NameForgotten Tales
ReleaseDM Studio

Fascinating fantasy MMORPG. A mobile toy for Android devices, which is an interesting multiplayer RPG in a fantasy setting, in which players will find a huge open world, turn-based tactical battles, a large selection of equipment, exciting adventures, and much more.

Download Forgotten Tales for Android and start exciting gameplay. In general, it is not much different from similar applications where the player needs to create a character and then travel with him through open locations, collecting necessary and unnecessary items, completing tasks, and fighting various monsters.

The gameplay is focused primarily on multiplayer mode, so you should immediately find yourself partners or play with friends because it’s easier to get resources and complete tasks. And together with friends, you can go to powerful bosses, get cool equipment for yourself, and also fight with other guilds for prestige and valuable rewards. In battles, you will gain experience, which is necessary for pumping the skills and characteristics of the main character. The game has a fairly convenient and well-thought-out pumping system that will allow you to evenly pump the hero. Also in the game, you will find cool quests and very nice rewards. Download Forgotten Tales for Android and start playing.

Forgotten Tales MOD

The game is really fun but it needs more to it like were u can make ur own small camp site that ur safe in and it needs more levels or make the level unlimited were it keeps adding up and never end but other than that the game is pretty fun. Its boring to play it, its just suffering when leveling up and even forging, your game it's not fun its give you suffering you know. Very worst game ever I seen. It's highly boring any time you have to play otherwise afk one month jail. Russians are always exception to this. Very partiality game.. These managers or GM's annoy you with messages all day to see if your playing. After I was bothered by one I didn't want to answer them or do their checks every 30 minutes I'm playing. I work 12 hours a day I sometimes can play a lot sometimes stuff comes up that takes anywhere between 1 to 5 minutes depends but I'm on the game 99.9 of of the time. I even offered to make a live stream a 12 hour video for them and no repply. After someone asked what happened and Isaid hewasannoying gaveme1dayban. One request- While talking to NPC or Quest/Story Text is on screen, make character invincible to harm so we don't get killed while we are defenseless to enemy..

Forgotten Tales APK

Bug after going to the ogre fisherman and going back to kulgan's house to talk the garden, but he doesn't say any thing about the weapon, PLS FIXXX!!!. Recently the game hasn't been letting me log in. About half the time. Although when I switch from wifi to data it sometimes fixes it but not always so it is a major problem. Please fix or let me know how to fix it myself.. Hi. I've been playing since 2012 or 2013. Yours in one of the only games I like, really like. Anyway, I can't pick up rocks when my pets are attacking. When I touch the rock to pick it up my character moves to the top of the screen. It would be great if you could fix that. I love your game. Bye.. good game a little hard to lvl unless u have help need more equipment for various lvls on the mage.

Forgotten Tales APK

I have been playing the offline version. If I need to start all over again...I can live with that. I was level 10-11. This game is Fun! (I will be 58 this year.). Very crude. Pixeled. Never made it to any storyline. Just walking around aimlessly. Zero prompts to get you started. Point and tap movement. No joystick. Weirdly clunky and non responsive for what it is. 1 star for no auto play. -4 stars for graphics, no tutorial, no promos, no early map markers. Gotta give newbies something to go on people.. a wonderful game I have played for years. it goes through subtle changes now and then when they want to change something but is basically just a good mmorpg. thank you maker's and developers of this game.. I'm - out law - I'm playing this game 3 years, the best game and my favorite, PvP and lvl up and fun with people,.

Forgotten Tales APK

having a major problem!!i spent actual money on a backpack upgrade and when i go into my inventory it only shows 2 instead of 4, the game also won't let me sell anything because when i go into a shop it shows nothing for me 2 sell, like the option isn't even there, and if i try 2 buy something it says backpack full! i can drop stuff an it still only shows 2 instead of 4 an says backpack full!!EXTREMELY frustrating pls fix ASAP!!. This is an Amazing game, I really love it.. it's especially good to start fresh with a friend with you tho. the quests are impossible and the navigation sucks but I still give it 5 stars because it's so much fun with a friend. not to mention an impossible amount of infinite levels which is cool ASF. good job devs!!!. Upsetting loaded game it told me I had pull in wrong login and password sent to recovery then to my Gmail then to another site which would never load really upsetting would have like to play since I do play your other one. cool little game. lots of content, especially for a free to play indie game. you really don't have to buy stuff to enjoy.

In my life a best game and I play 1 year, best game, install this game,have a fun . By I'm outlaw. owww boii..the moment you get the hang of it..ya don't want to stop playing...10Starzz.. great job developer XD. There were fixes since 2020. I'm entertained. Game is still grind to grind to lvl up, worse for coins. Thanks to a passing stranger I got coins to get way better armor.. Good stuff, might be lacking some character customisation like disconnecting races from classes and letting players choose and stat system is really simple but it's enjoyable. Hardcore would be great btw, one life!.

good hack and slash game. the quests are good, and they have added a lot for the trades and such. havent ever gotten to higher levels or been in a guild. over all, I keep coming back to this one. i stop playing for a while but have.probably downloaded this game 6.or 7 times over the years. Good work to all involved.. don't like this game because there is so many bugs to fix 1:it keeps saying can't connect to the server even if i'm close to my wifi 2:glithes are annoying it frozes when i'm walking and log out on the server. it's a bit challenging RPG but I think I'm gonna go with this awesome grinding great time the forgotten tale. I'm happy because I've just recently recover my late accounts thanks dev.. A hello to all players who play at ft I'm not really spender with this whatever you may call it if you rate the game, I'm not even active at link site but I'm still striving to lvling up my character ever since time to time online I'll rate it four stars good day/night..

