NameTank Hero – Awesome tank war games

Tank battles are just beginning. Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games will make you a professional warrior who can repel an enemy’s attack.

Tank battles begin, and the enemies are going to attack you. There is nothing left for you but to take advantage of your capabilities and repel enemy tanks. It remains only to fight off the enemy’s attack and pick up the time for a counterattack. If you failed and died, you have to start all over from the very beginning.

Management here is straightforward, and you need to drag the weapon and take out the enemy—a variety of and completely unlimited improvements. You can upgrade your weapons and deal with stronger enemies. There are many skills, of which there are more than 100 pieces: unique talent, solid bosses, and addictive gameplay. You will not regret facing Tank Hero – The battle begins because you will like crazy confrontations.

Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games MOD

Similar to Archer Hero (very first type to come out). The art is fun, the enemies are simple, and the power ups are easy to understand. 3 stars due to buggy network issue (this is the 4th game I'm rating today), and lack of growth in early stages. It's too linear of a game even if it looks like there's different hero tanks and such.. I made a three purchase of gems nearly two weeks ago and hav still not received them. I have emailed multiple times and no response! What is the deal!. Perfect Game but Why is uninstalling game and installing game why is this, it a complete all chapter and level is installed game and why how. (it alright???). Filled to the brim with bugs. Played 2 stages, got some gems, claimed my gold from naval mine, took a break then came back and it's all gone. Like I never claimed anything. But the mine is reset and can't watch ads anymore for gems. It's like devs saying fcuk you for playing our game and watching ads and giving us money. Fine then, never playing this game again.. Great gameplay, horrific connection. You play and the connection drops all of the sudden. You lose everything. You win a stage, connection drops, you lose every loot. You close the game, you open it again, can you guess what happends? Right!!! You lost everything in the previous stage. Now you have to do it again. So, thanks but no thanks. When everything is fixed, I will give it a chance. Until then, uninstalled!.

Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games APK

Good game but keeps disconnecting and losing progress. Freezing on screens saying "unable to connect to network", and "unable to synchronise data" Frustrating. Only app I've ever had which does this. Is this because it's no longer supported? Last update let month, but doesn't seem to have had any reviews for 2 years. Basically unplayable which is a shame.. It don't give u credit when u win 80 percent of the time.. I've beat the same 50 lvls now 4 times and always freezes at the end and says no Internet. Terrible game very buggy when you finish levels it crashes I finished level 3/20 and got no rewards at all so game has been deleted. Love this game, fantastic game play,graphics, challenging the full monty people.Easy to play.But having huge trouble with the update,but that is most probably me..

Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games APK

Wat ever bug fixes yall did on this most recent update it just made the game glitch way more then it ever has. Un juego muy bueno y adictivo, pero desde la ltima actualizacin est fallando el juego, se queda inactivo el juego y hay que cerrar y abr la app cada que terminas una partida... haber si lo pueden arreglar para no tener que desinstalar el juego, sera una pena !!. At the end of the game all loots disappearing. I can not obtain any kind of loot from any stage.. Uninstall it, Waste of time, pay to win game, now unable to even get trophies for slow progress, it keeps saying update or network error and denying the trophies.. so no use playing so uninstall it....

Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games APK

It has been losing connection constantly and it is prompting for reconnect. This causes the rewards to get lost after finishing levels. Also, after closing the app and starting it again, the progress of the previous session is lost. Please fix the connectivity issues asap.. Latest updates are buggy and crashes lots. Sent multiple messages to customer support. Zero back. Spent money on this game to get ignored. Infinity tower Max's at 200. I've been @ 200 over 6 months. No new levels. But still is on weekly quests to gain experience. But can't because 200 max level. Played this game about 2 years.. Lately it's been buggy, needs an update. Needs better rewards at higher levels, needs more levels, consistent events and more items. It's a good game and the ads are not annoying, only watch them if you want to gain additional resources. Just needs a bit more work. If they address some of these issues I'd easily give it 4 or 5 stars. The game is great But i wish we could get all of the powerups whenever they pop up whenever you pass a level and get more offers at a better price like u had before and also when u pass the kevel sometimes the game freezes for like 20 secs/ we should gave more life's whenever u want to revive with adds.

