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Discord – chat for gamers; in this app, you can join discussions about games, projects, etc. You can write, arrange voice communication here, and learn many exciting things. You will be constantly in touch with the most advanced gamers, communicating with them through various channels and receiving important information. The best chance to chat with friends, see everything they play and see multiple chats. Read everything that you have missed at one time or another.

Voice chat is great as you can join various channels and chat with your friends. All messages will be broadcast in real-time, and you can always share multiple photos, videos, and images. Notifications will continuously pop up, and you can easily add your friends here.

Add your friends to the server, share your link, and send private messages. The program supports several servers where you manage the in-game chats; everything happens in one client. Use all the program features and get everything that allows you to move forward.

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UI takes a bit to get used to. Without the option to disable incoming video to save data this app is unusable for me. It really can't be that difficult ffs.. What i like about this app is because of the people using it is full of discipline especially when it is used with iron will.great motivational app of connecting with discipline people.. the app straight up doesn't open sometimes lol. installing and reinstalling fixed it the first time, but now it's happening again so i have to reinstall it again. the new ui is fine, but i have been using its beta for a while already so i got used to it. The stupid mobile app doesn't have the explore server button no matter how many times i reinstall it or update it. Very rarely do I leave app reviews, but holy moly, is this app terrible now. The Discord app used to work and was very functional. I use Discord constantly on PC, and I'd love to be able to use the app on my phone, too, but it's not even usable at this point. The app freezes constantly. Nearly all of the functions have issues now. Please, please fix this app so it's usable again. I don't care why they did what they've done but there's no point in even installing this app because you can't use it.

Discord APK

a predatory app that sells your data, and is somehow slower and laggier than high end games. just bad developer, compare app speed from now and 2018, night and Day. Ok so first of all, the new update made it almost impossible to navigate discord what so ever. Second of all, same thing. Third things last, change it back to what it once was.. I can talk to all my friends and also make new friends! Thanks for creating the app, it helps so much when you don't have a certain app that people usually message people on, like Snapchat instead I use discord! I love discord . I can't record my voice at all on voice messages, and when i hold the button down for more than ten seconds i have to close the app in order to regain function of being able to do anything on here- which really sucks because I used to love to send voice messages, but now that's pretty much impossible for me to do..

Discord APK

Security is poor and options for recovery worse still- lost my account of seven years and its logon email to a phishing scam on 16 October and Discord and despite my account having a linked phone, Support *refused to let me use the linked number because the request didn't come from the email, which I had stated in the support request had been compromised.* Beyond this, the fact that the Captcha requests and 2FA don't seem to work properly, it's amazing it took seven years for me to fall victim.. also coming here to say that the new update is absolutely horrendous. discord's layout was what made it so accesible to me vs other groupchat apps and now it's even more incomprehensible than those! i wonder if they'll charge to revert back to the old layout given how they and all app's make huge changes and make themselves and less and less accessible to make more and more money. it's really disheartening. some of the worst UI ive ever seen. fix your stuff.. I apologise to the devs for the low rating, I don't doubt that they worked hard on the new UI, but I think they're missing the point with the reply to other criticisms. We shouldn't need a help and info page to understand how to navigate the app. I didn't need that when I installed discord with the old UI, because it was intuitive. This new UI is not intuitive, and having a help page does not fix that.. New update removed the old classic grey theme of discord and replaced it with ugly black and white themes with multiple issues. But fortunately we can pay for nitro to have nice looking themes. :).

Discord APK

It helps me a lot I love this because it helps me a lot in studying / talking / connecting with friends to play the same game / making new friends. I haven't added my email in discord, so I was joining a community server so it popped up that you should have an email but I don't want to add email in discord so their was no exit their so I can do my other stuff in discord. I am still facing problam.Pls solve it.. After the update i gave it a one star but it turned out that 1 star is too high so 0.01 star. I love everything about this it's just a very fun app to talk to my friends in I appreciate it.

The new layout is AWFUL. I hate the new layout of this app, it's terrible and I think it should change back to the old layout. Please this actually sucks. Current Update is Bad. Idk what happened byt whenever I have video on Android (also latest update) it crashes just after a few minutes.. CHANGE THE DISCORD SUBSCRIPTION THING BACK TO THE OLD UI. IT WONT LET ME STOP PAYING CS GOOGLE PLAY IS HORRIBLE BRO. The new ui design is so bad. Please let the user pick what designs they use. Its really hard to adjust to the new design. Why do you make everything so big the text are big the logo are big they are not even good its like it made of a people that haveing a hard time to read small text. And the design is really not even efficient because you need click so much sht just to look at a msg..

I never usually do reviews. But with how often I use Discord for years now, this new UI is PAINFUL! Not intuitive at all. Way too complicated to navigate servers and channels. Not smooth at all. Discord has always had its bugs and always welcomed new updates to fix things and make the experience better.... but this redesign is probably the worst update I've seen since my time here in 2016. Please bring the former design back and make THAT better.. I have sended my problem on the site that you suggested. Please look into it. And fix it as soon as possible Thank you. I love this app I make friends on it and I also made my own gc I love it so much thank u discord . idk im confused with the update you did, I couldn't click anything once i got out from my partner's dms. when i restarted the app, nothing happens, im now stuck at the logo screen. do better..

