NameSkibydy Toilet Survival Master
CategoryNew Game
Size146 MB
ReleaseQQGame Studio

Skibydy Toilet Survival Master is a game that revolves around a quirky and challenging concept. Players take on the role of a toilet paper roll named Skibydy, who must navigate through different levels and avoid obstacles in order to complete the game. The game emphasizes the importance of toilet paper and the challenges faced by Skibydy in a fun and entertaining way. The game’s content involves various obstacles and puzzles that players must overcome, showcasing their problem-solving skills. Skibydy Toilet Survival Master offers a unique and humorous gaming experience centered around an unusual theme.

Skibydy Toilet Survival Master MOD

I like this game but IT TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVEN WHEN IT LOADING PLEASE GET RID OF ALL OF THE ADS!!!!!!!!!! AND ALL OF IT. Bad. Ads before game even loads. Broke developer that knows the game is terrible so has to force ads before you play and than Uninstall instantly.. it's good but the reason I gave 3 stars is the ads when I die and press retry I get an ad and I get mad. The only thing the developers got right is naming the game accurately. It really is toilet material. It deserves that name!! This is by FAR the most awful game I've ever played and I've seen a helluva lot of bad games. I have just wasted 1 hour and 30 minutes of my life that I'll never get back on this stupid game. I gave it that much time to give it a fair amount of patience and I don't remember the last time I was so angry with myself. BAD!!!!. 1st of all- the game concept is by itself worth 0 stars. Only 3-9 year old kids would actually play a skibidi toilet x squid game crossover. 2nd of all- most mobile games (poorly made ones) dont need a loading screen, yet this game has 2 loading screens before even playing the 1st level. 3rd of all- i opened the game and immediately got an ad. I then played a level and got another ad. I know ads are there for money, but most mobile games bombard us with them. Overall, I'd give this 0/5 stars.

Skibydy Toilet Survival Master APK

amazing but when you fail you have to start again and it has to load and it takes a long time. This game is terrible.I can't even put into words why it's so horrible that's how bad it is. I played on round and deleted it straight after. I'm gonna look at the other reviews and if one says 5 stars they must by 3 years old.

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