Pixel Car Racer Mod 1.2.0 (Unlimited Money/Crates)

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Pixel Car Racer is a game with pixel graphics, convenient controls, and exciting missions that promote self-awareness. Every speed fanatic dreams of new records on the track, although resources and chances of winning are often limited.

Pixel Car Racer

With the advent of an exciting game dedicated not only to competition but also to the implementation of design ideas, creating a powerful supercar will only be a matter of time. Owners of mobile devices will have a rich and varied arsenal of tools, with which you can win the most difficult and dynamic races.

Basic gameplay

The first thing to do in the game is to build a garage. Then you can start working directly with different machines. Over time, you will create a workshop for the cars of your dreams. To make the plan, you will have everything you need: 50 brands of fashionable cars, as well as more than a thousand necessary parts and accessories for them.

Pixel Car Racer

All this will be in your hands. After you work on the machine, you can use it in business. Several modes are available for the game in which you can show all your skills and skills. On the track, all the subtleties of work emerge engine tuning, a precise selection of parts, and quality workshop work.

Pixel Car Racer

The best features of Pixel Car Racer

Pixel Car Racer offers to take on the duties of an automotive mechanical and design engineer, whose talents and abilities will help deal with any engineering challenge. In the game, you can repair and tune the presented cars, create new ones, improve the basic characteristics and perform diagnostics. The most interesting thing will be the process of testing your creations on the track: the track will allow you to determine how accurate the changes are.

Pixel Car Racer

The mod will open access to various parts and tools to make the job of a car mechanic as efficient as possible. In this game, gamers are given complete freedom of action, so the fight to win will bring a lot of fun. To become the best racer with unparalleled abilities, whose idea is to help conquer the racetracks, is the great goal of every participant.