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REFACE: face swap video is a popular face swap app. Have fun swapping your face for a celebrity or movie character. Create interesting memes, videos and share them with your friends via social networks and instant messaging. Transform into Conor McGregor, Robert Downey Jr, and other famous characters. Trust me; it’s fun!

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I love this app but can you do the reverse can you create a scenario where I can upload a video of myself and put a face swap on it please that would be better. The alarming news is that, this app collect your location, financial info and so on. My question is that why they need our financial info ?. So bad app after you will download you can't use without purchase this. So don't fool guys if you have money then you can try it .... Unistalling now. Wrost app ,yeh app mai photo safe nahi h,so ban kare,totko mai istmal ho Raha h ,is app ko band kare. Very bad app the main thing of the app is not even Free it's not even fair . What do we do then if we can't even do anything on the app . Please make it free.

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Disappointed. The app was great when it came out. Loved being able to add my face or friend' face on movie clips or popular memes to use as response to texts or in chats. Now all it is is a bunch of AI images. Looks like this app has taken after all the other apps that used to be good and gave into just monetizing and not caring about what its original users want. Will check again in a few months, but if it keeps going this way, it probably won't be around.. It's a scam cheat.. krok of s..t seriously saviour time save your phone memory and don't give these people the time of day.. this is just a cash grab. they ask you to pay before you even start the app and it's literally only to access the app. once you're in you have to pay much more to use the app. please take this app down.. App no longer has all movies/characters available. Even wrestlers are no longer available. Wish I would've never updated. Please update app or I will be removing..

Reface Pro APK

This app is too good to use. It allows the user to made new style videos ets. Many pictures can also utilize in it. I strongly recommend this app to gather the fun in one place. Do install it for quick enjoyment.... Thanks to Developer.... I am giving this app 5 stars because this app has wonderfull and I really enjoyed this amazing app. I really appreciate the developer to provide this amazing app. I recommended this app to others for your guidance ... ! Thank you Dear, for providing us a beautiful app... !. It's a very good editing app. It is particularly known for its beauty filters and auto retouching capabilities. With Fotor, you can instantly enhance your selfies and portraits with just a few taps ... Highly recommend this. I am giving this app five stars because this app is has a gorgeous interface I enjoyed this app Soo much. This interface is really helpful and easy for use.This is great app. I highly recommend to other install this app. Thank you for Creater for create this amazing app...!.

Reface Pro APK

Best face changer it changes face in photos and videos. I like this app, it's very interesting.If you wish to laugh and have some fun, this thing is truly for you.... Worst app. You have to watch add to save changed photo on the other hand there are no option to change face of video .. I have fun creating with this app but again they are playing with my money. The 1st time I had to wait weeks to get my issue resolved and here we are again.My card was damaged, so I had to get a new one. It charged my account amd still wants me to pay for weekly or unlimited before I can use it again . If I have to pay any way other than the way I have been I'm deleting. This app used to be Soo fun.. you could actually put your face on funny videos and old movies and celebrities.. now it's just a bunch of A.I junk like every other app.. if I could get it zero stars I would.. you had such a fun app.. but you had to go ruin it.. uninstall for me.. I used to be able to be Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, or Cheech and Chong.. but not anymore.. y'all destroyed a cool app.

Please add bollywood vintage bikini like zeenat aman, juhi chawa, rambha, and Please add celebraties instagram photos or videos. Like keerthy suresh, samantha, urvashi rautela, ameesha patel etc.. This app was fun . The family enjoyed great laughs . We are sorry we must depart from my account. It brought back many long forgotten memories. Didn't find the wicked witch, the elves, the flying monkeys or oompaloompas , Candyman but we had fun. Recommend it when gets a little boring.. this app was amazing...3 years it is to swap with memes and cringe...worthless app..don't waste your time...meh, only good thing I can say is it let's you reface your own photos and videos, that's cool....but this app went downhill. It WAS fun! Like so many in the last months we enjoyed its ability to use clips from movies and TV and add our own faces to them. I had a wonderful idea and so I went to my old favorite only to be utterly disappointed in what it has become. Just another social image site. Uninstalled immediately. BTW I gave it five a star review before, but now I fixed that to reflect what it's become. *Edit* I changed my rating to reflect your reply, I was guessing that was the case..

