Badoo – Meet new people! – the new app will help you show everyone they are near you and people you might meet in real life. No matter where you are at the moment, in the subway, at a fabulous party, or just on the bus, at any time, you can see who is passing you, and it is also relatively easy to contact. them. You ask, how can this happen, is it true, and what is it all about? You can see everyone in one app, find people you’ve passed, and you can start your exciting conversation right away. This is easy to do with the Android app Badoo and is entirely free. You should not wait too long; you need to download an exciting program, install it on your phone and start communicating for real.

Badoo MOD

Udah mulai sial nih aplikasi. Ada aja iklan. Smaa aja kaya yg laen. Duit mulu otaknya. I gave it 2 more stars than I otherwise would have thanks to one feature: preference filters. I was able to breeze through all of the profiles in my area with just a couple important deal-breakers. I could quickly find out that there was nobody on the app in my area who I would be interested in. That is amazing - it actually cares about your time. If you have a deal-breaker or two, this app lets you narrow things down and move on. Uninstalled.. Verify photo is busted, all that effort to set up a profile, upload pictures, deal with all the constant notifications and you can't verify. What's the point?? I've tried over half-a-dozen times; pose is exactly right, picture is exactly me, and it get rejected every time and won't let me use the app.. Doesn't loading anything for infinitive time quite often, very buggy, something wrong with servers. What a joke! Setting up account and you get blocked with poor explanation, after emails with the company they will not remove the block and after speaking to people I know on the app it's full of T&C breakers, scam bots and many more fakes! I would give zero stars if I could!. Constantly asked for cookies regardless of what you select, inn app says swipe right 50 times for your perfect match... 6 months later and haven't even gotten a hi that's a laugh. For months now I'm having trouble login to my Badoo account. Im not paying a dime for this stupid app to see who liked me clowns. It's been well over a month and nobody from support responded. I'm going to report you to PayPal and also for unfair trading practices. Enjoy the 10 you stole from me. Edit: it's been 6 months and nobody from support ever replied. No free messages Premium is not worth it Autorenew paypal preticked (pre ticked boxes aren't allowed in the EU) Years ago used to be good. Now it's just a money grabbing scam. 29Jun, still no reply, credits autorenew approaching fast. No other option but legal left. Can't do anything unless you pay for a membership then add coins to send messages. Stay away from this app. Really badly monitored. Mostly isntagram influentiores or people who are from out of the country (they actually say it on their profile and mods do nothing). Used to be good now it's just a cash grab. You get 5 likes and 5 chats. There was a time this place was good with real people. Now just scammers. WATCH OUT!.

Badoo APK

Since the update im struggling to connect and I can't exit. The app is good, but I'm having issues with my premium package, it is displaying Euro instead of naira. I'm a Nigerian and my currency is Naira.. Do not give your credit card or any banking details to this organization as they will continue to deduct monies from your bank account without your permission!. Badoo is really nice though it's by luck to meet serious people buh it's a nice app that's what i can say . Always get support free payment this sites for me to found my choice it's more better faster easier and safety most satisfied.. This App is just waste of time, I've decided to give another chance to this application: there are so many limitations, people have to pay for everything: it would've been smarter just to pay for a annual plan: like a 35 euro per year at least there would be a chance to chat with someone, upgrades and those limitations regarding the message with people need be reviewed and changed: I give you one star because there is no the option of zero. Lots of scammers lurkers bots fakes catfishers creeps ghosting not a good dating app. Hey badoo great Job saying people live in las vegas and than changing it immedialty to someone in a completely different state. Great way to make money off of people.. This app's tracking is unbelievable I've never seen any other app try to trace his user this much. Not only is it an expensive app they will sell your data. I use a blocker and there was 12 105 tracking attempts made by badoo within 3 minutes! Can you imagine this... Oh and now they have invasive adds playing videos out of nowhere. Absolute waste of time. Virtually impossible to message anyone without paying who isnt 20+ miles away, any one with the same age range or anyone who isnt 20+ stone!! Will then get desperate notifications from the app like, someone has uploaded a photo, once again they will be miles away, and why dont you carry on the conversation with such a person.... well there is no conversation as i sent one message and didnt get a reply, so what the f@@k am i ment to do? Have a conversation with myself!!.

Badoo APK

I gave this app nothing because they always block my account without reason . Please unblock me am beging so sorry for violeting the rules plsssssss. Please forgive me.Thanks.. Worst app ever everything you need to pay no free trial and even if u pay every1 is fake and most of then are hookers .. Nothing but fake profiles and ghetto people. You will match every day, yet you will have zero conversations with any human beings. Been using it for 4 months, probably had 50+ matches. Only 2 conversations ever had... Oh and the ads will automatically download apps and malware onto your phone. At least it's free, just wish it wasn't ran by AI and fake profiles.. I have tried chatting with women on here and the few I did chat with weren't even in the United States even though their profile said they were close to me. Very bad , I'm straight guy i search for girls then they turn to be Trans and i get harassed by them, why do you recommend me trans ? I'm straight why don't you respect me? Find a solution. Garbage. Deleted a photo of me wearing a Triumph shirt, my motorcycles brand, for being too close to the word Trump. Said it was inappropriate.. Profiles are real. Great experience when you can see who likes you. I am happy.. Sorry but these are scam artist...they definitely here to take ur money and make sure they keep taking profile doesn't even get messages anymore or views. no no becareful guys ....GOOGLE GET THESE THIEVES OFF YOUR PAGE!!.

