NameFOG – MOBA Battle Royale Game

Interesting and quite exciting action. A crazy magical mist has descended on these once peaceful lands. Now only the best will be able to escape, survive in the most difficult conditions and go through the FOG project – MOBA and the Royal Battle.

We are waiting for exciting gameplay, royal battle, legendary heroes, as well as millions of fans around the world. All the best in the MOBA world was collected here, RPG capabilities were added, which gave a certain taste to the fantasy atmosphere. Deadly confrontations, crazy fights for survival, and many ways to stay alive. Are you ready for the toughest challenges? Enter into exciting confrontations that will unfold on the battle arena. You are waiting for 30 other players who are ready to prove themselves in exciting battles. Add equipment, hunt down opponents, hide from them and survive until the very end.

FOG – MOBA Battle Royale Game MOD

I can't play, it shows content server unreachable, it was still unreachable even in a good wifi connection, waste of garbage.. Not much to really say besides the game is broken and I can't even play it. I'd give 2 stars if it were actually playable. Probably most likely 3 stars but who knows. Fix it and restore the servers so I can genuinely enjoy the game and provide plausible feedback.. Bro,i can't play it tho,i just keep downloading the same game but it keep showing the front face. It said "connected to other server and restart the game" what does that mean ? Did this game not available on my country's server ?. Crazy, laggy ,not loading up .long load time to start up game ..overall good game just not loading fast enough taken 10 minutes. Very fun game I love it, but it does glitch from time to time during matches which is very frustrating..

FOG – MOBA Battle Royale Game APK

It is not online game there is to many bots because In all matches I am win so sad please make it online. Game could be good but it's all never play anyone but bots all day every day....I play on and off for like 2 hrs and I've never played another could be a good game but this makes it trash. This game is not recommend for those who are inpatient. I think it need some more update and need more fixing some bugs. It's a pretty good experience so far. Really like the way it's going. Still want to see how competitive it gets at higher ranks..

FOG – MOBA Battle Royale Game APK

Dead, do not play. Has had no updates outside of alleged Quality of Life changes for 2+ years. The only players in solo are very obviously bots with auto generated names, edit after further play:they are blatantly bots with weaker bots that run and stronger bots that always attack, they also always run to bosses. Servers are badly latent, sometimes really bad.. I must say this is a very fun and challenging damn good game !!! I will never stop playing this game !!!. The game is some scam.You're basically immortal and you don't lose hp,even if you fight 3 bots in the same time.. Download, get stuck in loading screen, hewr the music, see the animation, but the game is not loading in. Reinstalled, changed wifi, restarted phone. Nothin works..

FOG – MOBA Battle Royale Game APK

I see literally black knight from fortnight on the loading screen and the loading takes 2 hours I haven't tried the game yet tho. Worst loading screen ever After downloading another in-game download for 50 mb, which is fadt, however, after that, the loading bar is full BUT after several minutes of waiting, nothing happened. Restarted, but same. There are more heavy games out there that I play that tells people in their loading screen what is happening, not like this game, just the word loading with it's bar full for several minutes.. UPDATE ........Really disappointed, worked hard to be in position 1st place in bronze tournament and now cant even load game. Still getting notifications that I am no longer in first place but game won't load. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Good fun. Really enjoyable game, nice graphics and runs smoothly.. Was fun until it wasn't. Player Raxzcaj here. 2nd time playing after 174-day hiatus. The game worked fine the past week. Even played several matches yesterday with no issue. Booted up today into a perpetual loading screen for 30+ minutes. Restart app and phone -> no change. Cleared cache -> no change. Uninstall/Reinstall -> no change. No ability to communicate with friends or send a ticket. Grind heavy for low gain. Drop rate on gold chest is abysmal. Low replay-ability factor. Uninstalled again.

I've been playing for 10 minutes and I'm still in tutorial normally tutorial is like how to play and that's it. no this is lik3 13 minutes like 4 rounds and no free choices. After i installed the game and played it the game didnt even load up its just the loading screen. I installed this game 3 times and still same result. Please fix this bug. Loved the game can't stop playing but it need working on like could have more movement speed, little more difficult on bots other than that I loved playing this game the skills are great also the combat just try working on it it could be a Awsome game. Though the game is quite good and fun to play I am witnessing a freeze screen after each battle I am playing . This kinda ruins the whole flow of the game . I hope this small bug gets fixed soon..

My brother made me play it and its fun but the only thing is laggy and i saw some reviews that it crashes but i respect. This game is so mush fun and all characters are amazing and the map are good. l hope you add more characters and map. I want to see a set of free chests. You have to buy them all outside of class. Shouldn't we get one free daily. Sorry you said for us to request what set we want to see. A set of free dailies. A chest and cash. It is a very fun game over all. I'll give the fifth star if the game manages to get better.

Good game. Although. The maps are big. You could add more time to the fog and have 15/20 players. You spend a lot of time walking around the map, trying to find players to kill, gets a little boring.. Not much good we cant select the region which we need option its coming auto selection. You guys disappointed me its not fair the player cant select the option which we needed. Dont down load this game. Iam demoting the rate previous i gived you 5 star but once yiu reached diamond league you cant select your favoure region. This game doesn't load at all in my new gaming phone which I bought recently by the way this game sucks a lot. It is what it is a game the all trying to get rich thank you Creator of the game lower give more paid currency for our money plz thanks.

Finished the obligatory tutorial, and the phone was already hot. And the "chance to get" smth lootboxes is one of the worst practices.. Ah, is this game offline or online? I think there is a bug because whenever fought with enemies, wether 1 v 3 they would only do very little damage to me. And I doubt it was because of my equipments cause I just played this game for a day. I LOVED IT, I definitly recomend this because you can get classes rewards and loot points and i just cant stop playing this gaaame!. Very nice game, Great game play and good payout after every game.... I'm really enjoying the game, I'm still a beginner so no complaints as of yet... I applaud you Devs.

it doesn't have server selection, so it laggs, have low FPS (I have a good phone) the animations in-game r bad, the abilities doesn't works sometimes... it's a great idea but if I can't play.... Lag, low FPS, bad animations, abilities that doesn't work, bad servers, n the store only works with real money, it have a good idea n great work but it's unplayable.. Temperamental to say the very least. Engaging game play and decent play style with good variations of skill. Being beta kinda makes it more fun, but dang these crashes mid game lol..

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