NameTalking Tom Sky Run
ReleaseOutfit7 Limited

Talking Tom Sky Run – Air runner with a famous character in the title role. Before you are a dynamic runner, the creators of which were the authors of the famous cat, nicknamed Tom.

This time you will go in pursuit of thieves not on the road, but through the air on a fast plane. Download Talking Tom Sky Run for Android and start your journey. According to the plot, a group of raccoons stole a very powerful source of energy and even closed Tom’s friends in cages. He, like a true savior, sets off in pursuit of raccoons to return the source of energy and save his friends. Unfortunately, no one else will do it but him. You, of course, will help him in this difficult matter.

In terms of gameplay and mechanics, the game is no different from similar runners and projects from this studio. Only here you will not run but fly on an airplane. Management is typical for the genre. The aircraft can be moved in four directions: right, left, up, and down. Thus, you will overcome various obstacles that will arise in your way, and there will be plenty of them. Collect coins along the way, as you can use them to purchase various upgrades for Tom. Download Talking Tom Sky Run for Android right now and start playing.

Talking Tom Sky Run MOD

I gave it a 1 because THE CONTROLS ARE LAGGING AND GLITCHING AND THE CONTROLS ARE DIFFERENT THEN TOM RUN AND TOM HEROES bye. Yes I like this but you have to stop using the mini models for your new games it's getting repetitive I want you to use the models from the game talking Tom and Friends I really like those models but your using the mini models too much I don't want to see the mini models in the next talking Tom game because nearly every app you have the mini models just please stop . I love the mechanics and the controls, they are completely different than any other runners I played and are really challenging to master. After playing few times I see I am getting good at it and its so much fun blasting those raccoons!!!. The most common person is the best of the year 6AM is my first time in Africa aleka soNewih in love and l and a great time th year eye to jesus and I am now a lot of people who are not used for everything I can make of my Tom as well and as a team of a good time of the. Look stupid. These ad let me close the apps permanently. And with black screen. It's take forever and know way. Dear Developer I Hate you..

Talking Tom Sky Run APK

Amazing game! Like a runner but flying, with more freedom of movement! Love the characters and the customization options. Must try!!.

Download ( V1.2.0.1340 )

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