Boom Merge APK Mod 0.59.0 (Free Shopping)

Last update February 29, 2024

NameBoom Merge: Zoo Merge Town
Size737.84 Mb

Discover the secrets of this city of Animals—a colorful presentation of Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town, where many essential secrets are hidden. Use your magical powers to bring the big island back to normal. There was a time when this city prospered, and a wide variety of animals lived there. No one thought that something terrible could turn it into ruins.

All the creatures living here will work together to heal this land and ultimately break the terrible curse. It is necessary to choose the main character who can help them survive and restore the former possibilities of a vast city. You have to combine everything you want. Turn ordinary power into magic, objects into more perfect ones, and everything that will help save the town. This merger will not be simple at all but strategically correct.

Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town MOD

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS GAME!!!??? I HAVE TO UNLOCK EVERYTHING??? GGGGRRRRR.... STARTING REALLY DISLIKE WHAT IS GOING ON..... I really like the game and the graphics are great super colorful. But it keeps crashing out of nowhere. It sucks but it looks like I'm going to have to uninstall it.. I have played this game for well over a year faithfully and have issues with it I contacted the creators no avail I have received a resolution.. I've been playing for a while, and at first, I gave five stars. But I am changing it 3 stars, for about a week I have been getting glitches.. Such a fun game. I love building up my island and there are enough events to keep the game from being boring!!.

Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town APK

I keep giving this game a chance,and it keeps failing! It jumps to my home page, I didn't realize until I was playing the mahjong part, that when I got back it went down. Meaning, like with the mahjong, I was 2 game from the end prize, jumps to home page, returned to game and the mahjong was at game 36.. Fun game! I can play for a very long time without having to pay. I also like that the ads are optional.. I love the game, I'm addicted to it even to the point I am missing half the day just playing...and so I have now a massive problem of almost completing the full map and it stresses me out that I won't have any more content to play on :'v pls put more land thank u. edit: How do i leave the mahjong section....or is it all mahjong now?. Really addictive game but slower progress In the higher levels as required 3500+ power to open up new areas with merging animals which is expensive on coins/ diamonds and not fast enough build of them which requires spending money! Does take a while now to get through the levels, merge animals and get points to open more floor space, now I save my diamonds to get access to the 450 gems box every so often as I seem to get more animals this way to merge instead of a few at a time. It is addictive.

Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town APK

After the most recent update my iron storage has started glitching again. Even though I have the highest iron mine my storage only reads at 520 which is a huge difference from over 5000. This is 2ND time this has happened and I am feeling very frustrated.. I'm changing my review from 5 stars to a 2 because I put a lot of time and money in this game. Bought all the side islands and had my money and gemstones built up quit a bit well when they had the last update all my progress was erased. It went back to the very start. I contacted the developer and they won't replace or put back any of my progress. PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. Interesting and comforting When I downloaded the upgrade I lost all of my progress I'm not happy at all I don't think I'll be spending any more mile money on this game.. I'm so disappointed. I absolutely love this game, but every update increases the amount of space it takes up on my phone. I had to delete it from my phone because of that. I hope at some point you can streamline things so it doesn't require so much storage. I wish it was available for the computer..

Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town APK

I absolutely loved the game, but it crashes constantly, and when it does, you lose your progress, this is my 2nd time around, I totally started over after my first time playing, as I lost all the extra land I purchased, I was hoping this glitch had been fixed, but obviously it has not.. Please, please, please get rid of the lagging and sometimes the game exits when I watch an ad so that I can get the extra item for merging 5 - and when I go back in game progress was not saved. BUT other than that GREAT GAME Now the game keeps exiting, I cant play. I even reset it but nothing. I am very frustrated with this game I have put in a lot of work on this game and enjoyed it until it started freezing and shutting down and then I would lose everything I just earned. Have been dealing with this for months and have had enough ready to uninstall the game. I also cannot connect to Facebook so it doesn't save every thing I have done so I lost a lot of items because of it. NOT HAPPY WITH THIS GAME ANYMORE!!. This game is lots of fun, but I have a bit of a problem. I've gotten far into the game, and it keeps crashing on me. I force stop it to see if it helps, and sometimes it does, but then it crashes again. I don't want to Uninstall it because of my progress. Any tips? If this can be fixed, I'll give this game 5 stars. It's very fun, when I'm able to play it..

