NameMetal Fire: SLUG
ReleaseFF Inc

Metal Fire: SLUG – Fast-paced 2D platform shooter with a retro look. An excellent game for android devices, developed in the format of a 2D platform shooter with a retro design, in which you have to take control of a nameless character with a helmet on his face and go through dozens of challenging missions.

Download Metal Fire: SLUG and start playing. The gameplay is presented in the format of an arcade platformer with a two-dimensional design. That is, you will see everything that happens from the side. The gameplay is divided into levels. At each stage, you need to go a certain distance and destroy a huge number of opponents that will meet on the level.

Soldiers with different equipment, tanks, helicopters, and even drones act as opponents. All of them will try to kill you. The game is a kind of parody of the movie “Rambo”, where you take control of a daredevil and go to kill villains. At each level, you will have a limited supply of ammo, grenades, and lives. At the same time, you can find ammo, grenades, and additional weapons at the levels. If you are ready for crazy shootouts, then download Metal Fire: Action 2D Shooter Game for Android and start playing.

Metal Fire: SLUG MOD

Fun, but frustrating... No menu? Fixed location and size of controls is bad for me and my big hands. Up/Dn/L/R has big dead zones and is often not responsive. Boss zones and if I climb a building causes a weird split ghost screen top and bottom with invisible flying enemies on one screen that I can't shoot. Would like to play more, but it needs attention.. This game's actually really nice, and doesn't have lots of ads. If you are looking for shooting games, stop searching and download this one.. man!! I really love it, its simple fun and the style is unique the only problem is that i get stuck at level 5 since the solders dont seem to spawn in some part when the screen stops scrolling so plz fix that. the other thing is that this game needs better enemy physics and a higher jump also ad new enemies like swat van or normal helicopter that drops soldiers or something. Nice game. But I got a stuck at level 5. Can not move to next level when finished at the last road..

Download ( V1.4.3 )

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