Amazing. I gave this game a third chance after a couple of years. After the latest update, I'm being informed that my version is too old, but no update is available in the Play Store. Uninstalled.. Was this app hijacked or something? Got the in order to continue to play, must update msg. I updated, and now I have to close out the game several times because I'm getting the same update msg. This is a fun game. You have to grind a little bit to upgrade your tank. But still a good mobile game.. What a great lie, your game is not offline game.... Please change the offline tag and still the game is very good. Was a great game. Played it daily for years. But the "Exciting events" panel has now said "coming soon" for many months. I think that says it all. Play the game and enjoy it for a bit; it's a good game. But don't get too invested in it or spend any real money on it; the game seems to be dead and abandoned now, sadly..

Overall, this is a good game as long as you have these 4 attributes: 1.patience; 2.timeliness of action; 3.anger control; and 4.time. The ONLY ISSUE I found is pausing the game. It is really hard to pause this game. Again, good job for the gameplay. Thanks.. Great game! But OMG I HATE the enhancement system! Can you PLEASE make it times by 2 each time rather than 3! That is WAY to expensive to upgrade and way to much EXP and coins are needed so please just fix it!. Holy Tank Hero!!! This game is SO AWESOME!!! The BEST part I LOVE about this Tank Hero is, that I can get FREE rolls and after that, yes after that I have the OPTION of spending some Diamonds OR watching an Add. I LOVE the game play. So Immersive. I almost lose Custy's, this game is so ADDICTIVE. I have to Force myself to put the game on pause just to serve Custy's at work. I think I am at Lvl 4, but I Really Need to Unlock the Island War thingy. Also the 3rd Drone. . Latest update broke the game. Anytime I try to do anything the gear code loading screen comes up and says network error. Uninstalled, restarted my phone and reinstalled didn't fix it. Clearing cache doesn't fix it. On Samsung Galaxy S21. ***Update*** Game works better now. Had to turn off the music to be able to play. Still lags when redeeming daily challenges..

Oftenly jam or disconnect, you may need to watch ads for more than 5 times for getting a reward that listed one time watchjng. The upgrade is very hard after certain levels, unless you pay.. thank you for make this game becauce this game so fun to me,and i like this game o much. I love but the special events don't work it just keeps on saying coming soon how come I can't update this game. Love the game! Really hope some new events and things will be happening soon. Gets kind of stale quickly with the same random events. Along with the island adventure thing is lacking in enjoyment..

I put alot of work into this game, to only find out it that down the road it's a pay to win. Barely any updates or contests. Hard to get any good gear. What a waste of time!. Love the game. Have it on 4 different devices. Love it. Would love to see the coming soon part. But great game download now!. After a while you get stuck and it's heavy pay to play... So more of pay to advance. I like that you only have to watch adds by choice or it would be 2 or three stars. Some of the bosses look really cool like zoids or Gundam but it's pretty rare. Hello this game is so good il give really it 5 star. My problem on my account is now done I get my account back thank you so much and I really recommend to play this.

I want you guys to send me the best tank for free i need it im sick of paying all the time. I had this game for so long but then when I beat the bosses I have to be online can that be changed and everytime I got into the game it says network error and I have stable internet, please help, I am a fan of ur game!. The more I play the worse this gets. I've spent money and gotten no extra benefits in game that I paid for recently. "Exciting activities" in the game hasn't been restarted in months. Customer service don't even work on the game. I'm just about done with this game and company along with anything else they put out. Which is sad cause I love this game. But if things don't get fixed soon? 'uninstall'.. Wouldn't be so bad if it didn't make you look at so many ads and then it freezes up when you are in battle.

Simple and fun , I normally play much more complex games but this game is just quick and fun , I've seen a few games with this layout but they do it well here , minimal loading times for missions which is nice , and the tanks are all different and fun , upgrade system isn't terrible. The developers have abandoned the game. No updates since March. No replies from customer service when asked about it. Probably because they brought out Tank Raid. The same thing happened to Kill Shot. Now I am blocked from sending them a message from within the game...probably because of this bad review.. Great game but some ads are 1 or 2 mins long cut it in half than i have no problem just a few glitchs but nothing game breaking menu is hard to navigate bit easyer would be nice. A not half bad achero rip, it has a number of improvements over the inspiration, enough to justify playing for sure. The content grind isn't as painful or slow either, with islands to attack with semirandom areas over running face-first into the same wall repeatedly.

Game keeps entering a loading screen loop. Restarted it and 2 mins in just randomly won't load the next area. Would be 5 stars been playing this game for a couple years now. Please fix just went to get back in to it but it's unplayable now.. Pls make 5 more tanks including a Mystic tank called Demolition. It's a raill gun that's super strong and add a hub u can be any of your tanks u got and vist it people and made more friends.

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