NameEscape Logan Estate
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You will have to escape from a terrible place. Escape Logan Estate can test all the possibilities of these most challenging puzzles for yourself. An excellent game world with a unique design and everything else will help you feel the whole reality. You have to go through all three outstanding chapters, so it’s worth preparing for this. Chapter one will be completely free, and you will be able to immerse yourself in an exciting musical accompaniment and this game.

After that very trip, your family falls apart. You can play as three members of a large family to find all the pieces of a vast puzzle. Try to reveal all the secrets of a rather gloomy estate. Most likely, it may seem that you do not have enough strength to go through this adventure. You can just run away from problems or start this game. The game will be able to impress any player, as it has a friendly interface and unique features which will draw you in for a long time. If you pass the first chapter, it will become much more exciting and informative. You need to feel all the subtleties of the project and go through it to the very logical end.

Escape Logan Estate MOD

Bugged out on the very first section in bedroom can click on draws and take note bit nothing else works can't click on anything else.. Another "escape" game that provides you with nothing to go on. You stumble around until you find the things you need and then you have to stumble around to find where they go. There isn't any clues or anything. On top of that, their "hint" system is horrible.. I can't even get past the first door for when we arrive in the house. The arrow is just faded and not available to click. I recently got the Google Play Pass, and this has been happening. I tried to install it and unistalling it, I've tried waiting a couple of days, but the game won't even work for me. :(. Unable to leave the bedroom after speaking with wife at the beginning of Act 1 chapter 2. Tried reinstalling with same issue. The arrow to leave the room is grayed out. Cannot proceed with the game which sucks because I was enjoying it.. I really like the art style and even the storyline a bit but the whole thing was all together mid. And puzzles very unclear. And the fox and spirit is unexplained.

Escape Logan Estate APK

it great puzzle game in my eyes but its been year since the last update and im am still waiting for chapter 5 to find out what that mask thing is this story is not finished. Yeah no this doesn't work for me stuck on chapter 1 for 45 minutes so I wish to pick another game on my plan pass not this one. Mildly interesting story, very simple and only slightly challenging puzzles, quite short all in all. For someone looking for a simplistic escape room adventure style game laid out in bite-sized pieces, this would be a great game. I don't personally think it's worth paying for, but if you have Play Pass, it can be worth a play through.. While the game looks very much like an adventure game but it doesnt feel explorative. The story is well written and gets interesting near the end cept goes completely nowhere but the style looks great like something you'd watch in a movie. Only thing is the gameplay feels very linear, no looking around and getting info that may not matter (which is everything in a point n click), all doors are locked or unavailable (even a bathroom), everything is by the numbers.

Escape Logan Estate APK

Theres not really a tutorial, has a skip on dialogue but not puzzles. The puzzles are just bad. Especially when repeated! The graphics poor and so is the control. The story doesn't make much sense either and after finishing one part i kept being returned to the main menu and having to press continue. That was annoying. I tried it on playpass and im refusing to finish it. I don't like the puzzles on this part and your hint system is a joke. Cheap cash grab. I don't recommend this "game".. It has an interesting plot but the certain level resets itself every time I open the game again. It don't sync with Google Play Games at all.. Game is fun but when I try to purchase scene 4 it says I own it already, but I don't. It has a big lock on it. I would like to complete the game.. REALLY AMAZING GAME!! PUZZLES ARE ON POINT!!!! A DEF PLAY IN MY BOOK!!! ONLY THING IS THAT THE ENDING IS WIDE OPEN SO THAT CAN BE EITHER GOOD OR BAD DEPENDING ON WHAT U WANT!!!.

Escape Logan Estate APK

Very interesting story, confusing story though and the ending was not an end, horrible. Puzzles were enjoyable but hint system was awful. No save so when I left the game I had to replay an act which is super annoying. Could've been good if they'd actually finished the storyline. Would not pay $$ for this, lasted like 1 hrs altogether with no satisfaction at the end. Got with play pass.. Played in Texas prison but it only had chapter 1sucks that you have to pay to play the other chapters.. Tedious. Bizarre storyline of totally unlikable and dysfunctional family. No idea what the point of the story is. Why did I kill an innocent Fox? Just terrible.. Enjoyed the puzzles and the atmosphere. Parts of the story made sense but the main mystery was never explained, which took away from the overall plot..

Its was so fun and challenging, but the game hasn't have a save button. I wish there was chapter 5, if so ill be waiting:). I pay for the full game... the art styles are good and I like the story line so far. But, I can't get past chapter two. When you have to go make luke the pancakes it doesn't let me put the flour into the bowl. It's very disappointing, I have been enjoying the game so far. I guess I should have read through the review first I do hope this problem will be fixed so I can play it in the future and make poor luke his pancakes.. Chapter 2 act 1 is bugged. I can't leave the room. The little arrow in the left is white gray and not clickable. The Sam puzzle with the rotating colour locks needs a colour blind mode or a different set of colours or the ability to zoom in on the clues cause i cant tell the shades apart with my colour blindness..

