NameMind Games
SizeVaries with device
ReleaseMindware Consulting, Inc

A unique project that will perfectly test all your knowledge. Download Mind Games for Android, you have to really strain your brain in solving all possible problems.

This application consists of many educational games that have been developed from the principles of cognitive psychology. Everything here is aimed at developing your mental abilities, so you will have to seriously think about solving a particular problem.

There is no certainty that you can quickly solve them and take a break from all the crazy toys. This application includes 24 educational toys that will be very interesting and informative.

All of these projects keep track of your incredible progress, and with the help of certain numbers with interesting graphs. On a certain page, your results will appear that appeared over the last game day.

The rest of the indicators will be evaluated on a special scale that you will see after certain skills. You will have to significantly train your concentration, memory, and flexibility of thinking. Moreover, it is also necessary to check all your general knowledge. There is absolutely everything to have a great time and think carefully.

Mind Games MOD

I love the diversity of the games to target different mental skills, and the optional training center that uses your previous scores and amount of time between games to suggest your next one! I just played one they recently released. It was a little different, and fun, but they also asked for feedback. This is the kind of active, supportive development I like to see! . I need these fun games. I feel that I am not as sharp as I used to be because I am retired and just not very challenged. So a few quick games improves my concentration and speedy response.. I just downloaded it 5 minutes ago and I'll be deleting it now. The game UI is really ugly, images are so poor and very unpleasing to the eyes.. Very scientifically designed app. If you want to keep your brain active this is the only app. Very less advertising compared to other app in market. Must have app. My autistic son has improved a lot in many areas of his cognitive abilities. Thanks for makers. Regards. Great for keeping your mind sharp. Redundancy is key to improving skills and growing synaptic connections in the brain, and to promulgate this growth, the user should be given the option to set a level to practice and reinforce strategies without advancing to a too difficult level is crucial. Repetition is key to improving complex thinking skills..

Mind Games APK

One of... if not the best brain training games ever to exist. Ive been playing this app for years and its been my little secret to keeping a sharp mind. Like someone ounce said ' your bodys only as strong as the MIND'. Peace love and happiness. This is really cool so far just got it 2nd review I love mind games it's super challenging it's fun it's free how awesome is that thanks guys. This is my 3rd review I'm playing the free version of this app and it is awesome it is literally the best mind training app that I have encountered and I have tried a lot the ads aren't overwhelming it's amazing. One of my favorites for sincerely actually being able to get an accurate idea of your weaknesses, and strength's.. Plus large variety of all different areas of increasing mental strength on every level.... Very . I just installed the app and tapped the games list and an ad showed up and I uninstalled before the add get started .

Mind Games APK

Meh, I used to enjoy this app, just installed it for the first time in a long while and I'm asked for my year of birth (for puzzles? Does this app offer nudes now?) and offered a chance to watch a 60 second ad video if I want to enjoy six whole minutes ad-free? (6 minutes without ads if I watch a 1 minute video? How often are these ads). Declining, of course, gave an ad. Next menu did the same. Totally different GUI dont feel like watching strings of nonstop ads just to figure out what's where.. This game is fun but also helos keep your mind active. I like to see if I can beat my previous score and become advanced in the ratings against others in my age group.. Really works out the brain even if sadly out brains may not be as sharp as it once was but withvtraining you will get there all in all really fun game. Some games like math operation, attention training,self ordered learning objects are so easy, but difficulty level needs to be increased otherwise game is good.

Mind Games APK

I don't know what happened or if this is the same game I used to play as a child but the game interface changed dramatically and it's just not aesthetically pleasing. There's a lot of distractions, specially the ads. The pictures should've been icons instead. I'm disappointed but the tests are the real deal.. Very Good Game To Improve Your Mind | There Are Also Lot Of Things To Learn From There Like Mindfulness Etc Etc | Recommended To All Age Groups |. Simple and functional, without being overloaded with unnecessary graphics, this app has a diverse range of snappy brain-training exercises. The free version has a sufferable amount of advertising intrusion.. Keeps your stimulation and memory on at all times!! Great for those who don't need to monitor small things, love it!!.

I think that if it wasn't for these games that I would be totally out of touch . They say that these games work your brain. I believe that . I had stopped for awhile and I didn't do so good when I came back , but I'm playing again , at least every time I it on the pot , and I think that I'm rebuilding my brain while I'm eliminating all the . Tee Hee! Thank you guys for giving me more head ! I love these games!!!. This app has deteriorated since i first used it 9 years ago or so. Its almost unplayable now because ads pop up constantly & some are hard to get rid of. Plus, most games you have to pay to play! It's now rather childish looking, & some of the memory tests start at way too advanced a level, making it irritating & not helpful at all. Youre not supposed to START at an advanced level, youre supposed to work your way up there. Wish i didnt have to uninstall because I used to love this app.. Mind games,games for the mind. Mindful games, games of a mindful nature. Although, spolling is something I can worc on.. Extremely stimulating mentally to confirm your skills. Loved it each time I beat my prior scores. Getting better each time. Thanks..

Far superior to other games plus tons of variety and progressive levels. Even better, the ads are minimal and short!. Worst game full of ads, ads every where, even you select any option from menu, game will be hidden, ads will start showing. Some of the words they want you to place in correct catagory can be interpreted several ways. Example "Tire" could be the tire of a car but could also be a feeling of exhaustion. There are quite a few others. We cannot read the mind of the creator so this part of the test is useless. Uninstall...... Gradually deteriorating. Have new people taken over? Mind Games used to have a professional feel to the UI, despite having an annoying number of ads. Now the interface looks like it was designed by a 10 year old in the 1980s. The newer games seem not to be based on solid research. Needs rigorous usability testing. 6-year user, now uninstalled..

The selection menu design is terrible and messy but the games aren't that bad. Just some annoying noises while playing keeps me distracted and gets me kinda irritated I wish there was an option to stop those without muting the phone or muting the taping sounds.. This application is really helpful for those who want to improve their focus level and mindset . I would recommend this app to everyone . Thank u. Can barely find the games, the home screen is so cluttered and jammed with junk. Too much stuff makes it extremely uncomfortable and I just want to close the app immediately. Nah. This game is azz. Way too many ads taking up most of the screen. These other reviews must be bought, and if you pay me what you're paying them, I'll give the five stars..

I love this game cause it helps you to concentrate and this game is also good for children and adults. So it helps to make you feel happy and is interesting to see how your children will be able to concentrate when doing their school work or homeworks .

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