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Our favorite Sims is coming to smartphones. The Sims Mobile gives free rein to your imagination. Choose a unique appearance for yourself and a particular character of your hero.

Give him your character, and choose a beautiful outfit and a cool hairstyle. It is up to you to develop a truly perfect home for your favorite characters, pick-up furniture, decorations, and other gameplay subtleties. Do everything possible so that your heroes achieve specific goals in their lives. Build their relationships with other characters as well as improve their modern life.

You can visit the most fantastic restaurants, bars, and cafes, spend the night at a great disco and just break away in some disco club. You have the right to arrange life for your characters, pick up a specific hobby, and pick up a good family for yourself.

Choose an extraordinary career as a designer or a professional doctor. Help the hero get out of numerous problems, build romantic relationships, and conduct some experiments. Have fun with this game project and make your Sims the happiest on this game planet.

The Sims Mobile MOD

Fun, so far! Will be downgrading the ratings if game quality drops, but so far, it's pretty engaging and fun!. The fact that you can't remove contacts and change what relationship you want with other Sims stupid. This needs to change. This game looks fun and all, it's just that it won't load. Whenever I try to open it, the game crashes.. This is a good game but I wish that you could make you Sims transfer energy to each other, other than that 5 stars .. It's just fun for me,but I find your challenges very much to complete especially when I make it halfway through I gain half, other than that I enjoy playing The Sims all the Sims .

The Sims Mobile APK

Playing this again after hiatus for years. Can't load the old save files and forced to start a new game that the old save files is overwrited. And couldn't pass the tutorial stage because the quest is stuck on bedroom furniture collection tutorial. Please get it fixed, I'm longing to play this again.. I have a bad stairs glitch so my stairs are colorful. If you fixed that I would give it 5 stars. I love this game but it takes a long time to do some things like the wedding tasks having to wait 7 hours cause you are broke sucks I wish their was a option to watch ads to die down the hours a least other than that I like this game. Yes it is good but when you Retired Sims they linger around your house and never leave It's annoying but besides that its a very good game..

The Sims Mobile APK

Worked fine for a couple of days and it was fun, if a bit simplistic. Now it just freezes on the first loading screen every time. I've tried clearing the cache, even restarting my device, nothing. Useless.. This is a excellent game! I never played this since 2014! It makes me create sims and do whatever! It's just 1 problem though... There's a little bit of ads. It's not annoying. 5 OUT OF 10! It's awesome!. i'm unable to open the game. i just downloaded it, but whenever i try to play it, it'll show me about 10 seconds of the opening screen before closing. i'm not sure what to do. i've uninstalled and reinstalled it, but to no avail. does anyone else have this issue??. Love the game all of the challenges and events the only problem image is the energy bar the sims 4 and the others don't have that and it annoys me a bit but other than that a amazing well done game.

The Sims Mobile APK

Nothing to do with the original game. No freedom to play. Dependent on very limited energy to perform boring actions. Careers, furniture, etc, are all locked at the beginning and you need to perform boring tasks to unlock them. No needs bar. Just very boring and dull in general.. they managed to kill the spirit of the pc game. Meh.. I love it but when ever I got onto the game it I would go to work and that stuff and then met my neighbors and then it kicks me out of game and then it makes me replay the last stuff I did. Please help i lost my account first my prgress is saved on google play facebook and ea games and then deleted the game and redownloaded it when i went to the game i pressed my progress and accidentally pressed lets play then i lost my account im back to level 1. why so many bugs? why my stuff keep losing? i buy for stuff and its not cheap. developer please fix this Edit : It just happen again, please, i use that stuff ('one of it' is the elevator, before it missing i do a mission then a minute later i do that mission without it , i cant do mission anymore). i just buy it, then i move to somwhere else and it just gone. what happen to your game? can i restore it? developer please.

this game is like the best game ever it's a little glitchy though but like not that glitchy I think everyone should try this especially me because I'm on a Chromebook so might be different for everyone else so this game is a five for me I really like it you should try it too. It is very good but the time you have to wait for it to load is ridiculous I mean ridiculous.. I like this game, if there is a problem because the game is bugged, my game just repeats when I see my character and I was surprised that my character has no body, only the head is visible, and there is Besides, I became a beginner again, the tutorial didn't work when I pressed the button.. I've wasted so much time trying to find a support email to ask a question ive stopped playing the game. One star untill I get there attention. Thanks in advance..

This gamr is super fun and I give this a 5 review bracausewhrn I'm board I just sit down and play sim and it doesn't have that much adds u don't even think it has addsanyways get this gane like right now. It started out pretty good I got to customize my character and stuff but when I was talking to a person it kicked me out of the game I don't know why I'm so stubborn but I should have listened to the reviews. If you see this try to read the other please thank you I hope they update the game to not kick people out of the game.. The game will not load on my new phone. I reached out to the developers for assistance and did not hear back. Tried to give it a month in case the app needed an update, but it's still broken.. I love Sims, but this game is just predatory on making you spend money. The higher you level, the quests start to require higher and higher energy (one quest has actions requiring 25 energy and you only have 30 as a max). You can re-fill it, but it's all on a time limit. Prices on things are outrageous. I would spend money to support, but I can't with how absurd this game is. The game play is also just weird. I like that it's very Sims 4, but it's also not at the same time. Where are the needs?!.

