Run PC-specific projects on NVIDIA GeForce NOW servers, then play safely on your mobile device. For everything to work correctly, you should use a 5 Hz WiFi connection, and the minimum speed should be at least 15 Mbps. Only in this case will everything work perfectly, and you can enjoy the most modern games. Also, watching that game streaming can quickly use up all your mobile Internet traffic. Therefore, you must track it down alone and deal with other difficulties with traffic possibilities.

You can decide what and when to play, but this app will get you through thoroughly. Don’t forget that you will need a GeForce NOW account to access the service. With it, you can get many new, engaging, and exciting things in computer games. You sit back, log in to your account and enjoy the exciting game. The app works great and will help you feel ahead of the competition.


i tried many times to login so i can play my favorite game. at the end, i have to have a membership to play the game. i don't care if I don't get unlimited time to play. i'm willing to wait instead of buying membership. what is this garbage? i cant even login. j tried on the desktop version also, same problem. get outta here. Don't bother playing on your phone. I've been trying to get on for the last 6+ hours. If I let my screen black out or do anything else on my phone, it disrupts the connection, forcing me to go back to the end of the line. At one point, I made it all the way from 202 down to 13, only to need to do something else on my phone, causing me to go back to the end of the line. By the time you get to the teens, the count moves far slower. I just want to be able to log on to a game to collect my dailies.. Can't play gmod it exits when the game loads itself please fix this I reinstalled the game I'm gonna see if it works now. I get lots of Sutter and lag, I have to be waiting very long just to get in ONE game please fix this gerforce..


Kicks me out of my game alot it also has a timer to when I was about to win my game my timer ran out. GeForce also lags alot even when you have amazing WIFI. I was about to win a game and my screen froze for 2 minutes and when it unfroze I LOST this app needs a lot of work on it do not recommend.. So effin' annoying. It gives me the 'login successful' in phone but in tv, it say's 'login unsuccessful' even how many times i tried scanning the qr code, it's not letting me log in in the tv! . This game is so good I gave my email and it said "please use a real email address" And when I created an account it won't let me log in! This game is so good that you can just delete it. Whats the point if i cant even login to my account? I tried everyday for a week but now im giving up. Lets skip the login part (which is a must in this app) I didnt seen a broken mobile app until now. The menus are working so weird. Even the scrolling is weird in this app, somehow..


What happend when i open the app it says confirm the privacy but i cant click it please fix this i really want to play games. What? Last time i use this app, i can log in. But now why I can't log in using my old acc. Please fix this. It's great for playing games but only if you have premium otherwise it is quite difficult to play properly . And I got a 30 day premium just for the server I'm in to be on maintenance the next day :/ ,and it's always my server that has trouble and it's honestly very annoying ,it's impossible to play especially when you have already a busy schedule and can play only certain hours.. Video would lock up, Game still playing in background. And no not freeze total lock up, Need to reboot device all the time..


Its ok I guess but ilI still get to play my faviroute game Fornite. THANK YOU GEFORCE NOW FOR AMAZONG GAMEPLAY. Man I really love this cloud game! I can play PC games in ma phone without any lag!! Thank you so much sir!! I appreciate this apps!!. THIS APP WONT EVEN KET ME LOG IN AND I ALMOST SMASHED MY TABLET Edit:TRYIN TO PLAY BEAMNG AND IT KEEPS SAYING LOG IN NOW WHEN ITS NOT EVEN GONNA LOG IN THIS STUPID.GAMING.GAME. I don't give it a star cause now you can't sign up you login only and I can see the app is great but now you can't sign up.

This app rigged bro. It won't let me login. When i try to login it says I'm on a tab to login but after i login i exit the tab but I'm still not logged in. I tried to login many times but it still not logged into my account. Pls fix this. Bro remove the timer I was about to win a game and then my timer was about to run out in 5 seconds and it kicked me out of the game thanks GeForce!. This sucks, I tried logging into my account but the dumb Website UI keeps freezing I just wanna play half life in my phone man. Log in after log in, after log in, came back to see if anything had change and the experience is not worth the $20 a month yet.

