NameMight and Glory
Size64.49 Mb
ReleaseADVGO42 LTD

Brand new online strategy. Might and Glory to take part in an incredibly interesting fantasy game, engage in epic confrontations and get the maximum amount of experience.

You must build your own castle, assemble an excellent army, and participate in raids on other guilds. It’s your time to win dizzying victories, confront other players, and collect a huge collection of a wide variety of rewards. A huge state will develop under your control, and you will become the center of the struggle against the whole world. You have the main task in which you must subjugate all the magic, deliver an incredibly powerful blow and ultimately defeat the Black Knight’s army.

A large number of castles, beautiful nature, and rather hot confrontations. Everything here is presented in fairly high-quality HD graphics, so there will not be a single indifferent player. So the time has come when the bloody war began. Try to develop your castle very quickly, build completely impregnable walls, and also put up powerful defensive structures. Get the full pleasure of military operations, capture new regions and become the ruler of the whole world.

Might and Glory MOD

It is a great game the graphics and more very good but one thing in chat and in globle there people behaviour was not good in the chat its like a love resturant and people curse alot but other then that its so good. Check your game real quick everytime I go on the barracks and click on the arrows my games crashes. Barely played this game but seems very fun quick and easy to play and enjoy. The best clan game that i ever played in my whole life.but we should get special things like epic gun,defender,special shelter,thunder,and heroes like 7 years ago.please make the game alive.We all want to get,treasury tower,survival mode,ice castle,ruined mage tower and all things from 7years ago.please. Unable to transfer game to new phone and need to begin again. Unfortunately spent too much time, as buying diamonds are out of question. Game allows higher levels to attack a lower level. Should be a limit of 5 levels above or below you. 30 plus levels to attack is ridiculous. In order to build to a higher level, you need to spend a lot of money, Not worth your hard earned money, as game has not been updated in ages. In my opinion, "Free" diamonds" are impossible to earn.. Game is quite good but need to fix about hackers who take all gold and resources by sending only one unit ,a single goblin defeating level 10 max just imagine.

Might and Glory APK

It is a very nice game. It is pretty much same like clash of clans but it not lags or hangs like coc so much better option for everyone. Join the game (recommended) for pretty much fun. Developer kindly add much more options to make us engage more.. this game is amazing and thanks for the update because I can play even better! this is legendary and I recommend it to everyone because for me, it is challenging which is fun and if I can just rate from 1-100, it's 100.. After the update, nothing chaged, there were no new heroes and everything they promised,even though, the game is still great.. Been playing this game for years now and nothing new has been added. Other games have more options to expand more quests. When will this game be updated?? It's a great game but please update and add more. This has potential but it doesn't right now..

Might and Glory APK

Add some more options like clash of clans. And there are many hackers in this game that's really very frustrating. Nevertheless it is really a very good game. Many people are complaining that higher lvl players can attack lower lvl. But that's not game's fault. It is for them that if u r having higher ratings then u will get attacked by high lvl players or u hv to attack them. Thank you.. I love this game,it is just like a clash of clans but i dont like this game is to long time to upgrade in level 3 up.. so far the game is good and smooth running.. i hope no more cheaters on this game.. Been playing this game for some weeks now and it's a great game, am giving it a 5 star rating. As always there's always room for improvement, there should be other ways to purchase workers using in game resources as not everyone can buy only problem is what I wrote above cause it causes very slow development...apart from that, the game is good. . The game is perfect just please bring some events and updates dont only work on other games please work on these also.

Might and Glory APK

Too many hackers/ cheater in this game.Only with goblin level 1 can 3 star any base..this the 4th times if not mistaken 6 goblins level 1 can 3 star my base.Brayan guild this time.It happen again today another cheater.Dev cannot prevent this happen.Don't spend your money for this game.should have 0 star to choose.. I lost my phone and redownload a new one but I can't relinked it with my Facebook account and I don't know why. Because of that I can no longer give it 5 star rating.. I delete this game and jungle heat because it have a same problem that is matching everytime I need to face high level that why I delete otherwise the game is good.. This game reminds me alot of backyard monsters back in the day any way great game can I give some suggestions 1. Be able to test people's bases in the same guild your in 2. Maybe implement some slow damaging spikes on all defensive tower (upgradeable) 3. Have some traps you can implement on to the walls them selves 4. Be able to insert your own troops into your shelter please get back to me and let me know your thoughts thanks for reading.

Bad after 10 lvl no value. When i attack on any base suddenly unnecessary meteorite attack on my players. Bad game troopes not powerful when maximum lvl oponent base. Is this game owner thinking he is the owner of supercell? Try clash of clans. He is trying to do as same as clas of clans but none other than clash of clans is better. Gusto ko itong laro Kasi enjoy sya pag malaks kana tapos at madami ka pang makakaibigan na mga tao sa larong ito and I love this game but the game is problem is the refresh bruh pero ok lang atlest masaya sya madami ako nakilala na kaibigan thank you for creator this game for happiness me love you brother. The free diamonds tasks are scams. Don't do what they it tells you to do. You won't get your diamonds..

I love this game its like coc...and i like it 5 thank you for the game ... there's something bugging me...the old version is more cooler than the new one i like it if you bring back the old times of this game it will be alot coller...and i liked this game ive been playing it for 5month hehehe and im on level 120....those who play this game pls join my guild.... soo excited on the update pls update already pls i looking forward to it...... very cool it is a good game , but I think I have a great day , and I will be playing this game is a good game , but. This game is nice i too also play this but there have hacker need to ban . and all i want to tell i m SORRY.

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