NameDinoRobot Infinity
ReleaseFirstFox Games

Absolutely endless battle of real dinosaurs. Dino robot infinity will not just be dinosaurs, but real robots that will carry out all your orders. To begin with, you have to pick up a cool dinosaur and get ready for the craziest battles. Fight strong opponents, and decide not only your own fate but the fate of the whole world. No one can imagine how much you can do to get incredible pleasure. You can gradually improve your robot, turn it into a real beast and solve a bunch of important problems.

The most incredible fighting moves, the incredible capabilities of your robot, and everything that will help you feel the full reality of this adventure. Colorful special effects, unique features of the game project, and everything that can bring you incredible pleasure from crazy fights.

You will be able to visit this huge world, test your dinosaur robot and confidently move on. The beautiful game world, many possibilities for your robots, and interesting battles are nice to watch. It remains only to prepare and engage in a fight with the most powerful opponents.

DinoRobot Infinity MOD

This game is one of my all time favorites,but there should be more frequent updates feels boring once you go through all but still a great game also you should add back the deawkening animations before you added the transformation disks it could work like after you eject a disk and close the disk holder it shoud play the animation but if you put another while you ejected tge other one it would detransform and transform into the added also add Pteranodon im tryting to find it but could't. Missed thiss!! Please add more Dino Robots from General Mobilization to here, as well as add the skins and transformations of other Dino Robots with all their Custom Combiner Fusions all together, also add an old minigame from the old engine of Dino Robot Battlefield, Stegoceras Goalkeeper, and recreate all the Dino Robots from Dino Robot Battlefield as well, lastly to add all battle systems to every dino robot, that update would be so big and epic!. Hey, I've been returning to this game for nostalgia for years now, I've noticed some bugs. The art is good, the attacks are good, the lore is ehh.. Anyway, here are the things you should fix/add: Fix the bug where you open the transform menu and it just bugs your game out. Add more battles. Make more lore, for now it's really interesting. That's about it, I hope you see this (are there multiple ppl working or..?) and take some notes. Bye!.

DinoRobot Infinity APK

The game refuses to let me play with a skin, transform or merge on, it works with the original skin just fine but when I use the assemble thing it just stops, the X won't even work, please fix it, until then, 1 star. I love this game!!!There's dino bots I've never played before and the skins the transformation an awakening transformation!!!My favorite awakening transformations is Fire T-Rex because how cool he looks and ninja velcaraptor he looks edgy and have some strong attacks he can also swing his sword to block kunai's!! Next is Terminator T-Rex because it looks like Godzilla and for the last is Red T-Rex because I love dragons because they look super cool and it's powerful edit:not gonna lie I like all.

DinoRobot Infinity APK

Ok Soo what happened into production of this game and the games because I love this series but because I think we need a update I'm not the biggest fan of what you are doing right now also stop with combined system it's not very good put more effort into the system and pls MORE NEW DINO ROBOTS and the fun battles mode but you use it anymore. Five-star the only thing is that you have to add in ancient Godzilla because if you have a agent King Kong and a agent octopus you need to add an ancient Godzilla the game will be much fun it's already fun you just need to add an ancient Godzilla. (Thank you to the person who read this).

DinoRobot Infinity APK

In my opinion this is the best app ever keep up the work also can you add a dragon t_rex mix please thank you and thank you for this amazing app and maybe if you have time then make a fire mix with a random dino thank you fox company really (*DOWNLOAD NOW*). If there was a fight in the end of every story. And if it has more mini games, Dinosaurs, and story's. And if players could make they're own dinosaurs or combinations and have more combinations. And have dinosaurs have they're combinations from different game like t Rex highway or triceramus. And have a repair section from like repair spinosaurs game. That's my idea.

I love this game so much but I think their should be more robots and the terminator tyrano should have his vehicle mode. Please add more robots and give the terminator tyrano his vehicle mode but everything else about the game is perfect but please update the game..

Download ( V2.16.7 )

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