NameIsland War
ReleaseFastone Games HK

The most exciting war on the islands begins. The world went underwater in the Island War, and only a few islands remained. Here begins a bloody struggle for resources in order not only to survive but to continue to exist. Nothing will be the same, so you should not worry and continue to survive in the new world. Here you will find carefully crafted confrontations with opponents, ship raids, crazy attacks, and many enemies. Everyone wants to stay, which means there will be no mercy for anyone. Pick up your warriors, unite in groups, and destroy opponents on any island. Pass interesting missions, earn bonuses, and develop. It remains only to create the strongest army to protect your island and collect more valuable resources. On this, your future life and existence in this world will depend.

Island War MOD

Update: 8/21.. game is still stuck between a rock and a hard place... It ultimately lacks content and quality of life features to hold onto players long term... no new player can ever catch up to someone who started a few months ago... Every update further pushes the game to PayToPlay. . Update 9/27: recent update has magnified the previous issues! Update9/30. Most recent update still lacks the quality to make up for past updates mistakes. The game started off when it was new as a great strategy game and turned into a Pay to Win game. To where you have to put tons of your money into buying better troops, heros, chances to get some and shards to Max them out to even compete with low levels ... would Not recommend. This game is so fun i would rate it 5 because if you play campaign you will earn a lot of money and you can buy more cards and win a lot of match all rate this a 5 stari love this game keep up and going!. I literally just downloaded the game and its asking me to update the game to play, so i click the option given, it takes me to the app on the playstore as installed but there is no update to download. What do i do?. My final review of this game is simple. It's a fun game. It's free to play... but you must pay to win. You can have fun, but if you are trying to be competitive and win, you must pay an astronomical amount of money. I've spent in the neighborhood of 200 dollars and I'm still not in the top players list. The most basic subscription, the battle pass will cost 100 dollars a year if you do the math, there are other things you must purchase to be resourceful. Could spend 200 a month for all features!.

Island War APK

only four star because no replay when they atack my base or i atack there base unlike coc they had. Ok! I'm not sure why this keeps happening, but he game gets 10 time harder towards the end of the season. You're not giving me player in my levels and the players attacking are not in my level either. Like seriously why is that. I'd spend an hour keep looking for players to attack they're all so much higher than me... it's very discouraging, it makes me wanna delete this game. Fix this guy's make it a fun game to play, keep everyone in the same levels.. Enemy attacks you that are much stronger than you are, about twice or more stronger. No enjoyment in building base but getting destroyed by not my level.. Game is online only. Can't reach the server, just stuck at "Check Connection" screen which allows retry (fails) or Check, which says it connects but when it tries a http connection it fails. D3ad game..

Island War APK

Too easy and repetitive. After a few minutes every battle is the same. I got bored after 100 battles. Several hundred later the game didn't offer anything new. No challenge, all easy wins and not a lot of tactical variety.. It is the worst game possible .I tryed to install it 6 times and I couden't if I could I would give it a -1 star. It was fun for a while but it takes soooo long to level up unless you spend $. I deleted it. This game when I first started was really fun but once you play alot it is the same thing every time..

Island War APK

VIP is a rip off. Two clicks to buy this monthly subscription but impossible to cancel the subscription. I am not against paying for content. But they can make it as easy to cancel as they do to buy it. They choose to make it a hundred times harder to cancel. I would have come back to VIP from time to time if it was easy. This has soured me on the game. Deleting it. Shady business practice. Don't fall for it.. When you first play its so addictive but then when you get further it gets to hard to even win a battle. The game is nice. However, having to search for an oponent with decent resources and trophies that you can defeat for hours because everybody uses a particular island is very boring and time-consuming. I hope they do something about it in future updates.. Pos developer stole the game from bad north. It's a 1 for 1 copy and much worse in visuals and gameplay quality. Do yourself a favor and get bad north the original gem.

Game is nice but allways shows network error and you have to close the game after every one or two battle waste of time. The game itself is great, but it lags a lot and I mean A LOT. Constant 30 or lower fps. But it is good. Lots of campaigns and events to get resources.. Absolutely terrible in battle mode you can be winning and it goes to defeat there is no time limit on screen but it still comes up defeat once I had 75 troops left opponent had none and I was about 2 seconds from destroying last building but it came up defeat this ruins it for me fix this and I will give better rating highly disappointing because of this. It's a great game but I wish there was a way to buy any troop card of any level. Like, an optional chest for a level 8 or whatever troop. This is because I really need templars and frost archers..

I usually don't rate apps but this one is a waste of time and money if you buy stuff and I want to save you time & suggest you pass on this app. Enemies attack you that are much stronger than you example: 1,000+ strong enemies are allowed to attack islands that are 1/2 as strong as you and a lot of times they take 30+ trophies. It's not a fair game at all. I'm not wasting my time any more and am canceling my account so nobody can take trophies from me any more.. 5his game is the matter what your island is always there your troops never die and its really fun to collect all the people you can have. At first the game seemed very good to me. but I do not agree that the trophies won should be hidden from me. I had won 4000 cups and after restart it was only 3000 and the second time from 6500 it became 4500. This is my fight, I played every day to win. why does the game lose my job, I don't have the will to play to win it back and maybe I won't play anymore.. One of the big problems of this game is the lag on JJ and H maps, which makes the game completely slow My phone has 12 gigs of RAM, but it gets very slow on these maps, and I'm so discouraged after playing for a year that I won't continue if this problem isn't fixed..

I've been playing for a year now I like the game I wish you could replay the attacks made on your home base so you could try to move things around based on how people might be finding weak spots in your base. I can't play any more it won't let me load the game it just takes me back to my home screen. I Uninsalled and lost my account I can't get it back because I've switched emails im so mad I hope someone can get my head man account back I have the screen shots of the money I spent on the acount. If you dont spend at least $5 a week, it will take you years to have an island that is decent. Example- Buildings cost 1 million wood to upgrade and winning 1 battle gets you 1000-3000 wood. Game is boring. 90% of players use the exact same island with the exact same setup, (JJ Island) and developers refuse to make anymore decent islands. So get use to battling the same island over and over again with towers, buildings and bombs in the same exact place as every other player.. Everything is cool about it's gameplay but oh my..... The hell with the upgrading system and time. It just takes too long to upgrade. It is pay to upgrade faster... Damn, And I don't appreciate such type of cunningly cunning gameplay!!! The upgrade's should take atleast 24 hr not more than that... Most Important Words: Don't ask for any screenshots. I won't send any!! This is your game and you know what am talking abt here... I can't log in fb or google even as a guest I don't know if it's my phone that's not working or the game please try to fix it asap...

Wish I could go zero!!! Upgraded some troops and all the of them just disappeared instead of upgrading. Contacted support and they basic told me too bad. Worst experience I've ever had with a game.. Why cannot upgrade when you don't have any boost I don't want to play anymore Pls give me gem I'm crying. Great game. Fun to play and encourages interaction among players via clan halls. UI isn't the best it could be, so one star lost. But I've been playing everyday for a year and still enjoy it. . Payment had bugs that my purchase not processed. I was refunded several days after I email the problem. Still it's not a very good experience for p2w games.

It is so boring on the ad it looks good but when u play its nothing like it was on the ad nothing happeneds. sth bad that you can not send gold or wood to the members of your own clan. Members of clan have nothing to share. For clan: why u have the flag of some countries but not the rest? We have a clan and we there is not our country's flag. Maybe some countries are more important for you?. Really amazing you should make more games it's so good pls if u could pls make me good I play it all the time on my Nana's phone this one thanks.

Download ( V4.7.0 )

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