Gente,compramos uma tv aqui em casa,assinamos essa bomba,pensando q iria ser to bom quanto a gamepass,tem um limitador de horas que vc pode jogar,isso no mximo 40 horas por ms,e fora que tem muitos jogos que vc n consegue acessar,vc entra no game,mas ele fingi que inicia,e no vai,principe da percua um exemplo dele,e o game q eu consegui jogar foi o cod warzone,mas mesmo assim,o game ruim pra virar,n o controle,pois testei no pc,e na gamepass,aconselho assinarem a gamepass mesmo.. Guys when I played this game it was all good it not leggy and it was not freezin and now being delayed but one day I decided to hop on the game I was playing box fight and it was freezing and it was lagging I was like let me refresh my game cause I though it was a bug but when I played it again it was still doing and when I put test network I was at 2.4ghz and I have 5ghz I have good wifi and this happend since the eclipse season and I hate update and change the GeForce and I wanna play inpeace. Great for playing base Games or games with high end computer requirements but the selection of games and content available is very limited at best. No modding support is a big one for games like Cities Skylines Currently using the ultra membership that allows instant access to Games and changing some settings. Gameplay is great as long as you have a stable internet connection. G force now will end your game if you are not active for 5 minutes.. If you don't have hundreds of dollars to blow on mere priority queues and longer play time, and if you don't have the internet connection to support it, do not get this if you're looking for a free cloud gaming method. Absolutely abysmal wait times and stops your current game as soon as you exit the app (such as to go to your email for your 2FA from Epic after the damn app forces you to log in to play the game, despite having already logged into those accounts beforehand to access those games)..

Best gaming application for android! PC games from your personal Steam OS collection+ many free pc games. Now Xbox games too. Previously working on Android 10 handheld. Now only reports that a required update is needed and nothing more. Have cleared cache, wiped storage and r then reinstalled with no success.. No longer works on AYN Odin handhelds after last update. Myself and others on forums are getting the "Necessary update required" when the app is up to date. I have tried deleting and reinstalling but still no luck. Disappointed considering I've paid for a 6 month subscription that I cannot use.. Was none laggy even on the free one in the summer 2023 there was lines of thirty people but I recently went back to my fortnite chapter 3 account and when I tried to go back to my main with my mains Gmail I just made me have everything from chapter 3 but nothing from my main I'm still trying to fix this but I play all my progression..

Unfortunately, Geforce Now only works 50% of the time when playing Dayz. The first line technical support don't seem to know what they are talking about regarding the game and the way it works and loads. They copy and paste solutions from Google! Second line technical support only work via email and take days to reply, if at all! If you want issue free gaming, then don't use Geforce Now, if you want to spend 2h trying to load into a game most of the time, then it's just what you're looking for. Cant login, I have used geforce for a while so I know it works, and it's fast. But this time I cant login to it, every time I try it says redirecting me to the app, then it does and I'm not logged in, this is not to bring down the rating just to say a bug.. It's an amazing service because I have a good library of digital games. I wish there wasn't latency in 2.4ghz internet, but it's all right. The experience of playing games overall is smooth. Wired controllers don't work though. Please add Kingdoms of Amalur!. Very good gave my chromebook much higher fps and helped so much in school as well as a bit of gaming. Thanks!.

Your popularity may drop into this 1Star Because it can't log in it says in message box was "We are sorry to report we were unable to log you into GeForce NOW".. For some how that it want log me in because it says "Fail to log in for free account please try again later" So fix it.. Blames lag on wifi. Always lags even with full bars. Unreliable. GET BETTER SERVERSIF YOU GUYS ARE GONNA OFFER TO LET MOBILE PLAYERS PLAY.. Have to own most games specifically on steam even if you own on it on console it won't allow you to play the game.

I absolutely hate this app never install it , there was 104 people on the line and I had to wait 4 hours and it didn't even let me go in a game.. For me GeForce NOW is a cloud gaming service with potential, but there are areas for improvement. Enhancements in stream quality, broader game library, and minimizing latency issues would significantly improve the user experience. Additionally, refining the user interface for better navigation and adding more customization options could contribute to a more user-friendly app. . On the free plan you have to wait for hours just to get some failed message and return to the back of the line. Man, this has been my go to since the start of pandemic killed my PC build. I don't play on mobile often, but I can't believe I'm playing a PC game on it. I grew up when cell phones were giant boxes. This is mind blowing! Love you and thank you! Been a founder on Ultimate after my first month I did for free. Still hasn't even hit the cost of the graphics card I needed after 3 years. Literally could not have gamed without your amazing service! My sanity thanks you again!.

All I would complain about is the queues... THE FREAKING QUEUESI WOULD WAIT ALL NIGHT(YUP YOU HEARD IT) AND STILL NOT ENOUGH. With such a LONG LONG LONG(freaking long) wait,1 HOUR wasn't even worth it.. Great app if you obviously own the games the problem with the free version is that I cannot tell at times whether or not the gamers ahead of you text is broken. I sat there last night trying to get into Re3 and it was just at 105 players ahead of me for a full hour until I eventually reset my queue did it finally change. Might be a minor inconvenience but no way that it didnt move by 1 player for a full hour. I try to log in MANY TIMES and ift didn't work and the fact that it only has "some" countries that is available to play in makes worse!. It's.. Good, but you can't really play when you can't close the huge keyboard. Once you open the keyboard on mobile it won't close, very odd. And distracting, hope this gets fixed soon. Especially a disappointment after you've waited so long to get in a rig..

