NameWorld of Tanks Blitz
ReleaseWargaming Group

Historical online tank action based on the events of World War II! World of Tanks Blitz – we invite you to play real tank battles from Wargaming. From this moment on, the legendary game comes to mobile platforms, which cannot but rejoice us. A real world of powerful armor, the most incredible ricochets, and the rumble of healthy guns await you. You only need to go forward, lead your team to victory in battle, and finally become a real hero. You need to download the game World of Tanks Blitz and join millions of players.

Here you are presented with a vast selection of combat vehicles, a wide variety of maps, excellent graphics, and relatively easy controls that will turn your mobile device into a real tank track. And just once having played World of Tanks Blitz, you understand that the project’s authors were able to do an extraordinary job. We can say that this project contains all the experience collected from the original game…

World of Tanks Blitz MOD

Game has flopped rigged matchmaking afk teammates no IQ teammates the game itself is beyond broken cannot enjoy this game no more as a blitz YouTuber Im gonna have to stop making videos of me gambling on crates since the game is just beyond enjoyable it's so so bad I'm going to stick to the console edition where there's massive maps 15vs15 and not a afk player in sight this game is just not what it used to be its time to move on and try something else my advice avoid if you don't like afk teams. When a customer buys something from the store does a seller just take it back? This is my simple question to wotBlitz. Few months back I saw an offer for 42k gold and some free xp fpr 111k silver and that was in my store. The store that is managed by wot not by me. I absolutely love this game but then within a few days, I get a no-reply email from WOT saying that was a mistake and then they just took away the gold and the freexp. Would I now want to buy from their store. Would any of u WotB?. I can play BGMI smoothly, i can play YouTube video at 1080p without buffer. i am on 5g optical fibre connection. But but but when I try to play this tank game. It's impossible to play because of lags and high ping. I feel like I am on 2g dial up connection. Apac game servers really sucks. I can see a good game dying slowly because of slow game servers.. The new matchmaking sucks, most of the games you will get paired with 3 or 2 40% winrate players and it just affect everything going on in game.. Worst server .. No proper matchmaking Opponents disappear infront of my tank Credits are not properly distributed, in case of win we get less credits and in case of loss much credits are subtracted. This game is just Waste Of TIME.. Yukkkk.... Chiiiiii... Thuuuuuu.

World of Tanks Blitz APK

Changing my review due to the new matchmaker. I've lost every single battle but maybe 3 for 2 days. It's now not even possible to win unless you platoon and are both really really good or you get lucky and face a bad team.. The new update is great but oh boy are the decreasing credits annoying I did 6k dmg with my ISU 152 and 300 bounce shots and won the battle I received -9087 credits Even thought I have premium account for 1 day , I hope in the future update the decreasing credits will get removed Edit:update 10.7 is here it's cool but matchmaking has gotten worst I saw a youtuber showcasing what to do when the elefant TD quest arrives so I need to get mastery badges?? How the match maker today is hard. The new matchmaking sistem is trash, the server is trash that if your connection is lagged and connected again, the game wont even try to connect to the game again. You must quit the game and rejoin again and bcs of that you're probably gonna die or gonna have really low health bcs youre disconnected. We just want that to be fixed, isn't that too hard to do rather than making an update that isn't necessary for gameplay?. The game is good, but aren't developers. They don't want to develop the project (add interesting content), only more and more donates, more and more containers..

World of Tanks Blitz APK

Good game but WIN RATE IS A LIE it doesn't matter how good you are if poor match making constantly up tiers you or gives you a team full of morons who don't know how to play you'll just keep losing and I suggest removing win rate all together. I thought this one well be more realistic then other tanks games but nah the maps are too short control's are trash . Hopefully the developer well fix this issue. match team ups are way out of proportion all the tank are weak unless u purchase better tanks which the prices are way to expensive. there are not enough free crates make the waiting time for crates more frequently. Great game but the lag is a MASSIVE issue sometimes the tanks fire by themselves and trying to go forwards you go backwards and vice versa so that needs to be fixed other then that GREAT game definitely worth playing.

