NamePassion Play

Passion Play is a fun dating simulation game where you play as a budding woman’s man who learns to please young girls from your city. Each of them has its unique characteristics and qualitatively differs from the others, forcing the player to adapt to the interlocutor and try to achieve success in the conversation. The gameplay is pretty simple – you need to earn points by completing puzzles and using them to try to meet the girl you like from the list of options provided.

The plot of the game Passion Play tells about a young man’s life who decides to become the new conqueror of women’s hearts. Every day he tries to meet a unique young beauty who can attract the attention of others with her attractive looks and personality. The guy hones the techniques of verbal communication and seduction to understand the chosen beauties better and establish close relationships with them. Once you get each other’s sympathy, you can try asking them out and having a romantic dinner together in the evening.

Among the features of the game, one can find excellent two-dimensional graphics, high-quality accompaniment, an attractive gaming atmosphere, many beautiful girls to date, and many opportunities for flirting. by texting and chatting, which will make you envy even the most professional men of women and experienced seducers. The mod earns money, and diamonds will provide players with an unlimited amount of in-game currency that can be actively used to purchase in the game store and win new opportunities.

Passion Play MOD

just installed this, caught my eye, because "a passion play" is the name of a Jethro Tull album, be careful of copyright law. The game is fun but I am a little slow and I am on a set income i don't have the money to spend on this or any other game. The game looks nice but its justt one of thoose candy crush games that the milk half to death if you like it go ahead if not do not download. Seems like a 100% rip off of dating puzzle, same music, map, girls everything. Only difference is that the girls have less details. Why bother, really?. It's great app and I rated this app with 5 stars. Now I changed my mind. Recently, I keep getting OUT OF SYNC prompt and when I dismiss it, I keep getting the LOST CONNECTIONS FROM THE SERVER. RECONNECTING... Then I have to wait hours. I believe the twin version DATING PUZZLE has the same issue. There's nothing wrong with my WI-FI. I can play for hours in other apps. I was giving great rating on the apps, but to wait for hours in order to play... No. Your app deserves only 1 star.

Passion Play APK

I'll give it a 4 because the game dynamics is great I likes the game it was fun and made me want to play more but after a little bit the game started crashing like every time I picked a girl crash or everytime I would click on anything crash so if you will fix this minor problem I will give it a five star. This app is vety annoying.. Although I have a active internet connection, The app is always saying that "No Internet Connection Please check your internet connection and try again" At that time i have disconnect the internet connection and reconnect the internet connection.. I have to do this exersise once in a minute This is very Bad games in terms of service.... This is a great game, but I took off one star for two reasons. First, there was an abortive voice interaction with the girls that ended in the middle. Second, after a certain point the game changes from "play to win" to "pay to win." That's too resource hungry for me just now.. Early in my experience with this game, it refuses to open, citing an unknown error. I rate it "terrible" and am uninstalling it for now. If the developer gets in touch with me about a fix, I will reinstall and potentially change my rating at that time..

Passion Play APK

GUYS! GUYS! THOSE TIMES ARE OVER WHERE DATA WAS AN ISSUE, PLEASE REMOVE THOSE DATA RESTRICTING CODES, IT'S CONFUSING THE GAME, PLEASE IT'S WASTING MY ENERGY AND REAL TIME!! I CAN'T PLAY LONGER PUZZLES! CORRECT YOUR GAME, I REALLY LIKE YOUR GIRLS, BUT FOR LOVE OF GOD AND ANY SUPREME BEING, PLEASE SAVE THIS GAME!!! LITHUANIA.. Some serious glicth issue are there in this game, 2 mins openkng the app and it start showing popup of server issue, despite my wifi working absolutely fine. I tried reinstalling it but the issud persists! Developers please fix ittttt!!!!!!. There's a copy of this game called Dating Puzzle and it looks the same but a tad bit bad. This game was good. To the developer who took their time to respond to this. Sorry.. Ok game. The night race ruins it when it gets in the way of tiles so you lose. Wish there was a way to opt out of it. Not worth it unless you want to spend money.

Passion Play APK

The dialogue is sexy fun; good writing; like you were really dating the girl. The match-3 puzzles are fun and challenging. The girls are very pretty.. Basically a clone of Hunnie Pop. Art style is good but this "game" has all the hallmarks of modern designs. Its a gimmick to make you spend money. Its not even really fun, just predatory mechanics in a match 3. Avoid.. The dialog is like do it harder next time and let's do a pillow fight naked, but the images do not support the talk. I did not realize I was doing so many ladies.. The images are g rated and most not sexy. The puzzle game is pretty fun and challenging. The amount of ads is good. Needs more supporting sexy images more often to be a better game.. Nothing but a cash grab scam. You get to a point where levels are just plain unbeatable unless you spend a fortune on special items. Uninstalling immediately!.

The game was fun at first, but at some point it becomes impossible, reshuffles after one move, purposely making you lose with impossible scores.. CANT C0NECT AT G00GLE-PLAY AND0R (EVEN) EMAIL THUS ISNT W0RTH BECAUSE W0NT USE-'SAME-SAME DEVICE F0REVER'. its amazing the picture are perfect there needs so voice acting it would be so much better if there was voice acting. Awful server tbh. Gets no network pop up every few minutes. My network was fine as all the other apps were functional.

I'm rating this 2 * because when I followed the tutorial and tried to hang out my screen was unresponsive and I've tried to reinstall but failed so I cant give a full review as I'm stuck on the hang out tutorial. Please fix this and I'll get back to you. For reference my phone is a Huawei HONOR 8s. Energy recovery is too slow , and it's hard to earn ruby. The levels of dates is too hard with few turn , unless you have to purchase and buy items , i feel like this is a game that you have to pay if you win. Please make the game less harder.. It is honestly a fun game, you can play it without having to spend a bunch of money. Sometimes you may want to buy a pack of diamonds if you are close to winning and run out of turns but items are well priced and it is very entertaining. I would suggest to anyone.. 10 minutes into the game I get this weird alert that internet is not connected even though it is..... at the 1st 10mins the game runs smoothly and later this comes up everytime.....fix it please.....

Game is designed to make you spend money, and is addicting. The puzzles are too hard to beat without insane luck, or spending money on diamonds to buy extra turns, which cost A LOT. Not only that, it's literally the same guys that created dating puzzle... which is EXACTLY THE SAME. I want to merge with producer ap. then improve music. then change new picture method. to tetris or collums. still trying new date simulater. other than producer. what if tetris with porn star pics?. Started playing but I can't do casy second encounter. It tells me to choose a booster but it will not let me do anything else after words.. The games is pretty fun to spend some time, I feel like it's a bit pay to win in some aspects but I might be a bit rough on this part..

at first it was okay, but after two dates it is impossible to win, every 3-5 moves it says no moves. Quick question, what's the difference between this and dating puzzle asides from the graphic? Cuz if there's none, I would rather play dating puzzle since I spent quite a lot of time on it But dating puzzle never really got anymore update, so if passion play got anymore update in the future, then I will play this one instead. This game is fun and the graphics are nice. But the match-3 gameplay is extremely, obviously, deliberately skewed against you. The pieces you need will be very few, in order to force you to spend money on rubies to continue to play, when you lose. Just like candy crush, just like every other match-3 scam game. My advice? Skip this knockoff and just go play HuniePop. That's what this game is ripping off anyway, and you only have to buy it once, not keep spending to 'unlock' fun with pay to win.. The third time you speak to a girl there is a broken text box that makes it impossible to go further.

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