NameLove Story Craft
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An incredible love story awaits you in this game. Love Story Craft is coming up very soon, but you have so many plans, and they are all different. You can go to Paris, meet your boyfriend and your best friend. What could you do to make an incredible story go perfectly without problems?

Love Story Craft is a real dating simulator, but only for girls. You create an incredible love story for yourself, which should only end positively.

Immerse yourself in this incredibly fictional world littered with gorgeous boys. It is a pity that only one girl can become an actual princess, so you have to try hard for this. This love story will help you find a cool guy and only then create a real love story.

Get ready, and an exciting story awaits you; this is what you should prepare for. It is necessary to wear a beautiful dress, do great make-up and impress any boy. Meet the best guys and choose only one of them to make the story cool.

Love Story Craft MOD

this is a game from my childhood I loved it but I would no love and now I realize I was playing a dating game. U know why I don't give five stars coz this game is Oki but please for god sake add some more things like after marriage the couple have babies n then the babies grow n one more thing it's very bad thing that u can only kiss once...brh at lis add tht we can have kiss when ever we want please add please for god sake . I love this game but why can't the couple have a baby its kinda sad if you think about it their in love but can't have a baby . This app shall not be on the market And it's also not appropriate for the children. The main reason I give you 2 stars is because it's the dating app that's rated for children's up to age of 3 years old and that's not good there's also 0 moderation and people can get Rome because there's a lot of little kids that play this game So I suggest that you may get more family friendly or you update the rating to 13 plus or 16 plus is errated because it's on Play Store and another much kids are going. I like the atmosphere of the game and the potential. But one thing I think is a little ad about it is that it's too simaler to Minecraft. But putting that aside, it's a pretty decent game! Good job..

Love Story Craft APK

I allways see ad when i watch ad it disappears and i got nothing when i watch the whole ad what a dissapointment. I loved this game since I used to played this game in the old days, you did very amazing, so wonderful and amazing, I have been looking for this every day, but now I find it, people should download this game, well you deserve 5 stars, get a good work!. I love its z nice game but u watch ads to basics basically get all blocks and it romantic and stuff but its a bit boring there's nothing to do u have to watch ads to go on dates fix and add so more stuff to do I think u will get lesser and lesser players so FIX IT. Let you know that you have received i you can you please send us the best of my resume for your time you are interested and God you know if I could do a good time for the best you know if I could not find any info you can see that you have a good time for you and God you know that you are not filtered you are interested and I'll send me a good day please see the you tube channel no worries me ari nian aso Jn salamanca you are not filtered you have a great.

Love Story Craft APK

Terrible there's no logic in how you meet the girl and it's not romantic I also thought you could have a boyfriend and be a girl but . I can't. The game has small things to do and the person your in love with is irritating cause he/she always follows you like come on!. I like that! But l can't download that with my free up spaces l miss the game. I go to school soon. She's install but said me understood. It's the best I love it it's pretty cute and I gives you choices for the ads instead of just throwing them at you like get this get that.

Love Story Craft APK

I agree with everyone else it's like u get married for no reason u don't even have a phone and I like when it's like party craft there u have a phone u can make dumb friends wich is pretty weird like they even go through walls that's do dumb I hate watching ads for nothing and I want ads only for when we want them. add hotle pls and u can shower and take off your clothes for dressingsry to sound sexy lol... And add like u can..can sex!? Jkkk but if u Do tysm love the game. I deleted the game because it was boring ,why aren't any jobs to do or why isn't there any space to build houses there are no babies once you get married? Please fix this problem.. I really like this, I always download it first before the others, I like it so much.So can you do something else please?.

1 star because when I get on the game it logs me out straight away and it just glichins for my phone. this game i hate this game and all don't know buddy download this game because this is so unlucky is so ugly i don't like this game makasira sa cellphone mo i'm so angry lea ganda lea ganda rosa ashley hagen there is a.

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