NameFrench Tarot
SizeOctober 8, 2021
ReleaseEryod Soft

Unique French taro. French Tarot in this game project you can play a card project, which is a French tarot. You can play not only against beginners, but also fight with professionals in their field. You will definitely test all your skills in this project, see how to play correctly and professionally, and win the most difficult matches. You can even test yourself against artificial intelligence, and it has a very high level in this toy.

It is possible to play this toy even in five, so invite your friends here and start your career. Your main task will be to collect more trump cards in order to eventually deceive all your opponents. This will not be easy to do, so think carefully about your plan of action and engage in confrontations with strong opponents.

Play this game at any time, try to achieve the most incredible results, and climb the leaderboard far above all your opponents. A very bright and colorful toy that can quickly draw any player into itself. Test all your abilities and become the best in card tarot.

French Tarot MOD

Please do something for the AI. Since you built this new version AI is playing stupidly. There is absolutely no difference bettew levels, AI is playing the same. I'm still waiting your update about this issue.. The previous version was way more logic for the game.The new AI is worthless.I dont like the "automatic" play on the end when you have only trumph,cant turn off this features,only together the autoplay.I want back the previous wersion,but impossible delete the latest update.I have payd version more then 2 years now.. How do you quit a game once you've started? Am I being stupid here? I can't see any way of getting back to the main/intro menu!. Dealing for 5 players is bull. I can play 100 hands and get maybe 2 or 3 hands worth bidding. Don't play for this to get the 5 player version, NOT worth it!. I love this application, very fast, no bugs...the only thing I would suggest is to include record scores, to keep the player motivated...and maybe online gaming ?.

French Tarot APK

Sympa mais pas mal de bugs, en particulier le langage qui change mi partie, et un problme o les menus se superposent.... It is well balanced and at great pace. I can notice a personality of play for each participant that is computer generated. Great fun. Because of the level of quality not only do I have fun playing but my game is improving as well. Challenges you all the time. No matter how long you have played the game for. And me it has been several years now. And I still find it unputdownable.. Very well designed - took me a while to understand who plays when with 5 players game but a few rounds sorted it out! Thanks nice work!. I'm loving Tarot, and this version is really great ! I'm spending hours on it ! Thank you so much for this great software !.

French Tarot APK

Still attempting to understand the rules fully, but either way I'm enjoying the game and the graphics are top notch..

Download ( V3.1.10 )

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