All the free gems you can earn Expire so it makes it impossible to read the stories that don't have free gems tickets for free because if u don't spend gems to get the stories romance options to fall in love with you the ending sucks. the best of all interactive story I've ever had cause i really love the art and animation! i really like "your throne" and "remarried empress". thankyou sm developer for adding the daily rewards!! its now really easy for me to earn diamonds with daily rewards and watching ads. Be right at your Decision Every thing is good but if they is more diamonds that will be more fine in talking decision. I genuinely liked this game in the beginning so much because it gave one so many ways to earn gems and build on that quickly. Now with the new update it completely scratches all of that and decides to make gems expire, now what's worse is that they don't even warn as to when it might expire or why it expires. You just suddenly find that your gems are sitting at 0. I find this extremely unfair since I watch ads to get those gems only for them to disappear..

It the best story game have ever played,u get to receive gift every 24hrs and 3 free choices ,that so cool....I love it. I want to cry The stories are good and so are the arts and animations but it's too freaking expensive, can't even finish one chapter asdfhjkljbvjkhcchjkv . I logged into maybe 2 days ago with 53 gems and I came back today to it being reduced to 39??? I haven't spent any of my gems.. I thought I was halucinating the 53 I saw. I log back in again, the next day, and it's reduced to 20....whats happening bruh and no one has access to my account either and I'm. Not spending any of it . YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE LGBTQ+ THIS IS A PERFECT GAME TO SEE LGBTQ+ OMGG 5/5 THIS IS BETTER THAN ROBLOX HELP.

This app is great! Their quick with replies to any of your problems, diamonds aren't as hard to get, the only thing I really want is I wish there was one more character slot for making stories I really hope they do add that it'll be amazing.. I love this game, it's very interesting and fun even when there is gift box it helps with better choices and you dont lose many diamonds instead you gain then too.. I really love how this game brings great stories to life through the characters, music and art, but I've never liked how choices are always kept behind a paywall. It ruins the whole experience, because the choice that requires diamonds is obviously the right one but a lot of people who can't spend that kind of money are restricted from progressing. I really wish diamonds were restricted to dressing choices or the game could take an ad revenue route, as I hate discontinuing stories I enjoy.. Before the update, I could hoard free diamonds. I can no longer do so, which sucks. I haven't yet seen expiration dates for the event diamonds, which is concerning, because that means that I can't know by what time I need to spend them... Still, I enjoy the animation art stories. Edit: It seems the event diamonds last only a few days before expiring... Please extend the time they last, at the very least. Edit: They last about two days and expire at a set time. Knowing that, it isn't awful..

See this game is a really good app. I'm only rating it so low so I can get you attention! Everytime make it over 113 diamonds and leave the game when I come back it resets back to 113. I've made well over 200 diamonds and I'm so fustrated at this. Please fix this.. For what reason does the game take back the gems that you get for free? Why do they not specify that they will expire? Or is this a ridiculous bug. Bring more fantasy, historical female/male characters with that outfits, so I can use them in my own stories. Everything is so modern! . The stories I've read so far are cute and romantic. Really enjoying loving the mountain man and the choices of dialogue. One of the best writers so far I've read..

This is getting really exhausting.Why would you implement daily rewards if you're gonna take them away the next day?Had 35 diamonds after collecting the 21st day of rewards.Came back and had only 15 diamonds.The diamonds from the missions are kept, but not the ones from daily smh. This did not happen a week ago. Edit: great, it's the next day and now I have 8 dias.. I would rate 0 stars if I could cause this is such bad user experience..

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