Badoo APK

Totally a bad app. First time user you already need to spend money just to message or see who likes you.. Got blocked from badoo and didn't do anything to get blocked. Horrible app bad customer service. And nobody gave me a reason or warning ....nothing just blocked.. Muito bom app, permite usar sem problemas. Considero o mais democrtico desse tipo de App. Isto foi at resolver passar pra verso paga. No achei que vale a pena, j tive match antes de mostrar que tinha like, que era a maior vantagem que eu via na verso paga. Continua com esse negcio de 50 perfis visitados. Enfim...devia ter ficado contente com a free. Tambm no gostei dessa repetio de verificao das preferncias toda vez que abro o app. Tipo de coisa que podia pedir uma vez por ano. I've used bumble for months and thought hey maybe I should try this badoo app since it has millions of downloads. The app and 80% of the womens profiles are complete trash. I'm a moron for paying 1 week premium membership. It keeps showing the same girls over and over again. It even shows in the "nearby" section that these same girls are online and active 24/7 which is impossible. And why the hell are girls from Montreal showing up under the nearby section? These guys have the same trash as pof. Don't bother. People can delete their profiles then make a new one straight after. I have 1 person make 7 new profiles in one day after I blocked all of their profiles after being clear about not been Interested several times. People sent rude photo even if u say no.. It's basically girls from other countries who change their locations. Less locals. And if you do see a local, you'd have to pay to chat.. They keep charging me! I went to the app and deleted my subscription and removed my car AND IM BEING CHARGED 1.99 DAILY! SCAM I DONT EVEN USE OR HSVE THE APP ON MY PHONE IM DISPUTING ALL CHARGES. I was shocked to learn that Badoo continued to use my profile and made it to appear that I was online, even though i had deleted my account. Careful everyone, Badoo app uses your pictures and details and probably uses AI to automatically connect real people with fake accounts that it uses from deleted accounts to make it appear many are into using the app. Just as it fakes "Likes" when actually that person did not. Ask those you chatted if it's true they "Liked" you, and you'll get a No.. ADD LOCATION FILTER YOU TRASH. There are no real matches, just endless swiping and wasted time. They expire, ghost or unmatch after half a day or so. Why should I pay?. Please why is my badoo not allowing me to message saying internal error . What's happening kindly work on it.

The app is good and also the video watch are back but it's not yet stable. You need to fix it asap. A lot of ugly apps are made that are useless and always have a fee. Was locked out of my account because someone lied and wont let me log back in. Pure garbage it limits men as much as possible I even went to delete my profile and it gave me free premium but even with the temporary premium men still have to pay to start chats and that just a huge scam this is bottom of the barrel if giving me free premium was to entice me to keep using it all it did was show how much of a scam this is for guys. can't chat asks lot of info before more years its ok now its not. Not too bad, not many matches so far but easy to use and I like the profile choices.. the app is full of Indonesian women that has set their location to Europe. In general, the app isn't bad, but I didn't find anyone interesting in my region.. This is the most valuable testimony on this app. Better that 50% of the profiles are fake from either scammers or people outside the U.S. It is NOT free and it is ABSOLUTELY a complete waste of money! My recommendation is DO NOT waste your time if you are actually trying to date. HUGE waste of your time and resources.. I subscribed to this APP almost a decade ago but features of now are quite different from then You are required to pay for everything is worrisome. The app is free to download that's it. Messaged a few people and got a notification that they replied. At first I thought my phone was stupid until I watched one vanish and moved up to the ever secret who viewed you find out that's right pay for this. Giant scam to get money unless you want to pay I would not bother downloading.

Great app. It gets better daily. Make dark mode available in this app. It will be awesome . It is annoying every time you open the app it keep asking you to opt in or out of this privacy. No matter what you choice is it won't recognise it and keep asking for concent with unnecessary cookies. Too Bad !!. Massive influx of WhatsApp scammers on this App lately and all have had "verified" profiles. I reported them & Badoo did NOTHING. Too many men on this App, hardly any real females. Many men pretending to be females. MEN CANNOT GET PREGNANT! Etc. Overall a waste of time like the rest.. Rubbish app, cannot communicate with anyone and you have to pay extortionate prices for this privilege. App seems full of fake profiles and people promoting their onlyfans. I'm sure the creators of the app try and tempt you with bot accounts that are supposedly nearby. Stay well away and don't waste your money. If you have children over 15 delete this App. Because they are rulling your life. Total scam. I installed it for my first time and it doesn't allow you to play around too much for free. Most accounts are fake. Fake accounts Sending likes to push you purchase the app. So expensive. Most people in the app are not in your area but the app shows they are . Like other scam date app, just abusing your loneliness feeling too charge you. Never recommend. One of the worst dating apps you cold ever use, wouldn't recommend for my worst enemy !. I was treated like under 18 person due to mistake in my Facebook profile . I kinda hate this app cuz you kinda have to pay which is dumb. But I was talking to this girl she told me that she liked ended up lying to me and now she blocked me on every single app because she's scared to tell me why she did this.. Wow they just shrug you off when you put a complaint in just cos someone liked you don't mean you can see them so no point in dating or is it called blind date if you want to meet then you got to guess who it is. I have deleted this app cos it's cheap and dreadful. I've met ppl on here and they were both nice ladies there few dodgy ones but apart from that it's not bad site to be fair I found my baby girl and I love her all my heart. I hope all you people find love very soon xxx.

You can't rearrange photos when making a profile. Sometimes they go where you want and sometimes they completely switch around the order. I put in 3 valid photos of myself that were well within community guidelines and all three were removed because they did not meet guidelines. Wish i could use the app but the interface is so infuriating. it's help you to find real love, the person that will understand you. serious relationship. Making you pay to talk to who you match with sorry but 1 star. I shouldn't have to wait a few days for me to pay for a premium or plus. That sucks I don't want a month membership. Hey Badoo, you always rejected my payment with insuficient reason, while My credit was just fine..

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