World of Tanks Blitz APK

This is a amazing game. But one of its mechanics makes it really frustrating. The spotting system where you have to spot the enemy first to even see them. I don't understand how anyone would get such a dumb idea for a game. Like many time and enemy behind a wall or a rock just stays still it just disappear. I don't understand how that is even possible. Many times and enemy is just that side of the rock or a wall near me and I don't see it until it's in my face. Worst thing is wotb.. Fix ur bots they suck, I just watched two kv1s shoot at eachother for 2 and a half minutes, they where less than 20 feet apart and where missing shots! FIX UR BOTS HOLY. World of tanks? More like world of patience. If its not disconnected to store postmatch lobby or pregame queing lobby, its a sudden black screen out of every 6/10 taps. I swear the game's rate up for problems is higher and more believable than any other gacha game i've played. 10/10 would recommend anger management and patience training using this again.. STOP ASKING FOR GODDAMN BATTLE FEEDBACK. I'M JUST GONNA SAY IT'S DOGSHIT CAUSE YOU ARE ANNOYING WITH THE CONSTANT POPUP.

Daily missions always include a "Play with Platoon", which meant I could never obtain the full rewards chest. Partly because a huge majority of the clans have been inactive for years, and those that aren't are in different server regions. It's difficult to find teams in the current state of the game, and I shouldn't be forced to team up with other people just to play. There's also a lot to be learned from the different strategies that randoms show up with, which only solo queueing can deliver.. Can you optimise the matchmaking more? Its simply unfair and difficult to play now with all the afk and noob. Punish the noob.. Played 4 a while like around a year almost daily was a good experience had fun then I took a few months off now it takes 4ever 2 get put in a match so yeah deleted. I think it's a really good game. I would give it 5 stars definetly, but it has some drawbacks. Firstly, I think that the players should go against people that are at there level because the other players might have better tanks. Another thing is that it takes too long to level up and finally get a Tier 10 tank. Hopefully you can fix these issues and listen to feedback. Really appreciate it! .

I've been playing this game on and off for probably 9 years now. It's a great arcade-style mobile game for tactical tank battles.. Absolute awesomeness. With the new updates my game play has improved alot. I am sorry for doubt everyone around wot offices. I have quit playing for months cause of the match making and the crashes. So far I am back to loving this game. Thank you very much.. The game is super stingy and greedy. Unlocking, buying, upgrading tanks, all the process are very expensive and super time consuming. We're talking about months of effort as a f2p just for a single tank, and there's hundreds of tanks in the game. The graphic and physics also a bummer. They're good but devs seems like have no intention to offer the absolute best for high end device players. Lastly, the monetisation of this game suck. Every part of the game smells money. And it ain't even cheap.. Hello! I just want to say that this is a brilliant game! However there's something I am willing to die for...camo offers. Camouflage offers, research offers, purchase offers come out very rarely and I am dearly wish it would be added to the game more often. Camouflages are some of my most favourite things that the game has to serve, It characterizes a tank in a unique way, which gives the chills down the spines. Thank you!.

I'm reviewing my own rating and I'm more frustrated than ever. This game is such BS.. I've logged 3 complaints to support.. nothing.. no fan coins.... MM is also ruined.... On 07/03/2024 and 10/03/2024 Blitz tournament was a total waste of time for so called coin rewards for watching. Spent 3 and 1/2 hours on the stream only got rewarded for 50 min and besides the fact that the site seemed like it crashed at first. Total disappointment.. Whyyyy i couldn't get the Ground tank cuz of a bug i was completing the missions but i couldn't get any spice i need the Ground tank for my collection my game name is BURGER_479. I got a tip for you guys, you should add more money boost/support for newbie users and research boost for it to be enjoyable. Just a tip :}. I have been playing for a year now.its a really good game but. Every time the video container is available I always watch a video hoping to get the Panther M10,for a year now and I super unlucky with draws. Overall it's a great game. Props to the Game Dev's. My in game name is JKT407..

I can't start the game Because if I start the game will see me only one enter face "Continue". Only, what I do suggest me I want to play the game really. So please suggest me . I want to play. Please give me a feedback "wargaming group".. I transfer my account to a new phone with a much better specs with my old phone hoping for a better experience ingame. Guess what the game always crash. Better uninstall it then play war thunder. To bad i love the pc version of this game. The mobile version disappoints.. This game is nice, good graphics, alot of tanks to choose from. Although there is alot of things that makes me want to delete this game (1) The new update just ruined the match making, and making players to lose easily, it also keeps on crashing which kicks me out of the game during midgame.(2) The maps are just too small. It's kind of very annoying when you cant have time to hide or defend yourself because enemies will just come striking on you for a few seconds you hide. Great game keep it up.. new mm is worse than random mm, it makes everyone closer to 50% wr instead of showing their true potential. bring back the old mm..