Fun game. Great puzzles. But it feels incomplete. There are hints (and a puzzle) in the last chapter that never get used. There are setups in the story that never get explored. It feels like there is more to the game, then it just ends.. It's an amazing game, I just wish I didn't have to pay for the rest of the chapters. I couldn't buy them, so I watched the walkthrough scenes. But overall even if it was just the first chapter, I loved it!. What the... first off, very strange story plot. I have no idea what the creature in the forest has to do with any of it. Secondly, the riddles were just meh. I regret downloading this game because of the time I wasted.. This is a demo app, that you can play 1 chapter (3 acts) for free The puzzles are not too hard, but each acts are short.

I want to like this game but man it's frustrating. Toward the end there is a stupid tree "puzzle" that is infuriating. Even with a walkthrough it wouldn't work. It's also super sad and doesn't really make sense. Mystery is good but without pretty much any answer it gets annoying.. Nice artwork but first scene in I can't figure out what to do. Already clicked all the points of interest and the link for the walkthrough plays an ad and then nothing happens.. One of the best from SnapBreak. There's one MASSIVE issue (I would have given fives stars otherwise), namely each "episode" has to be completed. There's no way to save the game, except for when a chapter or episode ends. This is a major drawback, because you're stuck, you can't take a break and come back to it later.. can't play act two bc it won't let me leave the bedroom, i saw the bug mentioned in the other reviews and thought it would be fixed by now but it's not in case anyone's wondering.

Yooo!!! I've played all chapters and acts and I am just speechless! I got goosebumps while playing chapter 4 act 3. The storyline is amazing please release a chapter five soon! I really want to know who this forest (guardian?) entity is and if he is seeking revenge for what happened to the sacred tree! Really recommend this game 10/10 ^^ (Just a warning though puzzles can be a little confusing so you have to use your brain meats to understand the ones that don't outright tell you what to do!). If you play this game do not buy tbe full game as the devs dont seem to offer refunds and the second chapter is absolutely broken. I really like this game . Encountered zero bugs. Really enjoyable intuitive puzzles. Great storyline. Don't understand the negative reviews loved it.. Doesnt blow your brain cells, nice and easy. Good graphics. Its not that short, but wanted more levels because I was enjoying it!.

I really liked this game alot. I wonder why they haven't made another one like it. Don't care for any of the other games they make.. Waste of time trying to get all achievements. Finished everything. Met all requirements. Still have 2/7 achievents and refuses to update/refresh them.. I was enjoying it, but not being able to save part way through a chapter is really annoying. Also, i literally can't finish it, chapter 2 act 1 is glitched, and it doesn't show the door as a point of interest, I can't even click on it. I thought i was doing something wrong, the walkthrough shows i should be able to leave the room, but i cant.. This game stinks. Story makes no sense. Downloaded repeatedly to get past first chapter bug only to get short shooting scene then asked for money. Like I would pay for this?!!.

Awful buggy game wanted to really like it, looks promising but when you can't even move on from the first scene it's a no go for me, don't waste any money or time in this until its fixed. And devs you shouldn't be charging people to beta test your software! That's what this really is!. Really great game, although I can only play the first chapter since the others cost money, I would really like to get the next chapters. Very short for just 1 chapter, really amazing!. It honestly seems like a great game, but I cannot play past chapter 2 act 1. It seems that the button to get out of the room does not work, preventimg me from moving forward.. Im actually really enjoying the first chapter. Unfortunately i seem to have encountered a bug in the very beginning of chapter 2. I cant leave the bedroom, no matter how many times i try..

BROKEN! PUZZLES STOP WORKING. With correct entry on cellar door it does not take. Too bad. I was enjoying my first 10 minutes.. Started good but crashed after a few minutes. Would not continue. Just a dark screen with music after I was caught going into a room.. I'm sad it won't work, got to the kids room in the beginning and found the paper in the drawer and the arrow to leave is gray. All my other games work fine. So sad.. This is what happens when to much time is spent on art and not enough on testing. There are multiple small bugs in the game from wrongly sized hit boxes, forest puzzle resetting, to the walk-through link not working. The story and art are not enough to carry it through when parts just don't work right..

Well so far I like it. Big devs!! My only complaint is the fact it won't sign me in to Google Play, so any progress I make is lost and I have to do almost everything all over again. Please help me with this... Thank you!. First of all, game worked just fine, had zero bugs or crashes. Loved the art style, liked the story and how it went full circle but it felt like something was missing, as if it lacked something. Some puzzles were nice, some just made no sense to me, and others were simply irritating (like the torch path with the wet wood, that was terrible).. People have repeatedly stated that the game freezes after unlocking basement door. I have tried on a tablet and phone. It still happens on both devices.. This is a stupid excuse for a game. Obviously not working & developers not even trying 2 fix it. Screen goes black after the first puzzle basically. DON'T bother to download anyone who reads these reviews. DON'T get your hopes up of a maybe decent game to play. DON'T think your download of the game should be any different to us other gamers who tried (that's what I origanally thought) and failed. So very disappointed especially given how I normally really enjoy their games .

