NameBartender The Celebs Mix
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An excellent continuation of the well-known game. Bartender The Celebs Mix a continuation of an experimental bartender who will meet new heroes, as well as other characters. There is not even the slightest doubt that any person in their profession will grow and try to rise to new heights. It does not matter whether he will be a soldier or someone else; he dreams of becoming real gen. If you guessed, the story is about a simple bartender starting his career in the first part. He has already begun experimenting with different cocktails.

Most likely, in the second part, he showed a new talent and was invited to work in the most prestigious hotel in the city. A vari, ety of stars, celebrities, and even presidents stay here. But working with such people is difficult since they have complicated characters. Moreover, preparing such excellent cocktails is not easy, but you must try and do everything right. It remains only to prove yourself, your best qualities as a bartender, and other possibilities of your hero—excellent graphics, many exciting events, and everything else this fascinating story can give.

Bartender The Celebs Mix MOD

Bartender now is too hard and boring..i love the old version is just too fun and exciting to play with my family we had a lots of laugh when its easy to mix randomly and the bartender drink himself and give reaction so funny..i miss that OLD VERSION IS THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!the update is worst and boring!!!!!!bring my and all people happiness back!!!!!!. I played on PC when, I was 7 years old, good golden days.. I thought it would be as fun as beforehand but this just disappoint me to no end. Still remember that i first played the game in touch phone #oldmemories . i totally miss the old version cause that was more fun than this i really miss the old one.. This game isn't as fun as it used to be. I remember playing it a lot while I was a kid and I really enjoyed it. Why did every nostalgic game get ruined?. The military guy is funny when you do the right ingredients he showed the arm pit and there is hair in it . I would like it more if you add it more customers. Luckily i found this app i play it like im 5 or 6 yrs old its my childhood game. i miss this game pls update more this game is the best. I red the reviews so I Uninstalled the app but then I was like hm I'm not a follower I'm a leader so I re-downloaded the app and then played for a while and know I knke why everyone hates the app its cause it sucks.

Bartender The Celebs Mix APK

The game makes you reset if u did bad drinks and didn't know and if u don't have 2,000 u have like 1,458 they make u reset also it's hard 1-. To be honest I like the old bartender game more it's more fun then this game. I've done all levels enjoyable. I want more of this game please add some. Thank you. Kicked out before i can even start the game!!! 24/4/2022: downloaded the game again and still get kicked out before the game started . Hey guys do u know a game just like just u can choose one of the 3 ppl one is is normal one witch last one science guy or sum and u gotta make drinks for them with real ingredients u use for cookies and stuff?. Oh c'mon what happened to this game? It was even better when i was like 10 or below. Really fun game. Short but the clients reactions are very funny. Mine never crashed so, apparently, whatever the other reviews complained about has been fixed. Fix it pls it keep stopping when I will play it. Like most people that were disappointed I was hoping that it'll be like the original pc game that I used to play a lot. This game has a lot of ads and is very laggy and the game (In my opinion) is just very boring I was really disappointed. :(. I can not in this app becuse this app kicking me if i play.

Bartender The Celebs Mix APK

I hate it its just same reaction again when i played it again. I love playing this in the computer like this game was literally my fav when I was a kid!. Its so good its 5 star bc i made th3 guest died. This was my childhood game so im giving it a 5 star. I used to play this game when i was 7 or 8 i love it bec im glad i play it again. I really love thise give win i was a kid in playeng des tell I grow up. it won't let me even start the game, please fix this is my childhood game I miss it!. It doesn't crash! I was about to not download it bcs of the bad reviews but it works well!. Good game, you can make your own cocktail and share to people in this game. But if you make a bad cocktail, you can get jailed or licensed suspended. Goodluck. I love this game, it's nice!. I like when the princess turn to a bug and been slap really hard.

Bartender The Celebs Mix APK

you know when i was a kid,i used to think you were cool.... some one its dumb i like this game i played this on my bro's pc. Was looking forward to playing a childhood game but it crashed before i could even play it so one star. I love this game,Because when im just 8 years old i always play this app with my cousin,,Thank you for this app. I literally can't even play it says the game isn't responding. I loved this game and still do. I started playing when I was 6 and got so much nostalgia onec I saw it again. Thank you for this . Whenever I try to play the game, it keeps saying that "Bartender The Celebrity Mix has stopped working". I don't know why it does it, maybe it's a bug.. This Game is a full pack of laughter Love this Game ..

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