I'm a priority user and haven't had any major issues. I use it to play Baldur's Gate 3 mostly. It's a great option for people like myself that cannot play modern games in their pcs. Controller support it's good also, I haven't had issues using my PS4 controller.. When I first installed the app, it worked more or less as expected. The wait-times could be rather long but fair enough for essentially a limited free demo for the paid version. Now the wait-times to play are ridiculous on the free version. Last week I left the app running for over 48-hours and there were still "gamers ahead of me". Totally useless, even as a limited free demo for that paid version. A demo-version does not help anybody if no one can use the free version.. This app is good but the problem it isn't available in nepal and we need to use v vpn and vpn is too slow so pls make available in our country. It was all great. But just I couldn't get on my games. I signed in and then when I got back on it signed me out please fix this for me if you see this GeForce..

I wish could give it a zero because. I can't login to my account and I made a new one and the same issue.. PLS FIX IT PLS WHEN I USEING THE APP IT WAS ALL PERFECT IT WAS NOT LAGGING OR FREZZEN OR GLITCHING OR FRZZE AND I DECIED TO GET ON AND I WAS SUPRIZED CAUSE IT LOAD INTO THE GAME SO FAST IT SUPPOSE TO TAKE LIKE 5 MINUTES AND WHEN I HOP ON THE GAME IT WAS SO LAGGY AND IT WAS FREZZEN AND IT WAS DELAYED AND I WAS SO TRASH AND I WAS SO GOOD BACK THEN AND IM RIGHT NEXT TO MY INRENT BOX SO IT SUPPOSE TO BOT LAG THIS LAG BEEN GOING ON SINCE THE ELICPASE STATE AND I HAVE 5GHZ AND IT SAY 2.4 GHZ PLS FIX. I just wanted to try this , the first time I water 15-20 Even maybe more minutes it got stuck I think then I close and reopened and I think I've been waiting more then 30 minutes now, look if there is no trial waiting 30 minutes just to try this is a waste of time. I try to log in. But how come login failed? It appears to be another login screen and it says "almost there!" it's all done. But the submit button isn't changing colour. I tried pressing it and won't work..

Horrible. Antes funcionaba bien, pero cuando termino la fila de espera y entro al juego a los 2 minutos me saca de ah y no me deja a volver a jugar. -100/10.. Insane packet loss. I upgraded my internet and paid for the ultimate membership. Worked fine for months, but this past month it has been absolutey terrible. Can't play any games, cant even read text on the screen its so blurry. I've tried using the app and browser, still no good. I've tried using entirely different internet connections located in different places, but no good. Packet loss in the thousands. Games crashed during online matches as well, which is always extra frustrating.. Bad controller support. Same controllers work well with XBox cloud, but nothing in geforce. And it would be nice if there were at least some way to test the controller is connected without starting a full game.. I love how this game is set up because now I able to play genshin impact with my old phone.

I can't log in. I have try so many times to log in but it didn't work! Please fix it . It's good at first, it works very well. But one time I've been stuck on a queue for HOURS!! it took me like 9-10 hours to wait..This was my favorite cloudgaming app until this happened. I couldn't even play anymore with this long queue. A usefull gaming experience app for AAA gaming but some lags still give a problem in playing please fix it.. Paid for ultimate because they claimed it offered a dedicated rig. First game I launched I was told "waiting for the next available rig". Game crashed right after it finished launching. 5 year old title won't even launch. Tech support just ran me in circles. Xbox game pass works flawlessly though...

just go ahead paywall it instead of intentionally breaking the login process to prevent me from trying the service. here's this one star, you earned it. Fix your servers I can't even sign in cuz your app is trash it used to work now it doesn't. If I could give this 0 stars I would be because I can't buy my membership and it takes so long with 100s of people playing, how in the world do you run out of digital memberships, may as well switch to boosteroid at this point.. I couldn't log in on mobile. It would not accept my account. It told me to go to my email and confirm my account. When I did, I would go back to the app. It didn't remember me and I had to sign in again. It then didn't remember it already confirmed me. Once confirmed it still will not let you inside the app. I dont know what I did wrong since the help forum did the same thing..

Useless app. Goes to a login and then after logging in, nvidia refuses to let me login w my account..

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