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It’s time to show class in this football game. It’s time to put on your boots and then go out onto the green lawn and show off your skills in Mini Football. A straightforward toy that has received a fresh approach to great football. Casual gameplay awaits you, where everything will be faithful to the spirit of the game itself. Create the strongest team in the world, score beautiful goals, and try to drive your fans into a frenzy. You will be able to play the most exciting football game without any hassle. Create, upgrade players, and defeat any opponent. Here you will find unique logos, over 100 elements for different teams, socks, boots, and much more—collection form, which currently has 30 pieces. Play with the ball that suits you best.

Mini Football MOD

I won a match playing an opponent it didn't give me my credits it actually deducted 50,000 credits plus my winnings them. Still didn't get the credits returned hence I won't be purchasing any credits again or any other games produced by miniclip. My advice avoid making any app purchases on this game because when you win the match it takes your credits instead of them re-crediting them along with the 50,000 you actually won. My tip avoid playing any apps developed by miniclip. worst game ever it's rigged.. when computer doesn't want you to win you won't. Even if going against sub par opponent. this game really has a lot of potential if it was just a little more fair with the matchups and computer simulation. I would give a 0 star if there was an option. Disgusting game. Every time we keep losing the big amount like 1000 , 2000, 10000 prices . Only loses. We never win. In one we one the player doesn't play , the bot plays. Mini football lies to us. wt sort of pathetic algo do you guys use for matching two players. The oppostion always have heavily upgraded players who run fast with all other upgrades. It is impossible to win against them. Is this hw you wanna do this ? Specially to users who are buying your membership. Pathetic, there shld b an optn for 0 stars.. Liked the game, but noticed something fishy. Whenever I play against players way worst than mine... they all run twice as fast as mine. Opposing teams behave in a wierd way: Three players pressure at the same time. Where's that option located? My players don't move unless I activate them..

Mini Football APK

Game so so fixed its unreal. Your only ever get better if you send money. Thought it was a fantastic game to start but your not playing anyone apart from bots. Not sure but could be kust using peoples profiles when your teamed against someone.. shame they have it so right . But its a lost cause if you dont spend real money . SHAME. This game is fun, and it sucks at the same time. The gameplay is smooth but physics are rigged. The opposition could make the most dirty red card foul possible and the ref wouldn't even call it. Also, goalkeepers suck. They dive through the ball and can't even catch it to save their life. Maybe you'll like it if you don't have anger issues unlike me.. Games good but theres a lot of flause and its rigged cant be bothered to keep playing because of how rigged it is..... Player movement kinda tricky but, you get used to it. Customization is limited at first but, you unlock more options as you play, and they're very original. Would like to see customization for the goalkeepers, seeing them all in green its annoying. The fouls called are ridiculous. It should only count if the tackle is from behind, not only when the ref is near..

Mini Football APK

This game is great I am enjoying this game There are no bugs and problem Thanks for making this game . Need to change matchmaking how can I have a team rating of 482 and get put against a team with 740 rating if you don't have game pass it's impossible to get a okayish team. Considering deleting the game now. Gone from having a 76% win ratio to dominating games but losing them. Winning the ball only for another opposition player (sometimes two) waiting to pick up the loose ball. Having 15+ shots on goal, but not scoring, opposition has 1 shot from nowhere and scores (others saying the same) Freekicks awarded against you more than opponents every game, and trying to select which player to control is automatic and cr@p. Game seems scripted, not sure opponents are real. The game is so good I am a god in the game ever one second of getting the ball back I always score.

Mini Football APK

I really like Mini Football but people find a way to Cheat! They can control my players direction to go where they want my players to go! That's Cheating, and it's not right! Could you somehow put in a patch to stop them from doing this please! Thank you.. And u will be with you mama ji u there is a while back and forth between the way to sleep in my room is she ok with you mama ji u there is a while back and forth between the way to sleep now it's time for everything you mama will get the call me when r they. One of the best football game. I have some suggestion please give back view of goalkeeper while defending a penalty & add substitutes during the game!. Fun game but need to limit opponent skill disparity. No way an opponent should be rated 200+ over your team and be matched up. Need to limit to 100 or 150 to be fair..

I'm a mobile game afficianado and have played lots of games over the years, but rarely one as much as Mini Foitball. Even after having played easily 300 games every game continues to stir up some level of excitement, frustration or joy. Nevertheless, there's still some room for improvement. 1) MF doesn't force you to watch ads, but still relies on you to watch many to access daily prizes; 2) too often it' pot luck when gaining upgrading points for good players; 3) needs option to sell players.. Seen this game pop up on my FB feed for a few days. Finally gave it a try. Glad I did!!. I changed my rate to 0, the arbitration is null, no logic and waste of time ! those stupide games which make the person angry because stupid things. I edited my review to confirm my first statement. You deserve 0 star because of the arbitration. It's such a shame because this has the potential to be a great game. But there's not really any point in improving your players. The algorithm means that when you play someone with a lower ranked team, somehow their keeper becomes prime Buffon and all your player move in the opposite direction to the ball. It can go in your favour when you play a higher ranked player and some how all your players are in the best position and every shot goes in. I don't know why they can just keep it fair..

I won the matches and waited for the rewards on the process. BUT Many Times!! Not Once!! The game was out of connection and I lost my rewards. I didn't get my entry fee back too!! Yes, the game is fun, but system is very poor. So I change my rate from 5 to 2. The games is amazing for me i like this games a lot, From my opinion the games management should do made more feature in this game!. I agree with others. Could be a fun game but the random chances ruin it all. Development should spend time creating a playable game instead of a random number generator. How could a lower skilled team block every single shot on 15+ attempts in one match. Don't even get me started on the penalty kicks, that's an absolute joke.. Sh HD sh ka tu HD sk ye ek ta ek ha sh ka sh HD sk ye ek HD to HD to ga to HD to DM ga gl GD FL HD sh HD sh HD to janaben Turkish ek HD sh HD sh Gau tr ek te ek yep it's ek ha ha GD ha sfhwjy re uejhsgshsksgsfsiwuafsisfsfsidgdjshusgsisissgsafsfsfuagfttt5 royal w hdhfjd ga jwfsfhssyrssfsisfdusdfdudgdugddujtuuh sh fsuwow ka ek ur ek ur ek jsgshkshwgwpwywhrmxowkwfsosgwksitwkwywgpdegnekwifwkegeogwkwgegyeoegegegeog qe ei jdy sh ur ek HD sh HD DJ HD ehhehegegrejejsfejef GN jh dwhefsuetaktsksgskshekdke.

It's a good game but if you want to rage a little bit than download this game but everything else is fun. The game keeps cutting out after the matches mingling games the and the football great games but very annoying do much potential. Best game ever I played in my whole life!really from heart, I loved it very much Love for this game from bharat. It's really good but I don't like when you win against people higher than you it is just embarrassing for people that is higher rank than you.

Second chance given... Still HORRIBLE!!! Jeeez! Read your customers comments and fix your app. If there was an option for zero stars, I'd pick it! lol! Actually, its the perfect game to take along in the toilet... fits the environment perfectly! This game started of being fun indeed, but the constant bugs have made it intollerable. Devs already know what these are. Heads up for everyone else, the games are actually rigged!. Dog s##t game design to make you pay to improve your team. 9 out of 10 times you will play against a far superior team, so you can't win unless you spend real money trying to improve your team but then you will be lucky to get the cards you need. You will know you will lose straight from kick off playing against AI as the will have far faster players than you even if you gave a far better team.

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