The game's fun, my only complaint which is huge in my eyes is, after getting back to the game with a new phone. I realized how abysmal the control customization is, it restricts you so much that it's honestly frustrating needing to move my fingers in weird ways to cope with the restricted control setup, i can't even press my consumables consistently since it's clipping the side of my phone and i can't change the safe zone at all. remove the restrictions, it's useless. I used to really like this game. However, recently, all my tanks have been very weak. I get defeated before I'm even able to hurt my opponents. It's pretty sad, actually. My shields down quick, and my tanks life gets depleted quickly. With 3 or fewer shots, I'm destroyed. It's really very unfair. I don't know if I bought better tanks with money it would be better. A week ago I was playing very happily and things were a lot better. It was more fair.. Good game though so it will take me about it and he was the only car is the best way life the best way life the only. This game will randomly disconnect you for no reason. 9/10 times I die because it will either cause my vehicle to drift uncontrolled, or just stop where it's at, whichever is the most inconvenient for you at the time. There is no standard. After experimenting I've determined it's them though they claim it's not. While recording my Internet connection, my signal strength, and the fact I random disconnect with video evidence of no drop on my end, they continue to claim that's it's on my end.

03/2024 update After about 6 years of playing. 11000 matches. Game is unrealistic and garbage now after update. Teams are always unbalanced. Every game. Not just occasionally. Glitchy. 12/23 update to review Game is good 80% of the time. I have great internet connectivity, but it still gets very glitchy during game play. S21 Ultra After the update, its now requiring me to reinstall and lose all my progress. S5. the app had an update now the game wont load anymore it keeps crashing when open it turns off or wont load at all i use to be able to go online now i cant anymore please fix this problem. Concerning the operation neighborhood watch mission going on now, it was very cool of you guys to make it possible to get the better pass my earning the points just by playing the game. You get 5 stars for that one. Very cool.... hi wg so i was gaming in the hallway cause i have a new desk i cheked the internet many times but for me wotb is offishaly unplayeble and also it will not let me log in and getting me to the garage so idk what to do but to wait for the lag fix and alos im getting 1000ping and som loss up to 20% so please for the love of god please fix the lag allready so i can play wotb again in update 10.8 ok.

Amazing game but the only problem is that in the game there are slots for your tanks and I hate them cyz them I have to wait 24 hrs just to sell my old tank that I don't use for new one so I hate the slots please remove it and everything is amazing. Thank You for reading. I tried it and it's really addictive and fun to play I highly recommend it to anyone who plays war thunder . Are the gangs of SUPER HEAVY READY. Ain't no room in this life for halfway. Talk minus action equals nothing. Taking flag at a time. It's better on console and PC though.. Great game over all wargaming works on it constantly and are somewhat listening to the community but the matchmaker is a problem and they are working on it but it's not fun as of March 2024. Good notes the developers add alot of free to play events ect. Fun modes not a big pay to win game lots of balancing of the tanks new tanks and trees are added every year with seasonal tanks and rewards the main fault is the matchmaker..

The new matchmaking system sucks now you'r going to be matched up with try hards every time. So fix that bring back the old matchmaking system before 10.7. Well done wg, you have single handedly fked this game with the new mm. Don't know what else you have done, but my account won't get past 51.43%,even with wins. But I can lose 1 game and it takes it off . Say bye to your game.. Matchmaker is reborn so after 48,000 games I'm playing my auto loser tanks that have 20% more average damage than other players but winrates of 12% or less that meadsy says can't happen. Guess what? 1200 average damage in teir 6 isn't 33% it actually 50% + who knew? So far no 30 + loss streaks either. 1 star to 3 stars potentially 5 stars if my fave teir 8 premium winrate improves 1988 average damage with 13% winrate is strange after 200 battles. Let's see.. A good game with lots of chances to get premium & collector tanks. My only current contention is the new matchmaker. Games are so much worse since it began..

New mm suck, u guys are forcing skilled players to carry trash playe. Even the free premium pass can't keep them playing as most player with actual skill are leaving.. Better matchmaking and I like how now the elite players get a taste of what I am also suffering with the player base that has zero intention of winning a game. Keep "improving" the matchmaking Wargaming. No but to be fair and honest I like the way that I have the opportunity to play alongside good players and so far I've seen APA players on my team and enemy team and so on and so forth. It feels good to have that kind of determination of winning once in a while.. I like how the game is easy in the start and when playing a German vehicle and you angle the turret. You just feel invincible. That's why I'm addicted to this game. Overall good game.. It's really cool to play but there's the problem you see the enemy tank keep disappear in front of me.

