Pixel Starships Mod 0.993.5 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Upgrade)

Category Strategy
Size 96M
Version 0.993.5
Update: 21/01/2023
Install Original android iphone steam

Pixel Starships will appeal to many gamers due to its flexible mechanics and several modes, the interweaving of popular genres, including strategy, role-playing and puzzle with quest hints.


The user will have to develop and build all sorts of starships that lie at the heart of the game dynamics. After being endowed with the ship with weapons, the ability to transport large quantities of cargo, passengers and raw materials, the user will try to earn money and upgrade his projects.

pixel-starships-apk-latest version

Graphics and Gameplay

Start playing and try to build an acceptable battleship. Go into space and fight in turn-based battles against online users from around the world. Get the title in case of victory, fly away from the battlefield if you feel the military superiority of your opponent.


Pixel Starships offers a lot of compartments for players to build and modify, a lot of armor and weapon developments, a variety of research branches, mercenaries, the ability to conduct politics, organization clan organizations and alliances as well as wars between races.

Features of Pixel Starships

Try to attack enemy planets that have placed here vast complexes to mine useful diamonds and enriched ores. Use rare minerals and technological chips to develop engine elements imbued with superpowers, powerful long-range plasma weapons, diamond and jade armor, wide wings, and projectiles.


Do not forget about the mod that earns a lot of money, thanks to which you can quickly achieve high achievements, organize a powerful battle team, buy the best ammunition and high-tech weapons. Attack and defend the base, discover many strange technologies, try to side with different races and factions, each of which has its own pros and cons.