This app was working fine for me for years and now it has issues, I never had these issue before that recent update... Edit: so far things seem to have been resolved, I hope this problem doesn't happen anymore. I changed my review.. The UI redesign on mobile is damn HORRIBLE, change it back! I am about to cancel my nitro and migrate to a new app, I understand a company wanting to innovate and improve on their product, but it's radical changes such as this a drive users away. If Discord even tries to do something like that on desktop, they're probably looking at a boycott... Reply to Discord team: Canned reply! How about your team count up us saying this, and you tell your dev team?? >.<. This thing is straight-up broken. I am just left on the booting up screen permanently. It's absolutely god-awful and now I can't even use the app since this new update email to change the u i that never needed to be changed. If it isn't broke don't fix it. Overall some really dumb decisions were made with this app recently and it made it horrible to use it crashes and freezes and that's even if you can open up the app and load it is most tired is stuck on the loading screen infinitely.. Latest features are too disappointing, app crashing then and there, I can't move freely like I was supposed to since the new features make it so hard to use..

I have nitro, you happily take payment from my self and seemingly thousands of others yet your application can't seem to get it's basic functions to work. When I get a phone call, I expect it to ring, not recieve a message notification or more often than not, no notification at all. Please fix Edit: reply to the developer! Crazy, I can't believe a restart and reinstall didn't work.. thank you, but nah.. Il think Il leave a negative review for you, the developer to act upon and fix.. I'd like it more if you could listen to audio files without downloading them, like how you can on PC.. I like the app. But I'm register or sign back it went from beginning. Please help me to bring my account marie09796.. Favorite app. Been using discord since 2015 and all that time it was rare to have any issues. Best platform to talk to your friends when doing anything really. You can run your business on discord, have meetings talk to multiple users at the same time. Amazing platform.

Manages to have bugs on every single update. Given that 90% of updates add irrelevant paywalled features. One recent W was the voice messages feature, which is a rare thing to see. Great app to find communities for literally everything, but the updates seem to be actively working to make it worse.. The login is soo annoying and outraging It asks for a really hard captcha test for forgot password and even to verify password And when we reset password It will say resource is limited I've been trying to login for more than a month I have tried reinstalling and restarting the device I even tried different devices. There is this weird bug when I open through a notification on Discord it only shows half of the screen, like I can't switch chats or servers because of it. I can't read new chats either because of it. I love discord and have been using it for a couple years now, I've met many people that now are my bestfriends. Now the highlight of my day is to get on discord and talk to those friends, I can't even get away from discord..

Bro this new UI sucks since I'm so used to swipe right to see everyone without having to tap the top, then accidently swiping to the right to a reply without wanting to do that gets annoying and the status is bad too, can't even manually cancel it anymore, it was so much faster that way. My account keeps getting deleted and everytime I try to long in it doesn't work plus I email them to delete all my accounts and there didn't. The jumping to the newest message all the time is annoying, fix it. I can't keep up with previous messages because it's always jumping to the newest ones in the chat.. Auto-scroll is rude! Never scroll away from what I'm looking at! Just STOP! When working with any AI site, this is incredibly irritating. My mantra, several times per hour "Never effing scroll! Never ever scroll! Just stop!" Also, clicking sometimes results it some high speed scroll to oblivion... STOP IT! Please, please, stop. Also, video playback hangs permanently allot. And, usually I can download a video faster than it will start playing. Like it takes ten seconds to START PLAYING a video..

hai Why is it that when I want to log in using my WA number, there's always an error like it can't, it often comes out on its own. Pro: - Free app that's great for communicating with friends; easily becomes an integral daily messaging solution Cons: - The development of the service unfortunately is becoming more subscription-centric, with many features paywalled and frequent reminders left and right that you're not a part of the club that can't be avoided - The terms of service also forbid modification of the Discord app or using alternatives, at risk of account termination. 2 Step Verification Has The Opposite Effect And Locks You Out Of Your Account. Too Bad The Codes Are Not Connected With Email. Lost Account Due To This. It's so bad, it's more complicated now than it has to be. The update ruined the entire thing. It's hard to find certain things, like the livestream option. Why is it so hidden now?? It took me 5 minutes to even find it. The new update, honestly sucks..

App works great, very good UI. My opinion would be to add more granularity to the pricing for the paid plans. If like to see a price per feature, as some I like to have while others I don't care about as much, and a pay per feature would be nice. Maybe that's just being picky, maybe not. Great software though.. I've gotten used to the new update (which, when you get used to, is actually a really good update), but for some reason, it won't let me buy nitro. I've uninstalled and re-installed the app, updated my payment methods, and canceled and redid it and it keeps saying there was an error. I don't know if it's a problem on my end, but I've tried to do as much as I could to retry it. Other than that, it's good :)). Edit: your response is bad. Your app is broken. CHAT DOESNT WORK I SWAPPED BACK TO OLD LAYOUT BUT IT STILL USES NEW VC CHAT LAYOUT ITS BROKEN!!!! Keyboard in the way of the typing box, and clicking a replied to message doesn't jump to the message, it closes the entire chat!!!!!!! FIX PLS. The UI omg, please for the love of everything that is holy revert this. It is impossible to use?? Who came up with this idea.

