NameLast Shelter: Survival Last Shelter
ReleaseLong Tech Network Limited
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Last Shelter: Survival Last Shelter

A unique strategy that will launch you into a post-apocalyptic world. Last Shelter: Survival In Last Shelter, many people turned into terrible zombies and the role of a terrible virus. This world of real Halloween awaits you and is ready to provide you with many opportunities and incredible events—many precious prizes, fantastic bonuses, and everything else. The world’s end has come when there is nothing else to do, and you need to survive.

There are only a few survivors left who will resist and destroy the revived creatures. Try to team up with other players, participate in incredible stories, and finally get down to business. You have only one main task: surviving in this terrible world and dealing with all the mindless creatures. Restore the destroyed civilization, build a vast empire, and develop your army.

Open a big city, get resources, and discover new technologies. Upgrade your heroes, learn skills, and get complete satisfaction from the game project. Develop your army, destroy hordes of zombies, and move forward to the total liberation of our planet.

Download ( V2.58.2 )

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