If I could give this a negative review I definitely would because I have been trying for 3+ hours to play the game and it literally restarts at a certain percentage all the way to the beginning it's extremely infuriating that I can't even play the game the way I want to anymore. EA yall need to fix this immediately. Hi!me from 3 years later,the graphics are pretty good but from what I know the sims don't even have needs in this game,but overall it's a good game.. Dear EA can you please make the sims 4 that is on computers but you can play it on Mobile (also y'all are awesome and I love your games). Love the Sims mobile, but things have gone down hill for long time players. They are re-running to much and saying it's for the new players but they need to balance it out a lot more because there's just not enough for us to do. Over the last two months all iv done is one new event plus the last 2 festivals and wumples have been re-runs. What is going on with ea? Will the new content pick up ? It feels like they have no regard and loyalty to us long time sims mobile fans..

I have tried NUMEROUS times to install this game and play it with no avail!! I have tried forcing the app to stop then reopening it, nothing. Uninstalling it then reinstalling it, nothing. It just opens to the "EA and Maxi" screen then crashes!! I have been able to play this game before and loved it, so if I could, with help from technical support (hopefully), I would love to be able to play it again!! It's very disappointing to have this problem, and I have had this ongoing issue for MONTHS!!. Okay, I played this app in the far past. I've also read multiple reviews, some from 2023 and some from 2020. I haven't reinstalled this game because I found it boring and meaning less. I know this game is supposed to be like the Sims 4, but it isn't even close to it at all! First of all, it's not even a simulator of life. You don't have your usual needs, instead, you have 30 things of energy. EA, you took out the actual living portion of the Sims! I suggest the Sims Freeplay instead of this game. This game is amazing ive played it before, but i redownloaded it and now once ive created my character an i click play it will take for ever to load like it will redownload storage over and over again ive redownloeded it over and over again but it dosent stop.. It was ok at first but when i was done fixing my apartment it was downloading and it keeps on going I can't play!.

I have tried to get a refund or something for the items I paid for and lost in the game with no response, if I dispute the charges are you guys going to take it to court? I'm about to find out because this is ridiculous.. I love this game it's super fun but the only reason why I give you 4 stars is because I don't really like the title that's all Because you can't even tell that the Sims. Amazing! I have played before a long time ago but had to get rid of it bc of so much lag. But now I'm playing it again and I'm having fun.. This game literally sucks just get the regular Sims game because you have to listen to the game and do exactly what is wants for about an hour and it is so annoying plus you don't get to do anything you can do in the normal Sims in addition if you don't have and iPhone the graphics suck It is an overall pain to play and just so annoying.

Pretty good for a mobile game, but I'd prefer it if the sims didn't just magically teleport to wherever I clicked and that they actually used the chair that I have provided for them in the study while reading a book. Perhaps, the game can detect objects in the same room and add an "and..." to the menu, such as "Relax and... Read A Book.".. Need more like time period style homes and things like viking style homes and interior design japanese style castles European style and a way to make lots of money and level up faster may be put in a casino or lottery all so time period shirts pants shoes you know and a way to own pets like dogs ferrets cats and exotic animals and a way to own cars trucks boats plains just more to do that way overall fun game just needs more All so 3023 it won't download the game to play it bug fix it. This game was a waste of money, I won't be buying anything else because the game not moving, meaning I'm stuck. Fix your bugs, please. This is not cool.. Just port the sims 4 pc version on android And make it one time purchase on the base game its up to them if they buy the dlc's.

I love this game but i would like it even more if people could watch ads to skip events but overall would recommend. This is a good game but one guestion. Is it possible to date your roomate in this game? I have 2 sims and they are both male, but is it possible them to have a relationship? I've tried to make them closer to eachother and I've tried to build a relationship between them, but it isint working. If it's not possible, I wish that it would be.. Es decepcionante ver cmo Los Sims Mvil carece del contenido y la jugabilidad que caracterizan a Los Sims FreePlay y a la saga de PC. Hay una brecha significativa que lo separa de ser considerado un verdadero juego de Los Sims para dispositivos mviles. Esperemos que futuras actualizaciones aborden estas deficiencias y mejoren la experiencia! Adems, el juego adolece de desarrollo, con notables ausencias de expansiones que son clave para hacer que Los Sims sean divertidos y variados.. Is it possible to make this available for those who don't have signal to play this game because it would be nice to play it when I don't have signal.

I love the game. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because I am not able to finish the timed quests. They don't give enough time and I am not able to constantly buy cupcakes or skip it. Please fix this.. Absolutely garbage you can barely do anything in the game because you lose all your energy and then all the actions take so long love it if maybe there was a skip button like that actual Sims game but of course not.

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