NameEternal Cannon

Pretty nice strategy. Download Eternal Cannon for Android, you have to do very serious things to protect your own farm from the forces of evil.

Some strange creatures decided to conquer our good world, so we must use all possible methods to destroy them. Install a cannon, try to destroy everyone who appears on your field. The camera itself is on top, there are pumping options, so all this makes the gameplay much easier. The enemy will attack from all sides, so it is your weapons that can stop them. Try to run full-scale operations, upgrade your heroes, and also get bonuses to do something more substantial.

There will be plenty of bonuses, with each special occasion having its own. You just need to carefully defend your own interests, destroy heaps of enemies, and also help humanity in freeing the world from various creatures. Pick up a good arsenal of weapons for yourself, find all the weak points of your opponents, and hold out much longer. Some guns fire automatically, which means you just have to set them up correctly, and then they will do their job well.

Eternal Cannon MOD

So far it's a decent mobile game. I'll update when I find out if I'm going to be bombarded with adverts or not.. None of the ads will load and it looks like it isn't going to be fixed. Too bad because it looks like a unique take on these "endless" type games EDIT: it's been a while so I thought I'd come back and check and so little cannon is firing on alllll cylinders . Nice game. My only problem is the upgrades offered after prestige. Man they are so worthless. I mean 75% worthless. Its not worth it to prestige.. This game is very good, only ruined by the low framerate. It plays at like 5-10 fps and I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S20+ so it must be intentional.. Great game really fun as well as the other games made by the game devs well made guys and keep up the great work on all of your games.

Eternal Cannon APK

So far so lol... No forced ads and a fun concept (so far) liking it so far Devs, hope it continues. 4/5, because after a couple days, the game becomes boring. The advancement speed is perfect. What this game needs is more content.. Nest little time killer and thats all you can really ask for these days. No annoying amount of ads either.. The game is brilliant to play its addictive the graphics, design, game play all are great. The only issue i have is that when you need to upgrade everything is far to expensive i noticed this when i first started the game that's the only reason I have rated it 3 at the moment.

Eternal Cannon APK

I really like this game! I have been playing it for a couple days and cant put it down! I would deff suggest playing. good with 2 big flaws. every time I return to the game, the cannon tergeting breaks and the prestige upgrades take WAY too long to actually get their effect. either make them a lot faster or make these blue diamonds a lot easier to obtain. Not bad at all, a couple improvements and you have a 5 star game. Firstly, after a prestige the time to get back to your play levels takes forever. It's way too long. Second, the on screen ad for gift package is very annoying. It never leaves and circles around constantly on the screen. Please make it so we can tap it away.. It won't let me play it but I have played it before so I know it's fun. Can you please fix it so I can play it again? I know it's a fun game so I want to play it again please. I also tried to restart but it still didn't work..

Eternal Cannon APK

Doesn't load. Aside from that, interface is chunky. Using the date picker felt like I travelled back in time to the 90's. It's so archaic. Why not stick to the native OS, it would look better and operate even smoother.. Fun to play when you have not much else. Lacks a bit of diversity and needs more interaction except for tapping. Overall fun game. THIS GAME HAS BOTTED REVIEWS Edit : Also I don't judge them using botted responses, this is overall a great game.. 4 stars for the nice game play. It is pleasing to see the turret and wall change as you upgrade them. My only issue so far is the projectiles from the turret move at an odd framer ate. If they could be made to move smoother I'd give it 5 stars.

Better than most other offline games that have pristege because this game actually gives you a good boost if you decide to pristege and doing so will help you get further in the game. I'm just not sure what the use of the blue diamonds are for just because you can't purchase permanent things. Other than that. A very good and addicting game to play. Game is fun. But the cannon balls feels like they are moving at 1 frame seconds and it isnt smooth at all and it bothers me. 1 star due to obviously botted/fake reviews - it's so disappointing that this still happens and doesn't get flagged by the Play store. Game itself is maybe 3/5, the mechanics are really basic. Do yourself a favor and check out one of the many, many other better idle games with genuine reviews from real players.. Charming aesthetic, simple, and friendly to start. Translation is alien at times, but it gets the point across when it matters..

Meh, the presentation is lacking for a game with such basic gameplay. There is often no sound besides sfx, enemy design of small cubes is so minimalist that it's uninteresting, and the overall game is flat. It would be mighty appreciated to have some more aesthetic aspects like music, or have the structures on the current maps more frequent to make things less blank and static..

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