Marvel Contest of Champions Mod 37.2.2 (Unlimited Units/Money)

Category Action
Size 1.5G
Version 37.2.2
Update: 28/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Marvel Contest of Champions – the most exciting and high quality fighting game released in recent years, made in the Marvel universe. All the superheroes are so familiar to you for a long time, they come straight from the pages of Marvel – famous throughout planet Earth for its good, attractive comics and very worthy superheroes. mind.


Game Tips and Tutorials

First of all in the battle of the champions you will have to complete a short tutorial in which you have to control Thor the Thunderer. The enemy in this battle will be the incredible Hulk. You will discover that the most common attack is done by clicking on the right side of the screen, medium intensity attack by swiping sideways and strong attack by holding your finger again on the right half of the screen.


Block is a finger holding only the left half. To use supernatural abilities in battle, it is necessary to reach the bottom of the screen in the bottom half, after which the selected character can attack the enemy with his signature attack. The game will be divided into several rounds.

In each round, you will face the most colorful heroes in the Marvel series, such as the first two superheroes, Hulk and Tony Stark in the person of Iron Man. By winning skirmishes, you’ll earn in-game currency needed to improve your superhero’s internal traits, as well as experience that affects fee increases your. There are a lot of heroes in the Marvel Battle of Champions project, but without the in-game currency available, it would be impossible to unlock each hero, let alone pump them up to the max.


Cool Features of Marvel Contest of Champions

Each warrior will have their own secret attacks and abilities. In the game you will need to assemble your own unique team of elite warriors, which can include not only the most active and kind heroes, but also the evil characters of this universe. Unite the most powerful warriors under your wing, train, teach new abilities, train yourself and fight together against the most cunning and cunning villain of this universe.

  • Ability to play as any hero from the Marvel universe.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Non-standard abilities that each character possesses.
  • Great graphics in the style of Marvel comics.


Overall, the game turns out to be fun and unpredictable, and the amazing variety of story missions will surprise you with its elaborateness. I was amazed by the hologram with lots of bright special effects and unobtrusive animation, detailed moving characters, and all the supernatural effects not to be missed by an expensive movie.

Music also has its place, however, due to the occasional blow, it blends into a noise. If you’ve played Project Injustice, you’ll definitely love Marvel Conquest Of Champions, as the gameplay, movement mechanics, and other features have been taken over from the big brother in the genre.