I have had many crashes, and loss of Gacha point and Gachas. I have reached out to the Game people and they have done nothing to rectify the situation. It is a free game, but I have purchased some things and it is frustrating when I dont get what I have paid for. I say dont waste your time in downloading this game.. Love the game. The only problem I am having is merging my Prophet past level 4. I have 14 of them but it won't merge to a new level. Help.. Edit:11/20/2022 this now makes the second time I've purchased 500 gems for .99 cents and didn't receive them. Edit 11/6/2022 I just purchased 500 gems for .99cents and never received them. I have 300 it should be 795 after my purchase. This is starting to get ridiculous. Also after watching videos It won't give me the things I watched the video for. Please fix these things. I honestly do enjoy the game but I will uninstall if this continues.. Easy to play and very easy to get addicted to playing. Very good game to pass the time. I do enjoy the game very much..

Since last update the game has been crashing a lot. I love this game but it's starting to get aggravating that the game goes black crashes and I have to reset and play again because I keep loose progress and money and diamonds. Please fix!. I give 5 stars the only issue I have is that you watch an ad for a reward and you actually watch the ad 2 or 3 times all the way through and you still don't get the reward but I love the game. Played this game so much then suddenly all my treasury went poof and reset by itself? What nonsense. I wouldn't mind having to purchase again if it wasnt for how the game was set. As you purchase a building the price would increase, so if I've bought so many increase my iron and money capacity, HOW THE HELL DO I RE-BUY IF IT WAS RESET TO THE MINIMUM. What kind of bug is this.. Update. Still having issues . When you watch a vid to get diamonds it says internet is not connected even though it is. It's lagging. I am going to have to give in and delete it I think because it has had issues for months now. And the ones before never got fixed. I love the game but recently it keeps closing out while I'm playing. I love this game.i hate to have to delete this game because of spent a lot of my actual money on it...but it has the most lag...glitches and bugs. It's awful..

Fun, entertaining game. Always something to do or explore. Loving the new events.. Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes merge games... Addictive And fun merge game! Was my first review along with a 5-star rating. Ive invested over 6 months worth of time to building my city and advancing in this merge game. Now it won't even load. It crashes and the app completely closes. If it ever does actually load it will crash the second you touch the screen. Its a shame because i really loved this game. I could handle it crashing every once in a while but now its so bad i cant even play the game at all and am being forced to unistall.. After the recent update, I can't build any camping tent, banks, and etc beyond assigned number (1~5). There's a clock saying it will refresh in 6 hours, but it's been a few days and the clock keeps resetting itself and still counting down for 6 hours. In other words, I can't build anything and I'm losing interest of playing. Please fix this issue. *** Thank you for fixing this issue promptly. I have updated the rating from 1 star to 5 stars.. I have to watch videos numerous times to get the bonus. The game keeps crashing . I love the game but I've been having these issues for some time already and it is frustrating.

Ok I Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. And yes its making me start over. I unistalled it again .. ever time you make up update, It ends up with more and more GLITCHES. I'M DONE WITH YOUR GAME !!!!. Love the aspect of being able to merge pretty much everything. Played for a few months now, love the events, the only problem is the amount of pop-up windows as you open the game, it often makes my devices lag to the point of forced closure of the app Edit - I can no longer open it without it closing itself. Please see to this issue . I love the game but i wish it would stop crashing ive gone so far in the game. The momentbinopen the game it loads all the offers than it crashes. Can this be fixed i know is not my tablet causebis newbi have enough memory.. When playing in one of the worlds, if you stop playing on one of the levels, you can come back and start fresh on that level. However, in the Black Gold City I've been stuck in the same level for weeks. Never resets and the items I need to complete the level can only be obtained if it resets since I accidentally got rid of the items. Also, have to watch videos twice in order to get the reward. Getting very frustrating..

Fantastic game it's a top favourite of mine but lately there seems to be a problem it keeps turning off I'm lucky if I manage 5minutes play before it goes off . It sometimes feels very sluggish hope this is just a glitch ive worked so hard don't want to delete it. Love the game, but I am getting to the stage of unistalling it. Every day when I try and play it it kicks me out, it constantly laggs and freezes the game. I can not even do the small games because of all the above mentioned problems. Plus I have not been able to harvest my farm stall for the last 3 weeks. Please sort out the problems.. Just recently downloaded, it was fine at first kinda just got to level 3 and it was a mission getting there, game keeps force closing its really frustrating I tried several things but it remUninstaller. Im uninstalling.. It has been fun to play BUT now it will not let me do anything. It's frustrating to put so much time into it and now have issues. HOW CAN IT GET FIXED???? Well, I had to start over. Lost land I bought. Getting a redo, is frustrating but I do enjoy playing..

