NameNinja Superhero Fighting Game
ReleaseFighting Arena

It’s time for real battles. Download Ninja Superhero Fighting Game for android, you will have plenty of free time to become a real ninja superhero in this entertaining performance.

Can you become a martial arts champion, and professional kung fu fighter and test your limits in a fascinating story? Our protagonist will have to somehow save his beloved girl named Ying Yue Li. She was kidnapped by local criminals, so it will not be so easy to kill them all and save her beloved. He will have to destroy the entire mafia network in the city, and then get to the boss himself.

The inhabitants of the city are simply going crazy, as this lawlessness on the streets has long bothered everyone. Discover the best qualities of a tough fighter in yourself, save not only the city but also your beloved girl from a crowd of criminals.

He will be able to show everyone how to deal with gangsters, beat them with his fists, use different techniques and win in each of his fights. Use a variety of weapons, baseball bats, iron bars, and cool features. Your hero will jump, run and wave his arms, which means he must defeat any enemy.

Ninja Superhero Fighting Game MOD

Fun game, but there's SEVERAL things that need improvement: 1 An option to get rid of the annoying forced ads. 2 Wider variety of weapons. 3 Co op mode (most arcade and beat em ups have that), and 4 No grab and hold, or grab and throw feature for players or enemies (that's standard as well in these types of games). There's also an issue where the game sometimes crashes. That needs to be fixed. . I like fighting is also good your name is also good I want this game that's why I am giving 4 star thank you please reply this comment and fix when I started the game it is not working so much proper to fix this glitch thank. It's lovely but needs more trying like harder and you know what I mean I need it to be like level harder and I need more skills like a backflip front-flip. You have a little while and have mobile home I can get it done and have to get a room at noon so I'll have the money from a friend and have mobile app for android download it from my news live the weekend of March so we will see my everything my wife and your dad I will be in a few days to the hotel to get up and I can do the weekend and I can do the time to do that to me so you have any idea as the time I will talk about the weekend and effort to get the same price and I can do the weekend. This is the second time I've downloaded this game and still it keeps backing this game does not even deserve a Star.

Ninja Superhero Fighting Game APK

You know what, Crem de la crem Babes, this game is the one,you See when we talk about action We are talking about this game So please download it and you Will know what i'm talking about, .OMG,I'm satisfied with this Action.. I love the game the graphics are kinda odd but that's fine i like this game I wish I can give this game 10 million stars this is the best game I've ever played I played Minecraft Roblox Fortnite pubg call of duty among us but this one is the best one I've ever played . Vii semester results in a few things I want a great day for a few more questions than a year ago reply and I have to do it for example a good day to you will be able to have you will be a. I can assure you this game is really good.But I don't give it 5 stars because the told me I can make a team but I looked did not see any place to press..

Ninja Superhero Fighting Game APK

Download ( V7.4.5 )

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