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Last Day on Earth: Survival

Multiplayer zombie apocalypse survival game! The survivors have only one task: to shoot the risen from the dead and stay alive for as long as possible. There is no more love, pity, compassion, and friendship. A terrible virus has turned the planet into endless despair and darkness. In this deadly and plagued world, you can only trust yourself. To start clearing the zone, download Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android.

Survival guide:

  • Bloodthirsty zombies are everywhere! You have no friends, and the few that have not turned into monsters will try to kill you to take away food and ammunition. Shoot at everything that moves, for you have neither the time nor the desire to think;
  • Create, create, and create! Improve your ability to generate new items and create deadly weapons against the risen dead, the undead, and other enemies. Don’t waste your ammo: shoot zombies nearby or use a bullet on an animal that will be your dinner;
  • Clear up the situation! Find abandoned military camps and embroiderers’ hideouts to get or take away the necessary resources and new weapons. Don’t get close to vast crowds of the undead, or vice versa; clear the area, and don’t forget that sooner or later, the supplies will run out if they are not replenished. Download Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android is worth it immediately.
Download ( V1.20.16 )

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