Getting upset lately withthrE glitchers and won't let me enter under my name only as guest very disappointed. Getting a little better on the glitches Sept 30 Fri. the update glitches are getting better and wish they were more and longer (more levels. Love the game spent plenty of money but the game freeze's up horribly. I have installed this game several times and it continues to freeze please fix.. It'd be even more fun if I could get it to update. For an hour it finishes at 100% but can not play. was working great and I liked the game play. however, when I exited and came back later, it would get stuck on a part of the tutorial. it wouldn't let me click anything except touch the chest to unlock, but then it said no chests go on adventure. except it was just stuck. everything I'd touch it says please finish guide first. didnt let me do anything. forced closed and restarted a couple times, still nothing. it's unfortunate because I was enjoying it before..

I love playing this game, but I wish I could get more diamonds a little faster. Also it takes a long time to clear land, and get animals. Please make some changes.. Do not download this game. No cloud save only fb save. They're not planning for another save option. Game kicks you out randomly and you have to do all over again. Sometimes you even loose your progress. 2 months later still the same problems the game kicks you out before it even started. The devs just can't get it right. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! But now the game has massive issues. THE GAME IS COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE. IT CONSTANTLY CRASHES. I don't know what else to do I have contacted the support team but the issue has never been resolved. I unfortunately will be deleting it. Which is sad because it a magnificent game. The game opens but is unplayable.. Can you guys get your stuff together, every dang time you have a glitch with building duplication I end up losing half of the buildings I have. Mind you I have used gems and that's costing me money. This is the second time in less than a month get it together, please.

I really do like this game. However, my reasoning for the 3 is that it keeps crashing!! If I get the game going, it won't stay running for more than a couple of minutes before shutting down/off. VERY ANNOYING. Did clear the cache for the game...yes. Did I clear my device...yes. I'm a nerd. I know the usual things to do. None of it is working. Fix this bug please and thank you.. First off I love the game and the developers are quick to help when there is a problem. Sadly though since changing from iOS to Android the game is very slow to the point I have to give up playing. it was slow and froze on iOS but My Moby has more than enough ram 4gb and space to cope. So for now I will uninstall and check back from time to time. Game installed but won't play, tried several times to uninstall and install again no luck so had to uninstall, not happy!!!. It's crashing.. time after time l need to save it it's freaking annoying.. please fix it then I'll change my rating back to 5 star.

The game glitches very badly so I can not play the game for long. Pleas fix the plamem pleas thank you.. Game is fun to play but I have come across a glitch. I'm level 16 and my coin capacity is all of a sudden reverted to 100 and won't go back to the limit I did have.... I'm bringing it down from a five star even though I have a lot of time and even money into this game. They offer a lot of duplicate items if you just watching that. But if you click the ad in any way, even if it's an accident tried to pushed a little x, it completely closes down the game and you do not get the reward. Also when I very first joined they were doing a 7-Day sign in where you get a reward for signing in every day. I did that. Then the 30-day shows I have not ever been on the game.. I HATE THIS GAME!!!!! THIS MAKES ME WANT TO BREAK MY PHONE BECAUSE OF THE UPDATES I WISH I SKIPPED THE UPDATES BUT YOU MAKE ME ANGRY I WILL SUE THIS COMPANY IF THEY DON'T FIXED THE PROBLEM.

I absolutely love this game ! My other games have been getting more than a bit neglected in the past month & a half months since I began playing. Occasional glitches I've noticed usually right after an update, but I never get ripped off for any gifts or merges' cuz of it so no biggie to me. Highly recommend . I really wanted to give more stars but this game continues to lag and block out on me knocks me completely out of playing after about 15 mins. Please fix it I would love to continue playing. great overall game love all the little characters the only thing is the healing takes too long to get to the spots and takes way too long sometimes to clear it and also I have finished all 15 islands in the world map when will there be more. Loved the game at first but had to delete it as it kept freezing and go back to home page, it became impossible to play.

This is the 3rd time I've installed this game under different names, as other 2 always had problems, but this version is working fine. Fun game...

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