NameStakeholder Idle Game
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Can you build an accurate financial empire in Stakeholder Idle Game? Develop your business, increase capital, and move forward with confidence.

Buy shares of the most promising companies, receive dividends, and create international holdings. You can open new areas, develop, upgrade and become even more prosperous. Develop your production, improve unique processes, and invest in development and marketing. All this should bring even more dividends, income, and much more. The game project teaches supporting fundamental analysis and much more. Read the news, and all the events were happening in the world, to keep up with your competitors. After you complete this game, you will understand more about the world of the stock market, investing, and banking.

Stakeholder Idle Game MOD

This is the first game that I am giving 1 star in my whole and entire life of playing games. The game doesn't educated anything, poor graphic, Long and boring tutorial, literally a trash game and the most provoking thing in this game is the fact that after buying all preference share of a company, you would be given a certificate and all of a suddenly the company building increase or upgrade. I downloaded the game for education but got nothing. This is a trash. Add preference shares's sell option it may more realistic with unlimited buying in one company. Why can't sell preference shares right now you must put that option as soon as possible!. Good for a bit but once you figure out how to easily make money by manipulating the markets then it's boring. Thoroughly addictive!! Just need the update, for a new area to build on. Been on the last one for weeks now.. A lot of times one does not get the benefits even after watching the ads for the said upgrade/bonus etc. Please do look into this bug it is very irritating during game play..

Stakeholder Idle Game APK

Only played for 20minutes and like how it's set up and the game is well rounded .Can keep you playing.Dont know long term issues to say how good the game is...looks good and will keep you playing for awhile ... Love the game, but finished it, can't wait for a new update which will hopefully expand or add new maps.. How to switch cities. I have passed the city 1 and now in city 2. But I don't know how to get back to City 1. This is excellent game but how do we switch back to old city. I accessed new city but i can't switch back to old one in which i had lot of progress.

Stakeholder Idle Game APK

Pretty decent game about investment. But far from the business world actually workings. Capitalism 3 and A Train 1 were some of the best business games ever made on the topic. Supply and demand and you could see how the impact affected the the lands around you. Sim city could have been decent but it was more liberal city building game than a business game. Any ways there needs to be a lot of improvements to get a five from me in this field.. Good luck I'll keep my eye on this game.. The initial few minutes was interesting but then it became too easy to exploit. Buy shares of high tier and then low tier to double your money. Repeat until everything is maxed then Uninstall. Game needs to remove linear progression, add more negative experiences, remove caps and allow businesses to fail and be reset.. Seemed enjoyable, however, I purchased an item in game and was never awarded the item after purchase. I have contacted the developer and have not received a response after a month.. I appreciated the fact that this game have so much, and that i can see so many ideas good for this type of game, great game and educational to..

Stakeholder Idle Game APK

This is another rare gem of idle economy tycoon game on mobile. There are quite a number of interesting features such as the stock system and market news. However I must also say the pricing system is flawed for the investment. One is the too large gap between the bid and ask price. This makes that selling is always disadvantagous no matter the background economy macro. And the rapid growth of price from level to level quickly makes the price value less meaning because of hyperinflation.. Hey team, No doubt you guy's are created a great application,but I have one problem when I'm using this its lagging and not work properly It is consume more Ram and Battery but after that it is not working probably so check once about this,otherwise its really great app.. Really love this game. But can you add other features ? Like you can decide what the company should do in the future, add some details report about the company, etc. So yeah that's it, i really love this game so much. Nice game! But i got bored when i understand that i can increase share price by buying other company's share. And i want that you add more details into company management. So that we can do business too instead of only buy, selling and upgradeing business to a predetermined limit.

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