NameTrain Taxi
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ReleaseSayGames Ltd

Pretty addictive puzzle for a taxi train driver. Train Taxi is a very simple but no less exciting game project. Here you have to collect people along the way to pass this or that level. Everything seems relatively straightforward, but you will see for yourself that this is not so. The more passengers you can collect, the longer your train will be. You have to be very careful not to run into your tail. If you do that, a terrible catastrophe will happen, and you will have to start from the very beginning.

A vast number of a wide variety of opportunities, exciting and unique levels. You will be able to think carefully to make your train much longer. Move forward, collect all passengers, and carefully look at your tail.

The most exciting and educational levels are when you have to think things through, develop your imagination and get the longest train in the world. Not bad graphics, vast advantages of your caravan and many passengers. Complete this game to the end, get unique bonuses and confidently move on.

Train Taxi MOD

The ads last longer than the game play. The game play is not worth the overwhelming amount of ads. Uninstalling after 5 minutes. This game is a hard pass unless you are addicted to watching ads.. I really like it I used to play it and I really like this game but the ads.....uhhh they appear every time I complete a level that's why give you 3 stars. Game okay until one particular advert came up and that even after the time period of advert was ended. I tried everything to exit and get back to the game. But couldn't, no matter how many times I hit the X. I think the advertiser has bad intentions. I'm deleting this game as a security precaution.. It is my favorite childhood game. I would play this a lot. I love that i found it after 4 years. I found it it is amazing I love it . Interrupted my game I was going to give it 5 but nnnnnnoooooooooo Pikachu knows everything and took me to the app store so know ima give yall 1 star yall lucky I don't delete it (however 10/10 recommend).

Train Taxi APK

It's a fun game, but to have an ad after every level makes it longer than it needs to be. I understand the ads have to pay for the games when we don't buy them, but it just causes me to delete it sooner than ever.. Three stars for now, since I just literally started this game three minutes ago. I will give an update review after I have played for three weeks or more.. OMG I REMEMBER THIS GAME. Going to play it now!! AHHH YOU WERE MY CHILDHOOD GAME COMPANY. if u reply I'll never uninstall any games!! . I have always been playing this game in the past. I always will like this game forever. But an issue is sometimes when the train finishes loading up, it freezes the app. Another issue is all the ads popping up. But still a good game no matter what..

Train Taxi APK

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