NameCooking Battle

Create your dream team. Cooking Battle! is a very colorful and entertaining performance where you can take part in a real culinary battle.

It will be an epic battle on which a lot depends. Enjoy crazy fighting, and powerful collaboration to make things right and simple. Show all your opponents that you can do much more than they do. Show all your best skills, cook delicious food and earn experience points. Not each of us will be able to prove himself here in full, but you must try. You just need to try a little to complete certain tasks of this project.

Slice, chop, boil, fry, and collect colorful dishes from a wide variety of foods. You can absolutely do everything that is possible, so surprise your visitors and do something completely original. Soon you will become the fastest and most professional chef in this game world. You just need to hurry up to finish your preparation the very first. A colorful toy that will give you incredible pleasure, many entertaining stories, and the most delicious cooking.

Cooking Battle MOD

I can't even get past the first loading screen. This game has problems with connectivity. This is unfortunate because I used to love this game. i wanted to play this game againn :( 1M+ downloads yet y'all decided to shut it down .__. why.. why didn't y'all just leave it be so we can still play it. many people still wants to play this game... Please bring this game back this was one of the best games i have ever played, i was very addicted hope you can bring this back :((. I used to be an expert in this game. But now that I have a new phone, it is Samsung. I can't log in nor load in the game. Can you help me fix it?. I LOVE THIS GAME, PLEASE DO SOMETHING I WANNA PLAY IT AGAIN, UPDATE IT PLEASE I BEG YOU DEVELOPERS DO NOT PUT THIS GANE UNDER MAINTENANCE UPDATE IT I LOVE THIS GAME IDC JUST BRING IT BACK!!!!.

Cooking Battle APK

OMG, ITS BACK?!??! I THOUGHT ITS GONE FOREVER, I THOUGHT THIS GAME WILL BE DELETED FOREVER, THIS GAME WAS OUR FAVE W MY BFF, THIS WAS OUR TOP GAME OF ALL TIME, PLEASE DO GET THIS GAME BACK PLEASEEEEEEEEE, YOU ALL THOUGHT NO ONE LIKE THIS, BUT WE REALLY LOVE THIS, EVEN IF Y'ALL GONNA COMPARE THIS TO SOME OTHER GAMES BUT FOR ME AND MY BESTFRIEND THIS GAME IS SO GOAT, PLEASE BRING THIS GAME BACK, WE'RE BEGGING YOU.. IT WAS A FUN GAME! idk why now it seems like the game is not working anymore. i hope the game could be continued:( anyway, does anyone know any games that is similar to Cooking Battle!?. Please come back. This is one of the best games that I ever played. Even thought it has no updates Im okay with it. Just come back. I remember playing this game with my friends sad how it ended like this, i hope you bring this game back.... Please..

Cooking Battle APK

why when I want to play it always says failed to connect server why? I've tried to uninstall and reinstall but it's still the same please I've been playing since this game came out again.please tell me why it happens like this do i need vpn to connect??. why I cant play, it say always we lost connection with sakura academy, pls fix this I wanted to play this again. Developer, when you gonna come back. I really miss this game so much. I want to play this game. Nak sangat sangat main game ni. Inilah game yang paling best saya pernah main. Saya tak bosan main game ni. Tolonglah kembalikan game ini semula sudah hampir 1 Tahun lebih dah. Saya tetap tunggu kemunculan game ni.. I will miss cooking battle and I wish it comes back I will never forget dis game so much to play and no bugs and fun skins cute skins I will miss it a billion good bye cooking battle.

Cooking Battle APK

PLEASE BRING THIS GAME BACK I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME ...I LOVE PLAYING WITH MY FRIEND AND MY FAMILY PLEASE BRING THIS BACK ...PLEASEEEEE. I'm here saying goodbye to this game. I plan to play again this game but didn't expect that this game is already shutdown. The art, the gameplay, this game is one of a kind I hope that I can find similar game like this. In all multiplayer games I played. This is far most cutest to play that u cant even get angry even if u lost cuz only matters was the animation of the characters. Hope to see you again. It said "we lost our connection with sakura academy" and i cant play anymore i missed this game so much. This is Very relaxing,although i sometimes dont like story mode since, it can be annoying due to their conditions,but being it hard,the better! Although it always lag due to my old device (1~3 years old) but its alright, The skins are always very exlensive,but i understand, overall it's a good game..

For those who doesn't know the game isn't broken it's just the company of this game decided to closed the game and never reopened it since 2021... I played this app before, but I deleted it. And know I just figured out what this game was called, so I downloaded it again because it seemed so fun. Then when I downloaded it, it said "Unfortunately, we lost connections with Sakura Academy" What douse that mean?. The game is unplayable, it keeps telling me that it won't connect to the servers it has even if its on wifi or 4G.. it just keeps saying connect to the internet while i have a strong internet connection, would have loved to play this game again :((.

