NameStoryngton Hall
ReleaseMY.GAMES B.V.

Storyngton Hall is a colorful adventure with an exciting plot. Go all out in this brand new Match 3 game. This game project combined all the best, compelling love stories and decorations of your home. Discover many secrets, and look at the intrigues of residents and their surroundings.

You will find many colorful levels, chic bonuses, performances, and events. Try to go through the most exciting storyline and discover unique love stories that will unfold in an old house. An excellent and very captivating tale of Storyngton Hall: A Row-3 House in which all the major events will occur in that beautiful age of the Regency. You can develop your unique design, decorate your dream home and make it completely unrecognizable.

Storyngton Hall MOD

Add notifications to the game settings and add different pets to the story. Also add more moves in levels as the levels are hard to pass still not fixed. Started playing the game today and so far it is very well put together and not too many ads. I look forward to playing it more often.. On 607it kept your points I did 3games and I got no points and you have to play the 10 to 15 times before you win.. Storyngton hall is a very interesting game good graphics and beautiful characters..but there is not much gift no free boost. i really love this game but the screen is going dark & won,t give me my reward chest.its running slow to.if you can fix these problems i,ll continue playing it.if not i,ll have to unistall it cause its starting to stop by itself..

Storyngton Hall APK

Very addictive and interesting game. Can get expensive. Always best to find a good Club and participate with the official Storyngton Hall Facebook page.. If you don't use money game will mess up when you hit 100 after that purchase anything momey it will mess up in the ad is not the game. Tbh Storyngton was always glitchy, too difficult, and expensive (and NEVER worked on the WiFi, even if I sat 5 feet from the router) but now it's stopped letting me make purchases in-game. There is ZERO point in trying to play this particular game without spending *at least* 10-15 per month on it, so I've uninstalled after 2ish years of play. On to the next Match-3 game (which will also eventually stop working and/or become too expensive!).. Didn't pull up right blurry takes too long to switch from one scene to another. Didn't like the game boring and long.

Storyngton Hall APK

Update: I'm deleting the game. David said a very vile word while talking to Joe. I'm on level 2900, and it's been a few days since I read it but I can't get over it. There was no sense in the word. It didn't add to the story or emphasize his point. It was just vulgar! I can't support a game with that kind of language!!!. I like the all of the stuff of the game. But the speed of the making the new level is too slow and it makes me keep losing the opportunity to get the reward. So unfair !!!! If this things happen to the players, they at least need to compensate those high level gamers or just letting them to repeat the previous level so that we can keep working toward the reward.. Great one for the romantics and ladies. It's the usual match-3 fun past time with disney-like animation and characters in a Jane Austen novella.. The game has a great story line but the big issue is that you can't connect to google accounts I lost my entire progress once becuase of it.

Storyngton Hall APK

It was great at first, but it's become increasingly harder & more expensive to pass levels. I'm at level 940, and I get stuck on nearly every level--even with boosts. The game uses special pieces (bombs, etc.) less efficiently in the higher levels, so you end up using more. If it doesn't get better soon, I'm going to uninstall the game. It's not fun like this.. Other than losing rewards sometimes and the game blipping back to home screen...I love this game, the story line is great, the characters can be so funny. I love it!. Loved playing this game but it suddenly became another pay to play game. The levels ask you to do too much for the time alloted even with boosters. Like really? I finally had to delete it. Hoping you will make the levels easier to pass so that I can replay and enjoy the game.. I think it is a good game i really want to play but i tried 20 times and can't get passed level 47 to many things to clear off the board and only 20 moves. I understand the game.

Very interesting story line and fun game! I've been playing for a few years now so I'm totally invested lol There's different mini games inside of the big game and now you can play to win 10,000 coins it refreshes every night so you have a chance to win the most coins you can! Plus there's the daily bonus, watch ads for extra coins, miracle box & chances to win in the mini games within the main game that you win extra coins & boosters!. It's just not right. Anytime I play a level, the app will close on it's own. So to me, it's a turn off for this game . Don't bother playing this game unless you want to put money into it. Because I don't quit. How lame can you get? You're money hungry people this is supposed to be a free game.. I like the game but the people who run it know that in most instances taking a screenshot is impossible, so to anyone reading this, beware, if you have problems and can't send a screenshot, YOU WON'T BE GETTING ANY HELP!!!!! .

Love the story although you use alot of stars on pointless activities which is frustrating this game could be brilliant but im annoyed I had a selection of boosters and in the middle of a level the game crashed and I lost all money and boosters I contacted and heard nothing back then after having so many pop ups constantly whilst playing (also very frustrating) I thought sod it and agreed to pay nearly 5 for the season pass which ended a few hours later so I have to pay again! . I really like the story line. The levels are great, however my game keeps freezing!! It's annoying and honestly makes me not want to play.. the game is wonderful but it has one problem that after playing game you win only 1 star and for decor the room you have to pay 3 4 star this is not fair. Gameplay is okay. I don't really play this game very often, but when I do, there's too many side missions at a time (like about five or six different ones) in addition to the main storyline.

Great to pass time higher levels though lack enough moves. I wish there was less lag when u add a piece of furniture etc the characters go into long discussions sometimes u can't skip immediately through them. Also... in the message to update the game it calls you 'sweetie' don't call me sweetie from a business u don't know me like that are we dating. The number of stars required for tasks remains, for the most part, 1 each. It's a great game. The only issue is that you can't change into the great dresses that you've earned.. Love it! It's a cross between Bridgerton and Jane Eyre. Great story and fun game play. Not pay to win or loaded with ads (unless you want them). Great game!. I have made 2 purchases during a promotion and haven't received my items. I opened a ticket about and have not gotten a reply. I truly enjoy this game but I'm not ok with losing money..

Too many trivial tasks compared to how hard it is to get the stars to complete the tasks. Just another money grab game. Pass.. Fortunately i like the game but this games keep freezing it always kicking me out then it restart the game itself ...I hope you can fix the problem. Love this game, but I wish you would change the app icon. It looks terrible every time I open my app menu. It's not a good representation of the game at all!. I liked your game very much, IAM still in the first box. Was doing good till the last 3 games, now I have no power ups or conis. No bad for me and you because now I am removeing your game played it for two hrs. Thought oh boy I got a fun game and one I well keep. But no your game is just like all the rest. Get so hi in the game and you start to lose. Because you want me to buy. Sorry I am on a very fixed income and cant buy. But it was fun the best one I have find love your story also. Thanks.

Love game ,but why so many bonus levels ? I want to do tasks and always bonus levels lately, and it's so frustrating ..

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