The app was great until you gave it that completely unecessary new update. It's extremely complicated and difficult to navigate the app now and I always get lost and confused and never know where to find anything. I'm begging you, please make it go back to as it originally was, or give us an option to go back to how it was at least. Edit: Thank you Discord for giving us the option to opt out!. Hello discord, here's a problem, for some dam reason I can't change my profile picture and can't change anything on my profile and nothing on my server profilesbut talking to my friends and having fun is the pro about this and etc. Fun and social, but need a lite version so my phone don't burn when am using it and light weight so I guess me more storage. The new update is terrible, The new GUI just feels so random and so out of place, not only that, each time I try to click on a picture and zoom in on it, it starts randomly flashing and then the screen just blacks out, I've never seen something as terrible as this before..

This app is fine, but I have an overall reason to give this a one star. The app doesn't give you the experience, it's the users, and the community.. You need to allow server owners to remove the temporary invite for members option while allowing them to still make permanent links. Otherwise we can't log who has invited someone, it's a huge safety risk. please update ASAP. also we cant organise and order emojis? why? by mobile we should be able to slide them like roles. please update this too. also is there a cooldown for adding emojis? I have a level 2 boosted server and could only add 47 emojis in one go, not impressed.. Great app for making group chat, voice chat for games, and overall having fun. As of recently, my rating has gone down due to the poor UI update.. Please swap the add attachments to the right side near the send button. KEEP the nitro to the left. Edit: has been fixed, updated stars.

I like discord but they're security is going down a lot. One of the problems is the developers have not blocked Google, Functional Software or Adjust from requesting user personal data. Everyday I get about 12-47 requests from the program when it idles. 15-36 pieces of personally identifiable information is requested which is not blocked. I like the app but may be removing it if these requests continue.. Latest update is a screw up. Seems Discord needs to be more mobile looking, so they redesign the entire application. The servers tab is congested to hell because apparently it was a good idea to take the hundreds of different gears that make up a server and shove it into a tiny matchbox, then they slapped navigation between servers right on top of it. Then they necromance all your closed DMs and plaster the people you DO NOT talk to anymore across the top of your DMs like pinned favorites. AWFUL. A bot is likely gonna respond to this, but regardless, I speak to y'all. The recent update made the app so unoptimized that I cannot use it.. can we pls bring back (or have it as a setting) the option to go nack to the last message you had seen last time on a channel?.

Came to leave a 1 star for the UI. You had a neat, efficient, and working system and decided to replace it with nonsense. It's an absurd choice, I pray this isn't permanent. It won't let me leave the beta: i truly dislike the layout changes, and I 'left' the beta on the playstore, but no matter how much I delete and re install the app I still get the red text saying that i 'still have the beta update and need to delete and reinstall the app.' Until this is fixed, i will leave this review up.. I tried logging in after I logged out I can't kept showing me that my number is already being used in the same phone I have contacted support no help I tried contacting no solution up till date it says the same thing . Latest update has my discord crashing every time I try to share something onto my servers, shambolic and needs rectifying..

Tried to call my friend and the audio won't go through my headphones it's playing out of the speaker I've reconnected my headphones called a few times on different calls reinstalled discord idk why and it's very annoying I've reopened the app pls fix this fast. Worked fine until most recent update. The UI before was easy to read and similar to the PC setup. However now the app won't even open without crashing and the few tjmes it actually opens the new UI feels clunky and unintuitive.. perfect chating app the voice chat even gived us an edge in mmo rts and mmo fps games since my freinds and i are alwase in touch even when the games dont have chats but there is morr than just game groups so explore and enjoy the gift.. Its not bad but sometimes has connection issues. Good for gaming announcements for faction group. Needs more work on bots useable for the servers as they are confusing..

Aweful ui now and I don't like how cooperations are getting official servers that are run by just regular moderators not paid employees of that specific company.. When I watch my friend stream his game to me it get extremely blurry and loses all colors please find a fix a for this. Redesign is broken in multiple ways. Can't view your pings, search doesn't work like it does on desktop. Nothing was broken before either, not sure what this is trying to solve.. Every time you update this app, I get a sense of dread, like a black hole in the pit of my stomach. Because every single time, you just make it worse. Whoever is making the decisions about updates needs to be fired and blacklisted from ever working in the industry again. If I could give a negative number of stars, I would..

This sucks. Just got discord to find out this ultra rare error kept popping up not letting Me sign in. It wasn't the best app. I seriously had mental breakdowns because of it. It may be good for you but not for me..

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