It very frustrating game. After firing it doesn't not reduce their health after update game tank become slow I love this game but because of the giltch it is very frustrating. Why their is so much glitch? If a take aim and shoot it doesn't reduce their health and I am not shooting on red area. This happens in Russian SU-100M1 and SU-152 tank. Please fix that From Asian server.. I am a old player bit i delete the game then i again download it i log in and my so many tank was gone and my level my batch all are gone i was only have tier tank i was so angry and i tried to log in again but everything was same . Okay now I changed my review from 5 star to 1 because of the new update... After the new update in every single match I am getting afk players or noob players in my team who doesn't even shoot the tank or bots who just add more kills to the enemy team... I lost 43 battles in a row and now you can feel my anger how I feel... Just do something or I will uninstall this game and break my phone into pieces cause of rage.. Plz...and also charge fine or ban for 1 day for attempting afk. Always lagging even having 5g mobile set with good network speed of 200 an above mbs Like always Chinese products also not good in making a good networked game.

This game is exhausting. By mistake I turn on flight mode after when I checked it,it didn't worked. This game deserves -5 rating. Fully waste of time. Now the game is even worst . All my shots have been blocked by ui enemies. In most matches my shots counted as zero. Lastly, developers target me by giving dislike after most battles. If I got too many dislikes, I would be blocked from playing. Well After the new mm in update 10.7 THE MM IS COMPLETELY RUINED FOR US THE SKILLED PLAYERS. The mm tries to put noobs in my team while enemy team has decent players. PLEASE WG FIX THE MM.. I love this game but can't help but notice there is no female crew voices in setting for me that I'm a girl it feels wrong can you please add female voices I don't like the male voices only because I'm a girl I got nothing wrong with them but I just want female voices.

this game is quite okay, but I can't party with my friends, the platoon only allowed duo, idk why but it sucks tho. Relatively generous regarding awards and gifts which can help in your progress. Its a skilled based game which requires having patience and dedication to improve and move forward. I'm loving it. But the new updated matchmaking system is making me lose faith a little. Pairing players of different win rate doesn't seem to be fruitful and is bringing many players' winrate down. I'm still optimistic that the devs will work on it.. Amazing game but wargaming add a new tank classification called main battle tanks and the logo will be a square.main battle tanks will be tanks which are fast,heavily armoured and good firepower like the IS-7 or type 71. Only one star because the common chat/server chat function was removed. Return the world chat function so that players can coordinate and create teams for tournament and create platoons. The new marchimaking made the game worse. It punishes players who are TRYING to get better. Instead of adding more new tanks, add swedish national voice, add more useful features, update the graphics. Game looks like it was made 20 years ago..

I want to tell u guys that I loved this game but after the update 10.7 the game is doomed every battle I played it use to be defeat or victory with my type 71 I was having 67 winrate but now it's 19 Winrate how u said that matchmaker will good but u lied to us why bro. And now am gonna tell u that pls kindly change it in next update my victories also down bro pls fix it. I'm sorry for doing this but after the update for the matchmaking it really made me quit this game, hopefully you will fix that because you just made it very worst for some people.. Love the update but I getting bored about the maps.There a little small for combat.Can you please make it larger more hiding spots and more.But still it is still an amazing game!. I love this game but I just lost all my progress can you help me by giving free box of tanks vii-viii and I want to quit but il give a second chance soo.. pls help me.

Having annoying new issue with new wot blitz update,when you waiting for a match more than 6min there's chance you will be disconnected from the server and can't enter next 1 hours. It's really annoying issue.. Controls are horrible and hyper sensitive. The ranking system is useless as it groups high tiers with low tiers, GM favoring the higher tiers; (3 tier IV enemy tanks vs 3 tier II ally tanks). The game would honestly be manageable if it didn't force progress you through the first hour of playing the game like, I understand how everything works so why after 7 battles is it still not letting me do anything besides forcing me to click whatever the game wants me to click? That's stupid. 0/5 Stars.. I have been playing for about two to three years now and I like the game alot it takes a long time too get where I'm at but with a litte experience comes with a lot of fun .

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