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MA 2 President Simulator – With the existence of simulation games today, you can have fun with loads of them properly now. There are thousands of free simulation video games right now that you can play, permitting you to enjoy distinctive themes. The target of this game is to rule a rustic and lead it in keeping with your guidelines and insurance policies. Right here, it is possible for you to freely select the nation you’ll rule, reminiscent of Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and lots of extras. You’ll then be answerable for many obligations and choices as president. Right here, you can take over completely different nations, improve your military and barracks, and resolve many issues. Additionally, you can promote religions, enhance the economic system, and do much more.

Modern Age 2 MOD

Very nice game but when I always play as any small countries in europe,Asia,Africa every big country goes after me and many countries start deficit with everything EVEN MONEY so yeah that's why 2 stars. Wow amazing Played this game several time and it fantastic But it to hard very hard that I played it over and over again still not meeting up to standard Before you know it country start waging war against you. Never reached a milestone always ending game either on 2026 or 2027 And another thing what the meaning objective of the game. This game is working fine in my poco x3 but when I download this game in my s22 ultra this is working but when I click on manual war but the game will stuck I can not control my troops and the other buttons are also not working. When I click my phone back button the game will show a pop-up and I click on yes and it's show my war results. If you fix this I will change my rating. Thank you.. President simulator I like game But no speed button and please election option and Army chief select option Prime Minister select option Please upgrade game . To the creator, great job. I'm enjoying it the more i spend my time with it. But i had a little suggestion for you to improve the game, or if you want to make a new one: 1. Defensive alliance. Give us to create our own "group" of defensive alliance, instead of just between 2 country. So these country didn't attack each other and will go to war together. 2. Invasion. Instead of invade/annex the whole country, give us possibility to only annex territory or area too. This need new remake map..

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The game is good its graphic is nice but some problems that should be fixed in the message box the message comes that president rating is falling and population becomes angry if you low the taxes your income decrease. And please stop this diamond system. And if there is any difficulty in your country and if you want to take help from anyone if your friendship is more than 75 then they help you. If your country is permanent member of un council you should not attack to anyone . fix these problems. I love this game it's very addictive.but I wish they were organizations like the eu and NATO.and if it was possible to buy weapons like the f35 and other powerful weapons.. I'd play the game again and I got to say is fun still some things I dislike but I recommend it overall. Some things to the devs but the military and conquest part of the game will there ever be a possibility that when sending out an army I the player can send a small army towards a Pacific City in a nation and that if I capture a correct amount of cities I can capitulate the enemy there bonuses for taking the Capital directly and you get to draw new borders instead of takingda entirety ofcountry. You guys are great in your games really love it thnks for making this free Have followed you since 2018 Ma1 Love you But the laws does not stay like the ma 1 it was really annoying because to accumulate 300000 again takes much time but just managing it And besides best of all I love the aspect whereby I can grant other countries loan it's so stimulating But can you guys always show the stats of the education level hospital , infrastructure etc no just showing that am number 3 show other count.

Modern Age 2 APK

Sir, in this game you have created, why do everyone come to fight with India, why don't they come to make friendship with India, please request you that in the next update, all the countries come to set up embassies in India and come to make friendship... It s a very will held game but I have some suggestions like 1;a table Boton for all of the country s you invaded so it can be way more assayer more efficient to keep track of the countries you invaded that s all i hope the developer see this comment good game. I really like the game, this game is better than others but you missed out when you didn't add a way for an up and coming builder (me) to inherit or some other creative way to !!!!!!!!. The game is good but yall should add a annex request and not get a lower relation with all the world..

Modern Age 2 APK

It was great, and my country's power got even more powerful than any of the countries. I play this game every day. I WOULD RECOMMEND PICK THIS GAME. I really enjoy this game please let upcoming m3 has a lot of features like the president simulation lite i mean just like it's graphic in millitary and economy big thanks. Good game but graphic are little boring and i recommended them to check the rise of Nations to take some inspiration. A good game but the only problem is that if you could allow the president to be able to enter the city it will make sense so I advise you to download the game.

This game concept is very good and like to play this but this game is crashed many times.please fix this.. I have made a review before, but thanks to Oxiwyle for the response, now this game is one of the most enjoying, entertainimg, addictive game in my opinion. This game is awesome and its my childhood game back then. But it crash alot and slow FPS i was disappointed that im unable to play it. Will you reduce the crash? I'll rate 5 later if you could.. Hard, but at the same time kinda fun when managing a stupid amount I things, let alone remembering how to find them! I like it.

Brothers this game is good but if you make this game another sequal so plz add balastic missile and also add missile defense system development like nuclear warfare plz sir do this plz . Tryed to download the game but when it reached the time to install to my phone, it didn't work just wasted my data. Best game I jus wish they can develop the game to the point they also include Ai to interact with , it would be perfect. This game is underrated it's the best, I see future. Great game! But pls don't convert this game to online!! This fun will be ruined by common innocent player. Every online game is blinded and become endless boring because of them! Let this game just for educational purposes. That's fun..

I think..this game have some bugs because other my build resources not to make any progress to make sources..and other big country/states have full resources own their region..and probably always try sabotage or make some tricky method to the small state or low resources on them.. UN should punish to who try make a mistake movement on the small state. You start the game with a deficit in everything and your people are in hunger your foreign relations suck but what annoys me is that when you want to trade you can only sell a product for 10% the price you can buy it for so for example you might buy something for 100 a unit but if you wanna sell the same thing you'll sell for like 11 a unit WHY? is my country under sanctions or what ? And why are you trying to make me use real money to buy these things? i want to play the game realistically .. Give new update pleazel> Plz add some new opshion and add sell land of our country opshion and also add to multipler and this iportants opshion sell our nuclear boom and tanks and add all contrys provinces and also add if we attack we have no oppsion to attack country their provinces plz if you add this i try to share this game to many people you release this new update quickly plz. The more you make this game real, the more people will like to play your game, the best example of this is PUBG mobile game, according to me, you should make some changes in this game, like the first change should be that you Only the countries of the world are visible in the world map, but the names of their lions should also be visible. On zooming, the borders of their lions and their cities should also be visible, due to which the user playing your game will enjoy it better because I am the.

Great game, addictive, but I'd recommend to add more things to do like add Aircraft Carriers, add missiles, add more Air force planes, like fighter jets! But this game is so great overall, the devs did a great job on making this Masterpiece.. this game maybe can add like the plane name like sukhoi and we can choose another tank with different price. Amazing game. I just wanted to ask how can a country join me without war? Thanks I will try. Will we have Ma3.

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