I have tried to play this game atleast 6 times and each time i can only get to complete the second puzzle the door to the basement and after the grandpa repremands the boy for going in the basement my screen goes black and nothing else happens. I am extremely disappointed. I love snapbreak games but this one not working has ruined it for me.. The game crashes after you open the first locked door and the grandpa catches you. My screen goes black and it freezes up.. Fix your game. Hundreds of people have the same comment about completing the locked door and experiencing nothing but a black screen and you ignore it. Sounds good champ!!!. Looks like it would have been good but after the first section with the paper puzzle and the closet under the stairs the game went black and refused to load over and over..

Can't get past the door under the stairs. Just a black screen. Soooo many others with this issue so why no fix?. Good graphics, so far interesting story line. Downfall. To continue past chapter 1. You have to pay for the rest.. over $3 each or "bundle" for just under $7. It is not worth it. The first chapter is short and deffinately not with paying for specially if the next chapters are just short. Uninstalled.. Couldn't get past Chapter 1 Act 1 which was disappointing. I unlocked the door but after the cutscene I just got a black screen. I stopped trying when I saw that others were having the same problem.. It'd be higher rated if you could actually get past finding the first thing in thr bedroom. Like it's the first dang level after the tutorial and it's not working.

Good looking with an almost engaging story but ultimately a pretty weak puzzle game. Puzzles are either too easy or make no sense and the length of the chapters definitely aren't worth the $2 each. I'd recommend skipping this Rusty Lake knockoff. I wish there was 0 star button. The game completely freezes after getting caught entering the door under the stairs by grandpa. Seems im not the only one with this issue either, so I can honestly say it isn't a phone issue this time. Looks as if you don't pay too much attention to the reviews on this one as this seems to be an on going issue for quite some time. Maybe if this bug is fixed, I will try it again in the future, but for now... Uninstalled.. Looks like a good game but unable to leave the room in act 1 the arrow is grayed out. Also had issues reopening the game. What a shame.. HELP!!! Grandpa caught me dialog, dialog then it went black. I tried to restart the game multiple times the audio is playing but still screen is black .

Seemed liked a great game but after getting access to the door under the stairs and being caught my screen went black. It's the good and a maisin i like it very very very very very very very very very good game it so interfere and so sgerd and we can play with famli and one play and can play every one to play about this game to get go to grand pa and se one tings not god and sgerd and tow ged not sgerd and helped to seve to grand pa but the boy go and can't see that but the family go to fine that its soo god but sad and steering wheel is the god game im say play this game is so so so so so so so so so goodd. Super bummed, can not play as the scene goes black as soon as grandpa catches you in act 1. Reloading the game and starting over multiple times did not fix this. Uninstalling game now.. Game seemed interesting but as soon as grandpa caught me in chapter 1 the screen went black and reloading the game several times did not fix this. Unplayable error. Fix this, devs..

Sorry guys. I usually love your games but you missed the mark with this one. Graphics are ok at best. I play your games regularly. In fact you're one of my favorites. The game is hard to understand even with the hints. It doesn't work. No flow to it. Better luck next time.. You have to BUY acts 2 & 3. That's fine though, it's a clever strategy to get people to spend money. But the storyline doesn't make sense. Is there going to be an update with another act? It doesn't make sense. If ANYONE understands what's happening, please, I beg of you, tell me.. Its overall a good game, but its anoying that you have to pay for each chapter and that there is not an actual hint/tips system, only a walkthough and something that can tell you what items you can interact with for 60 seconds (1 minute). Like i said in the beginning, its a good game, but it has some anoying flaws.. Peu de choses dire sur les graphismes satisfaisants et la mcanique de jeu peu originale mais efficace. L'histoire a du potentiel mais n'est pas assez dveloppe, on reste dans le doute la fin du jeu. Les questions persistent, notamment sur l'identit et le rle du monstre des bois, dont on peut questionner l'utilit. Un norme point ngatif, que je tiens soulever, est l'acht des chapitres aprs le chapitre 1 sur un jeu incomplet..

This game is great to be honest I also got a little lost but then figured it out but I do understand paying for more chapters and stuff I rated it 4 stars because it still has some growth and potential good work!. I was enjoying it, but the story stopped so suddenly. I felt like I did all this stuff for nothing. Also, cannot get passed the locked box in the treehouse in chapter 4 - no idea what to do and regret purchasing.. I got stuck less than an hour in and the tutorial crashed repeatedly when I tried to use it. It also doesn't save your progress when you close it, aside from what chapter you're on.. This is game cannot be completed on chapter 4 act 2, the 3rd gate puzzle is to complicated and the walkthrough doesn't help what so ever..

I think its a wonderful game unlike some comments, I do think their could be indicators for clickable things, but then again, it won't be as rewarding! Yes the other chapters are for money, but I mean, how else are they going to get paid other than ads? So overall, it was a nice game . Well I got a bit stuck, so I watched an advert for the walkthrough which turned out to be a 5 min video of a completely black screen. Well done guys! PS dont bother with this game, unless you're prepared to pay for it. Only the first chapter is free..

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