I couldn't connect to Sakura but I didn't know why I cleared my storage and checked my apps nothing works this was a terrible bug to fix for me. This game is actually so fun but idk what happened I can't go in the game they said I don't have connections but I actually do, so please fix this. This game is really cool, i really like this game, i realised that this game is worthy, and it's making me happy playing with my friends, i like how they made this game so many chefs, and other optionals !. Cool game i can play with my friends but i wish i can play with more of my friends not just one but more .

I hope this game comes back. IMO, this is better than Overcooked. You can personalize more your cute characters with accessories. The idea of having specialties as buffer makes this game way more interesting. Also, you can play alone and meet new friends online! Hoping this game will come back in the future.. oh my gosh. i really love your game. i played since it was released. i even bought the package. now i wanna play again, and install once again, but it appeared to not connected with my device. i stuck on the loading page with "Unfortunately, we lost connection with Sakura Academy.". Everytime I try to open the app it says we lost connection with Sakura academy i tried to connect and disconnect my wifi but it still happens :/. I played this game for almost 2 years, and i thank you for making this game exist. i was crying when you announced the game will be closed in june 10, 2022 which is my birthday as well. i loved this game, whenever i am stressed or sad this is what i play to pass time. Thank you! i hope you bring it back again but will full potential of succession..

I love this game, and I also miss it, I can't find any other game that is just like this.. I can't play the game in my Samsung Galaxy A71 i can download it but it doesn't let me play. THIS GAME WAS SO FUN AND ADDOCTING AND SO FUN TO PLAY WITV A FRIENDS PLZZZZ COME BACKK I MISS UUU. pls, comeback to us!!!!! i really love this:< February 18,2023 na oh, please balik kana huhu imy so much cooking battle!.

Game actually great for me, since I don't play mobile game so often like i used to, only when i didn't had anything else to do, therefore didn't really care about progression or anything. However after recent update, i never able to connect to the game. Everytime i boot it up it always said "Unfortunately, we lost connection with Sakura Academy".. Today all of sudden I remember this game. I search many keywords cooking battle, finger cook, cooking war but nothing that im looking for come out until I google multiplayer cooking game and found out this game already dead. I miss it. This is such a good game. It such a waste if you not relife this game mister developer. Its totally will became a hit again.. Keeps saying i lost connection with sakura academy and i realised this game does not appear on the play store of my phones secure folder . THIS IS A VERY GOOD GAME, MY COMFORT GAME WHEN I'M SAD. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK I AM SO DEPRESSED.

I really love this game I hope the developer will open this game again. I really want to play. T^T. DISCLAIMER : This game is not playable anymore. :( this game is okay but some characters feels so overpowered. Idk. Its really annoying and when my favourite character is not all that great (edward).. I have been playing this game for a year and it said u guys lost connection with a academi did it shut down?. I first time downlond the game and after that i feel boring with this game and i delete it and i forgot that i had a many skin in the game so i downlond back and i can't login, it always show we lost connection with Sakura Academy this because i rate it 1 outta 5 plz fix the bug i can't login it i lose my all skins then and i will become broke again plz i begging you plz fix the bug! :(.

This game was my favorite game of all time. It's sad to see it getting removed from play store since they are bankrupt. I would like to play this game once again in the future, thank you.. It was a good run. Hoping to see the restaurants open up again and getting to play the characters we loved. Many thanks for the team and company who created this game. I had lots of fun playing the game, I don't even remember if I finished the storyline but I'll be looking forward to whatever you guys cook up next. (-). PLSSS COMEBACK IM BEGGING YOU!!! MAGOSHHHH I'LL BROKEN THE WHOLE TIME IN MY LIFE IF THIS GAME WON'T EXIST AGAINNN. Just download the game but can't login into game, said that "Unfortunately, we lost connection with SAKURA ACADEMY" Can you fix the bug? I would love to play this game.

I very love this game I stopped playing for awhile but I continue again saw alot of updated . Very glad about it but 1-3 things I still quite don't understand why you dev team still not fixing first thing is the shards my neera Alrdy max but you keep giving the shards. Can't you guys just make how the shards can be recycle Bishes taking my money and shut down the game . I am obsessed with this game! However, I can't play it because it keeps telling me I have no internet connection but we do have fast connection at home. Please fix this. I miss playing this game. Hi, I played this game last February to march, and I missed your game so I downloaded it but it says that cannot connect to Sakura academy? Does the game has any errors or something? Because I do really miss to play this game. Help me please. Thankyou. Me and my sister used to love this game but that was along time ago now I downloaded it again but it said I can't connect to sakura academy and then I found out that I can't play it anymore I just wish you bring the game back couse I loved it ty.

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