NameHeroes Battle: Auto-battler RPG

Great step-by-step toy. In this game project Heroes Battle: Auto-battler RPG you will come across interesting gameplay, as well as a carefully thought-out plot.

Try to form your team correctly, pick up each hero individually, and move forward. Each of them has its own unique characteristics and skills, so it’s worth keeping this in mind. Enter the battle arena, and take part in crazy battles, as well as group battles. Move forward through the locations, and find incredible treasures, rewards, and more. Get incredible power-ups and crazy bonuses that will help you defeat the strongest enemy. Choose a specific game mode for yourself, and train with powerful attacks and crazy punches. Upgrade all your abilities, and collect a huge collection of main characters.

Heroes Battle: Auto-battler RPG MOD

I was bout to get a legendary and few epics but by the time I was my phone died. I WANT MY LENGENDARY AND EPIC BACK NOW. Its good, it has a little bit of everything that everyone would want in this game, Upgradable heros, battle simulator, merging heros to make them stronger, and some references from video games. So far seems pretty fun. The pvp is a bit wonky but you'll get the hang of it. The game hasn't been updated since 2020 which is a cryin shame but for overall its a nice game to chill out with.. I really like this game. I do. But the reason I'm giving it one star is because every time I log in, it kicks me out. I just can't play it. Chimpwork I've noticed your updating all your other games. Be considerate enough to let me and possibly others play this game. Just fix this bug and I'll be back with a much better review. Its fun and all but i got all the characters but i still didn't beat the last level and anyway why the game is still not updated.

Heroes Battle: Auto-battler RPG APK

I used to play this game all the time, now I can't even get to the main screen. Please fix this problem so I can give you more stars!. Fun has potential my main problems are how slow it is what wouldn't be as huge as problem if you didn't have a 100 round mission that you start over when you lose and then the arena challenge has you get punished for winning if your in 1st place you won't be getting 1st place rewards cause the last hour people will pass you lower ranks giving you the option of attacking "stronger"people for higher points to catch up faster meaning that you could get 100 points in 4 games vs 100 games if 1st!!. I came back and lost ALL my progress, is there no way to sign in or get my game back?! I spent a good chunk of money too!!!. Dear dev team, I'm a returned player, is there any way to retrieve my account? Already purchased some benefits before. Thanks.

Heroes Battle: Auto-battler RPG APK

Im loving this game but please add more characters or the ability to cross merge ( bat dude / dead puddle = dead dude ) otherwise no problems. Really fun and addicting game to play. I love the way they make all these characters to avoid trademark haha. The game was fun for a while but it clearly shows that the game hits a wall that you cannot pass even with paying, even though i only threw in $5-10. I was okay with that because i was playing pvp only to not play for 3 days and come back to see a new weekly pvp challenge but i never received the rewards from the previous week. It would be great to have some sort of inbox for things like that because i don't want to be punished for not checking in daily.. The last couple weeks havnt been able to successfully sign into the game without trying 100 times. Just freezes on startup and crashes. Might have been after an Android/Samsung update. Anyone else having issues? Would be nice to link account also, so I can get in on another device. Anyone found a place to sync?.

Heroes Battle: Auto-battler RPG APK

Good quality graphics, engaging gameplay, nice color scheme. Seems like pay to win a little bit but even without buying anything you can still have a lot of fun. There are some optional powerups you can get by watching 30 ads. I wish the ads would be a little bit shorter if that's possible. Sometimes in the middle of the battle you will get an offer to watch an ad for levelling up your character, and I almost never got a 3 star level up. Please include stats like movement speed / attack speed. Fantastic game with very satisfying progression and units. The only problem is that it needs WAY more content, like, legit that's the only problem, just give me like 6+ more worlds and it instantly becomes and 5. So overall should be a 5, but has to be a 4 becuase of lack of content.. This is the best game ever I ever played before Shadow from this because this game is the best I am a pro at this game game so I hope you showed up the Dead game you later this is the the best best game ever. I was very happy when I first got this game.It was fun and I got very good cards but I deleted it for a day and when I went back on, all my progress was deleted.Im now very disappointed of this game..

App crashes constantly. It won't even load 99% of the time. They said the issue is fixed, but nothing is fixed.. Honestly pretty decent so far. Good gameplay and reward system. Found out about this from FryEmUp. SUB/FOLLOW HIM hehe. 5.4 boss is way overpowered in comparison to other bosses and past levels. Difficulty was increasing in a good rate but when I reached level 5.4, it gives a huge leap to a boss whom is impossible to beat. I was going to give you 5 stars if it was not for this issue.. This game is fine not the best but definitely not the worst it is just the adds are so tempting but other than that it is a good game..

Game is good. But I wish i could save my progress and log into it in case of a new install.. Amazing game.i love the way you can merge the hero's and the way they fight automatically so once you press start battle you don't have to do anything it's so exiting when you open a chest and get a new hero this game deserves more players than it has.. I've reached world 6 but seems like there's no more content. More updates please and add feature to zoom in or something. Edit: just saw last update is dec 2020. Seems like the dev abandoned this game or something?. This makes no logic as a single player, no choices, no strategy at all. Even the good sp auto-battlers are not that fun, and this is one very bad..

I didn't install it, maybe ore registered but doubt it. I must have been sleep playing with phone and downloaded it. 3 hours and haven't a blast.. Enjoyed it for a few weeks but then ran into the problem of it not giving me the amount of coins advertised, even if I watch an advertisement it just gives me the regular non advert amount. Losing interest in this game now that its essentially lieing to me about how many coins I get and in turn making most of my prized rares not upgradeable.. Good game, definitely have to grind to level up "heroes". The arena is fun, especially seeing how most people build their teams. All in all, it's a good time killer. Please add more characters and get rid of the 100 level maps.. best but ok this is not worth but okkeep it up make good games like love kiss games ok.

Great game overall, please please fix Valhalla. Just nerf the boss. It is ridiculous how slow your pawns move compared to how fast and how hard she attacks. Please just fix that boss, thats all.. You can enjoy this for a while until it gets difficult but you still can surpass that by playing f2p. My only problem with this game is the fact that the roll thing never lets me get a 3 star hero. Always gives me a hero I don't need or keeps me from being able to merge to a 3 star hero. I'll get an assassin, than won't get an assassin till the end when its too late.. I have played this game earlier and was in higher level. I came back but i neeed to start again beacuse may be google sign is not available. kindly add it back so i can play again..

Would rate 5 stars but In dire need of an update, we need content this game is so much fun would love to see a big update for this game. Pretty fun game. IAPs are there but haven't feel the need to pay to enjoy this game so far. Also, I've seen other reviews where people have complained about not being able to exit the reward ads but I haven't ran into that issue myself. Hope the issue has been resolved for the others.. Really cool that the first thing I see when I boot up this game is a message of consent to allow the dev to have control of my data and show me recommended ads. You immediately lost me before even getting a chance to play.. Fake multiplayer! The arena would have you believe that you are battling other players, when in reality you can be oaired with the same username twice with a vastly different team each time. I don't like being tricked or lied to..

Not a good game. After a while, you get tired of playing this game. It also has many bugs. My characters freeze in one place and do not move. I can not close the ads when they are finished And other problems..

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