NameRun Sausage Run
Size160.63 Mb
ReleaseCrazyLabs LTD

Embark on an adventure with an incredible fairy-tale hero. It’s time to think about escaping, and we must stop making jokes. This Run Sausage Run is utterly insane in its plot since you have to play as a sausage that runs all the time. This is an absolute nightmare for our main character, but everything will depend only on you. Test yourself in the role of a sausage leaking juice, and fulfill all the conditions that will be provided to you.

There is an entirely endless path in front of you, and it is along it that you have to run headlong. But this will not end with running, as you will have to dodge various obstacles, so you are not cut into pieces. You can’t be fried or crushed into an actual patty, so you have to work hard.

Here you can make a lot of varieties of sausages, as well as great skins. This is what will help you make your adventure even more fun. Collect many coins on your way, sweeten yourself a tough life, and all this on a fast run. Please do your best to make the sausage live longer and make it more interesting for you to play.

Run Sausage Run MOD

Good game could have been way better if they did these 2 things first they could have just added APVP mode where there's traps you gotta try to push other players off by head-butting them that'll be way too cool and I would give it a 5 star also they should wanna race against real people because one time I had to go to school and then when I came back the next day it just said the race was pause like then I knew they were NP c's so we should be able to fire against real people but still good . I like the game yes it's fun and it's actually like if you have some time to kill it's pretty fun games to do for that. p it's so cool when you play on your phone and you play it out side and you can get it out of the house is it a good thing to get it to be a good kid and you can get it to be so cool with that thing to get it out of your phone you will have a good time with that one thing. Great game. It is a childhood game and very nostalgic. No problems, and it's a very good game. It's fun and slightly hard at the same time. But the levels are too easy. The levels are swipe up and down left and right. Can you please make harder levels?. This game is not only entertaining, but had a way of addicting the person to it. Yes, I do get upset when I fail but that makes me want to continue pursuing my time towards the game, which is just a true art of the mind. This game provides an experience like no other, and is apart from all of those no good, ad full games. This game, however, is adventageous, ad free, and provides jovial-happy emotions to all! (Exert the fact that some people, including me, get very upset when they fail). Get it!.

Run Sausage Run APK

I like this game but there is one problem with the regular sausage when you lose it looks like the stuff inside of it looks like blood so you may as well fix that.. usually I enjoyed it but it is ridiculous now u should be able to make own characters and the baby's and men are stupid. LOVE THIS GAME its awesome and there are alot of funny characters and 8ts so fun to play and there is almost no adds I recommend this game and it also has no problems wow I'm impressed!. I genuinely think this is an amazing game mine didn't crash freeze or anything the quality is very good I'm not quite sure on why some people are saying there game crashed or freezed there wifi probably just sucks but this is overall s great game and there's not to many ads.

Run Sausage Run APK

The reason I gave it a 4 star is only bc it glitches really bad but that's all I love how its hard and fun and it gives u something to do some times when u are bored,. Ty. Way to many ad's Soni removed it and stopped playing then I come back to it and can't even load the game to play it it just closes after 5-10 secs of loading.. Good game, but half the time you get an ad when entering aobby, your just sent back to the main screen. There are so many bugs, ads, and toxic players, Anti-Cheat freaking sucks!. absolutely amazing I love this game I highly recommend it. I love how there are so many different skins to choose it can get a little boring every now and then but a little break I recommend. Love this game so much install it now!!!.

Run Sausage Run APK

Total tat olde unupdated twaddle, nothing new. What happened to the races level?, and the beach level is missing too, the games not as good without them! DOH!. I can't even get into the game anymore I remember being able to play this game but turns out the game doesent even work anymore screw this. This game is good if anybody's giving it a low star rating that's fine but don't roast the game cuz that's just you have no skill issues and personally for advice get better at the game noob. sussy baka game would recommend to everyone age 2+ this game hit so hard and made me cry the lore and the part where Michael dies is so must give 5 stars.

This game is from Childhood was since 2019,The game was in my Family Tablet and I played every time when there no class. I love it it just reminds me of me and my mom when I was little cause I played this on her phone when I was 3 and she sadly died when I was 4 I really miss her she died from drugs but I would always play this on her phone when I was 3 or 2. Love the game and I love the other one that y'all made when we have to battle fight the best hot dogs in the world the best game in the world congratulations on everything ketchup and mustard and radish and a big old pickle with tomatoes on the side onions and a sesame seed bun a New York hot dog please . bro the amount of ads this game has and I now have a looped ad in my head that goes hola pinata.

It is so much fun I don't think I have ever seen a great time from a game in a long time. This is this good game but that amon- GET RID OF THE AMONG US SAUSAGE SKIN. IT LOOK SO SUS!!@ god plz spare me. This game is down right fun the only reason of so many bad reviews is the ads like if he die you should make it so that's when you get an ad or when getting characters and the second reason for the bad reviews is because people's phones suck so they blame the game like it doesn't take 4 hours to download just delete some stuff like use your brain kids. The best game i've ever downloaded i play this app since 2020! My most favorite game ever thank you creator! I appreciate your game! .

Fun game I enjoy playing. If there was an option to buy with no ads it would be better. The ads after every round are annoying. Much more enjoyable on the ps4. It is a really good game, my kids absolutely loved it and we can't stop playing, we play from daytime to nighttime after school late, absolutely loved to play, it is a good game to just like Saddam and play, so if you should download this week, kids, they have nothing after that was on my mom bored old dad on board, just let them download this game just it is really, really fun, so get you all of your views on to this.. Great game. Awesome music. Too much Lag in game regardless on which phone I use or whether I am using cell phone data or wifi.. Good funny game and can have a match with other players. 19 achievements with low - medium exp (1k-5k exp). Maybe next time because annoying ads, but it still can playing on offline mode..

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