very laggy. but fun. the offline mode is sorely lacking in many ways but also still fun. fix the lag and ill rate it much higher. This is my favorite game by you iv played the offline viersion of this its good too im jist about to play your third game but i love the fact i havent played this game in two years and my account was still there if i could id give this 10 stars. Don't play this game unless you want to spend lots of money to catch up to the higher levelled players, then just to be banned for something everyone still does now (letting people use eachother's accounts). Great game, but ridiculous rules.. I move like a snail takes forever to get anywhere in the map, the lack of info in the game makes it even worse, takes forever go get a lvl etc ..

Nothing but a money grab. They sell pvp protection and if you dont buy any 1 can 1. I am level 32 and was attack by a level 1432. Also you can buy level ups, armour, gold and more ptw items. Would not play or not you looking to spend cash on pixels.. 1. I think that consumable items (potions, etc) should be stackable and not take up the whole inventory 2. Mages / Fairies need more protection (@ lest until "armor" spll) Example: Can only wear robes, hats and wands. There are empty spots in the shield and pants slots. Magic users must add points to mana and seems like there's only items that are equipable every 10 levels. Suggestion: Have Mages / Fairies be able to equip "orb" in the shield slot and, say, "loin cloth" or "skirt" in pants slot.. good game interesting if you're into this kind of thing but maybe we can update finding particular locations a little easier. My account has been put in jail for no reason at all. I just re-download this game last week after not playing for a few years..

Don't bother. It has mechanics/activities that forces you to waste time by doing absolutely nothing for extended period of time. And even has the galls to check if I'm still literally present. Can't find quests targets or quest givers. Classes imbalance. And more indecency I won't bother explai ning.. The game is alright I guess, I don't like how if you lose a key item for a quest, you can't get it back again unless you ask a GM to give you it again, you should be able to either cancel the quest or to just talk to the NPC again to regain your lost key item, this game has been out for ages and that isn't even in the game yet.. The game is absolutely amazing. It takes time to level up but i have no complaints with that and there will always be people willing to help and spare money.. I didn't like it. Slow movement , I couldn't reach quest giver. Died because mobs killed me. And uninstalled. But why did mobs kill me ? No tutorial. No polished introduction.

Good game with a friendly community, plenty of people always willing to help you gain levels and equipment without no hidden agenda's. There's p2w and then there's straight up buying levels for real money... These devs build a good foundation for a really special outstanding game but the greed is real. Shame.... a challenge, a good time waster, lots of love put into this game, give it a chance and you might enjoy it!. this!!!!!!!!! i dnt have any complaints, it takes a long time to lvl up kinda, but I LOVE how there always seems 2 b sum 1 willing to help ya:D I LOVE the old school feel to it, an it seems like endless lvl'n up:D:D:D GR8 job keep up the GR8 wrk bro!!:D:D:D:D.

The development groups have put a great deal into this game to allow everyone to enjoy this game. This game also has great players that believe in the games progress over the years. I've been playing since I found the game and I enjoy the quests and story line. You can even make your own clan and make alliances. It's very competitive so read up and do your research. The GMs are fair and handle things very timely. New things happening all the time and new adventures await you ,please come join us. muy entretenido, deberan mejorar la manera de subir nivel, tal vez colocar opciones de skills individuales para cada arma o algo as, pero es u excelente juego. Need help and reached out on their forums and also sent an email. Haven't heard back yet. Will adjust review when issue is addressed. Otherwise a great grinding RPG game. The game is kinda suck, no option setting while playing, and no tutorial what am i supose, and the progress geez is really slow..

3 for no fixed the grat problem . the mission they are not have a tips for tray to ended the missions. si arreglaron el problema de que el player se pierde porque no tiene como seguir las misiones, me pierdo en esas misiones porque no isieron como haserle para poder seguir en las misiones largas.arreglen eso ya , espero... It wouldn't let me continue without giving personal details at level 10, so I deleted it. It would not allow entry into a shop without my agreement to comply.. I was loving this game but the last perches I made went though and I went and loaded my game and the skill points were not there.. The user interface lacked information. As a new player I could not find my total experience. I could not find Stat information in game or on the forum. Player pets were camping the initial starting point, NPCs would disappear, and finally I reached level 2 but the game wouldn't acknowledge me reaching level 2....

I like this game very much really but idk why players don't join this game I like the PvP and other things. Gms are useless I have played for 8 years game had it's time now it's useless after spending 40,000$+ on the game after years of playing and still be treated bad. This game is worth nothing, dont waste your time and money like me.. played for years. I love this endless game. I wish chat had an option for translation since I only speak English but I still think the game is great!. I Hate PVP because when you are lower level then higher level players can attack you and gain your items so, if could make a normal PvP like PvP button that activates PvP or something, it would be better..

still love it wish those offline versions were savable from when my device broke at over lv 280.... for every one of my men were over 230... flesh crawlers killed everyone??? still lol. Really wish they would give better lvls for quests.takes hours sometimes days to get the gold and items only to get 1 lousy lvl its designed to sit and grind at same monsters to get lvls so boring. theyve been adding new stuff so its getting better.hope they keep it up..

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