NameIdle Tap Racing
Size51 MB
ReleaseNeon Play

Here the main character needs to ride on crazy tracks. Idle Tap Racing can start a crazy passage on one machine. Then join and start the trip. This time you need to become an incredible racer. To do this, choose the best car, although you will have an absolute wreck at first. She won’t even be able to travel faster than light, and that would be a little weird.

It’s just that the opponents will be fast, and this is the real difficulty. You need to calculate your budget and pump the essential things strictly. At first, the hero will not even be able to gain first place. He will earn little, which will not be enough for a successful life. Then the real action will begin.

Here the main character needs to become a dangerous racer. Previously, his father drove on the best tracks in America. These were huge roads several kilometers wide. Thousands of racers gathered there and did awesome tricks. He met his wife right at the race when she wanted to ride with him. He always took first place and had one secret in the motor that he did not tell anyone.

One day my father was framed. He drove faster than urine, Idle Tap Racing in previous races, but one opponent put everything. He told how the winner cut at the first corner and did not reach the end. This immediately spoiled the reputation, and soon the father was killed.

Idle Tap Racing MOD

Don't ask me to rate your game every time I try to play it if I could I give you a 0 star. Not bad use it to help me fall asleep would be nice to see the cars competitively pass one another to be in the lead like a real race. Only thing I want to see, is more racing! Should be an option/upgrade to allow the cars to pass, and actually race rather than follow eachother. Also would be cool to add an "exciting" upgrade. Maybe have it allow a random crash once in awhile. It's a really good game, but too much as you would have to turn on airplane mode and turn off your Wi-Fi on your phone it works. Cars aren't dynamic and just go around in a circle, they don't race each other at all. You just add more cars, make em faster. Over all good little time killer but to many ads and like I said there is no real point to it..

Idle Tap Racing APK

actually a fun game, good idea and graphics, but like most idle games, it just gets really slow after a few days of playing.. Literally no point to this game. Watch cars go around a track and every time they cross the start/finish line you get money. That's it.. The game isn't bad but will there be more past level 80 cause everything is maxed out and hopefully someone will answer back not like most games. Game is super fun best idle racing game ever easy too use and ads don't really bother me so ads aren't in the way but best idle racing game ever super fun.

Idle Tap Racing APK

A ton of ads. Just a ton of ads. Other than that, the game is very simple, but fine enough.. Far too many adverts. Typical idle games don't have any in-play ads, I stead offering something in exchange for watching an ad. But this idle game shows in-play ads every minute or so, making the game unplayable.. This game is cool what if this game can play by it self racing with out the tap cars can go with out tap idle racing speed upgrades new cars and V8 cars speed up upgrades but no ads it's dumb that the way. Amazing concept however I would love for the racers to overtake one another and add pit stops ypu can buy it but they don't go in I would love to see these..

Idle Tap Racing APK

good game. gets repetitive after a while. maybe add the ability for a random car to pass another car every 15 seconds and made a slim chance for crashes that restart the feild that'd be cool.. I really wanted to like this game but the sheer amount of ads that are thrown at you is ridiculous, rendering the game almost unplayable. A lot of the time it is nearly an ad for every single click!. Not mutch ads but if you want to get anywhere you will need to watch ads to do so, outher than that I wish there was some sound or mabby car crashes or something like that somthing to divert yoyr attention from mindlessly tapping on the screen for 30 minutes untill the next upgrade it would also add a use for the hospital.. I played this game a few years ago. Seemed ok then. I'll give it a go once more, see If there is any difference.

This game is really fun to play but if you try the manager you need to pay aand thats it. This is a good app and all just wanted to make a suggestion for the devs. With the offline income, maybe make it longer than 2 hours, maybe 5?. Been awhile since I played it so I installed it back and then found out that I can't use the manager anymore because everytime I try to get the manager back it says that I own it already but it never gives me a option to get the purchase restored.. Bought the manager for $12 and didn't get it, I want my money back!!! Don't play this game it's a rip off!!!.

A really good incremental game. I love how it lets you upgrade the track itself which like e p i k. Good game, Very much reccomended.. Seemed like a decent game but then here come the ads. I know ads keep it free. You know what else is free though? The uninstall button. I was giving the option to watch an ad for a reward with a decline or view choice. I chose to decline.... And then I got an ad anyway. Give me your best excuse, but all I'll smell is your sphincter on your breath.. The game itself is great, even with all the ads. The reason I'm rating 2 stars is because I tried to but the manager (which is $12) and was charged 3 times for a total of $39 to my bank account and still did not receive the manager. There is no way for me to get that money back and I've practically just been robbed of my $40. If you get the game, do not purchase anything. You'll just have your money stolen from you.. If you like watching ads every time you want to to something then this game is for you otherwise avoid it..

Like many others have said, I really wanted to like this app but its just boring. The amount of ads and lack of things to do make it a very boring game. Watch a few ads then hit one of three buttons for a small change on screen.. If the boredom doesn't kill you. The ads will. C'mon man. If you're going to push ads that often atleast make the game interesting.. Good concept, greedy, advert filled mess, I was 2 seconds in before I accidentally clicked on a button to level up which made me watch an advert, so I watched a few, but even if you don't watch them by choice, it will force you to watch one, I think mine was every 30-60 seconds... Unplayable, stop the forced adverts and you may be close to a 3 star... I really wanted to like it, but my goodness those ads! All the time the game is interrupted by ads and some of them go on forever..

So disapointed with this game. It simply doesn't have enough adds! I like to watch adds every 30 seconds. This game has you wait for at least 40 sometimes even 45 seconds. Sorry but if you don't increase the number of adds per minute i'm gone!. Good but the cars end in the same place so can you change that please thanks. p.sI never leave comments so...... This means somthing. One of the best game but I will say does take little to do but that how the games should be. This is a good game I have maxed out my oval track it's Soo cool THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME.

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