Don't get it. Their is no way to cancel my subscription. Deleting it won't cancel it. It doesn't show up in Google pay subscription. They are a scam. The app doesn't even work. Stay away from them. Can't cancel my subscription. It comes out weekly. I want to cancel my subscription please cancel it.. Payed app. For free you only can upload an image on the app that is totally usless. You download app and upload an image. That is all. LOL. This app isn't worth $ 4.99 a week I just barely realized I was being charged for like 3months that's 59.88 I am pissed . I loved this app. It was great for creating when it had more images and videos from movies and celebrities. I agree with many of the other comments about the best features are no longer available. I do wonder if they ran into licensing issues with some of the previous images. It is a shame. If it returns the way it was....I will update with more stars.

Useless app....Totally waste of money....Don't buy any subscription from this app...I bought 1 week subscription....After I try swap face it totally worked liked cartoon face.....Now a days unpaid apps giving realistic vibe on swap face...So this app is totally waste of money.. Dude what happened to the option to put my face on captain jack Sparrow and ironman like bruuuh go to download the app again and I can't go that do that . Gotta change my star rating now. Not as good as it used to be. Don't bother paying for the full version. It used to have movie clips, trailers and music videos. Now it's all shorts and tik tok celebs that you can swap faces with. Totally not worth it at all.... Its just a piece of garbage. It ask you to pay befor you can test even with watermark photos. Dont wase your tame anda data internet to test this. ___--------_____ There is no trial period on thia app. Dont waist your time to lie on this..

So, i purchased this app for 40 dollars and when i try to use the pro features, it keeps telling me to pay for it. :( i think i will take my money back.. t used to be good with the movie this app is one of the worst.waste of time. I downloaded this app when it first came out, loved it then, but now it has zero movie clips to choose from and almost every single video it let's you choose is AI generated. Sad to see a once good app go downhill so badly . Man why you removed revoice video feature that was most unique that makes this app different from others so now i am out.... (when you fix it then i Am in).

Why did they get rid of all the good features? You used to be able to put your face on movie/show characters, and now it's mostly just AI art stuff. Was it a copyright issue or something? Either way, it's not as good as it used to be.. App has become very very bad , all nice previous features must be paid to be used , just the answer will be ( We are sorry that you are unsatisfied ) . It's really that they have stripped the app and the respect content of the app . It is not it . even the new edition offers bad content just relating to ( Body ) not ( Face ) . They have changed it to ( Rebody ) not ( Reface ) .. Cant do much of stuff because of the absurd Inappropriate Content Detector which flags even decent vids inappropriate, when some of your template vids are much more naked, will just cancel my subscription and find other face swap app. Your ai sucks.. What a scam. Bought the lifetime subscription only to have them remove all the features I used and put them in another app. Not even subscribing to the new one because you can already tell they are removing all the good stuff..

Was great when you could put your face in the movie pics and videos. Now it's just another face editor. I tried to select picture to edit bt every time it fails to select pictures. And get me back to my gallary again and again. Update for 2023.... the app is no longer any good. Almost all the searchable content is gone, along with most other features. Very limited with what you can do now. Deleted.. Users, I obviously don't need to tell you that this app is not free, they advertise as it it were, but you have to way over $100 bucks, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT, DO NOT FALL FOR IT. There are much better options on the internet.

It used to be cool. Now it's just sub par. Wasn't a year or two ago you could reface so much more than you can now. I remember free version having music video clips you could reface and movies. Now it's just "bleh".. I used to love the app. Now it's hard to find the things I used to use and instead they are pushing different projects they are doing. I don't know I want my face swaps from people in the community contributing videos and images. Old searches I made don't work anymore.. From when pay for use this app whatttttt before its a Free app for use but now .... Well app no any doubts its a amazing. Used to be great. Now a POS. Removed all good photos and vids. Not even pro has it. Later reface... you had something really great and then ruined it..

I love this app it's my favourite app what app his this amount of effort than this app please tell me an app better than this there will be no app better than this app. These type of app take your money and make same Ai photos we're other free app make the same pic but in free. Was once half decent, but lately it's become very laggy and glitchy, also seems to be pushing the advertising, you choose to watch a advert to get rid of that watermark and it shows the add but goes straight back to the option of watching a add to get rid of the watermark or even have to watch a second 30 second advert, getting to the point of annoying and becoming unusable now.. This app used to be cool but then I didnt use it for a couple months but when I tried it out again it turned totally pro broke back mountain across the board. So if I really wanted to see this much gayness I would get a job at a gay night club..

After previously having had the app, I re-downloaded it only to discover thar literally everything is locked behind a pay wall. You can't even change one single photo to check it out. Screw this!. Honestly this app is money digger, i wouldn't recommend paying cash for 48 generated image that is only made by an A.I which is not worth it. The Generation is not accurate already gave me a first impression that this app is for real bad..

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