NameTower Defense Heroes
ReleaseIron Horse Games LLC

Tower Defense Heroes – Strategy for mobile devices with cartoonish design. An excellent mobile strategy designed in the style of “fortress defense”, in which the player needs to correctly place the towers around the perimeter and protect his base from the impending threat in the form of monsters.

If you like such strategies, then you should Tower Defense Heroes and try this toy. After the start, you will find yourself in a fantasy world full of heroes and monsters. You need to place defensive troops and towers around the perimeter of your base so that they can destroy the impending threat in the face of evil monsters. At the same time, you can hire a hero who can move around the game arena and destroy these monsters.

For destroying monsters, you will receive resources that you can spend on various upgrades for towers, new towers, as well as buying a new hero. The peculiarity of the game is that it can work in passive mode. That is, the gold will drop to you in passive mode when you are offline. All actions are controlled with one touch. We recommend that you download Tower Defense Heroes and try out the fantasy universe.

Tower Defense Heroes MOD

love the game! its F2P friendly. but i hope you have sleep mode to lessen battery consumption because the game wont progress when offline so we have to stay online.. It's just very awesome, idk why. Maybe because you will get thrilled and sometimes amazed by the game. I proved also to myself that you need lots of luck in this game.. Honest, simple game. Devs have a good sense of humor and are actually active in regards to responding to players. Cheers!. I have played for a while now and I can say it is fun and not over run with ads... also you don't have to pay to rise higher in lvls... I mean I have spent a little bit but you don't have to and if you decide to spend money you actually get value in game for the amount you spend.... I've had this game installed for ages now! It's a nice game to bring up now and again to help kill a little time. It runs stable on the Galaxy s21 ultra..

Tower Defense Heroes APK

I've been playing this game for about a week and I love it! The difficulty isn't so much as to be frustrating, but it doesn't feel like it's just being handed to me. I haven't had any crashes or glitches. In-game ads are totally optional, and the boosts you earn are worthwhile. I do wish the offline earnings were a little bigger, but the idle component while the game is open is great. There's enough to do that you don't just open the game briefly, collect, and close again. All around a good game. Fun grind!!! This game is easy to learn. As you go up in levels, you can customize your towers. There are many elements to strengthening your defense. If you like grind, tower defense, on going fun, this is it!!! I'm in it for the long haul :). Fun in the beginning but gets old fast. It looks like there hasnt been an update in 15 months and hasn't been a content update in longer. After only a week I had everything unlocked. Its basically power creep of your towers versus slight HP and shield power of the attackers. That being said the content is free and there's nothing that you need to spend money on to enjoy full game play except possibly ad skip.. The game has a very interesting concept, I like it so far. A few things that might improve it: More upgrades available earlier in the game. Upgrades on each tower; Firespeed - Range - Special ability upgrades. Info sheets on how to progress. Buttons to speed-up/pause the game. (Currently it seems to be a non paid version of this, although I'm not so interested in downloading other games to be able to get access to this feature) :/ Looks great otherwise .

Tower Defense Heroes APK

Great game. Definitely needs an update on powering up multiple levels on heroes at once. Upgrading one by one is a little annoying but other than that good game. Easy, catch on very quickly. It's nice to be able to play without interruption, but when upgrading the DPS on the tower, I'm very tired of typing one by one. So I ask for an update on the DPS upgrade to 10x or up to a maximum of maybe 100 or also 100x. Good idle game, gold income is very slow, would be nice to be able to upgrade any hero from the hero panel and not just in game and also swap out heroes ingame more than once. No ads, unless you want to watch. Game is simple to understand and they add free features to make game more idle the farther you advance. Great tower defense game!.

Tower Defense Heroes APK

I try to play but it won't load. I do think it is a good game tho I am just guessing. Paid to receive ad rewards without having to watch the ads. No ads in over two hours the next day, aka no rewards either. Offerwall claims I haven't started anything despite wasting an hour doing surveys.. Firstly, I am happy with ads that don't lie about the game. Huge, huge plus. Beyond that, the game is not mindblowing, but it is good solid fun. There are no interstitial ads. Another huge plus. As of how far I am in the game, it doesn't feel terribly grindy yet. The game keeps me occupied when I want to, without demanding so much attention that I can't look up from it if needed. Very enjoyable. Thanks!. Very fun and plenty of free gems you don't have to pay at all. However if you decide to support waaay too expensive the 3 basic bundles for removing ads increasing damage etc will set you back 15 dollars each.

I just played 24 hours and i kinda like it. Its a slow game but good enough to pass the time. Games is GOOD, BUT game is also DEAD. the game update has been stopped since 2020 and community on media is basically none existence.. I love this game so far. The only down fall is I think a little more gold would help per wave. And gems slightly. It was fun to play but items/store stuffs are ridiculously expensive. I usually thow money to devs via purchases as token of appreciation but its just i think they are overcharged. It is hard to grind even online as mobs gives only +1g. Also spell tabs must be maximized as we can infinitely change then within one wave. Its bother changing everyoften when used..

This game is awesome. Playing for 21hrs now and i am enjoying it. I used to play warcraft and Frozen throne later. The game reminds me of Frozen throne TD maps. It's definitely unique game if you are looking for pure old school fun. There is possibility to buy many things to boost yourself but so far i spent only 7 to remove AD . And in 2 days i am at lvl 200+ Good job devs keep rocking. One suggestion only, is it possible to add one click option for all towers to focus boses.. Pretty fun, I wish the speed was faster, like more than 2x. I feel that normal and 2x speed should be default available and up to 4x should be purchasable. Over all pretty fun time killer.. Nice time killer only reason im leaving a review is because it wont stop asking me to other then that its an okay game. Game is grindy takes days to get real progress. I be nice if the menu had a option not to pause. Would 5 star if that was a option..

Pretty good tower defense game with a cool twist on character development. Definitely try this game out, it'll have you hooked for hours on end!!!. Game is ok. Hasn't received an update since Oct 2020. Could use different events. The pvp is a nice touch along with the skill system. Game has potential but lack of developers it seems.. Not many maps and being able to place units in all areas would be nice so im not limited by number but by area. So far, so good! And haven't been asking me for money every 20 seconds like most games. When I can afford to do so ill help support with some cash!.

It's mindless fun. Unfortunately, it somehow disables induction charging and drains battery pretty fast. Leave your phone plugged in while playing and you're OK.. It starts fun, and quite simple... But there is not much to do... you end up just leaving it running while on the charger for hours, playing for 5 minutes picking upgrades with your earnings then waiting. Fun, tho slow gold gain and that might sour your experience. However I am only at level 80, gold might be easier to get later. But now its 1 gold pr kill. Uppgrading takes AGES and that will slow down progression.. In my opinion I think the loading is bad 2 the game is the same thing every time I'm only 10 lol.

Solid game. Playable without paying. Just don't think you can top the leaderboards without it(but the game isn't really about pvp and proving you're the best) so nothing negative about the game, really.. good game needs more tho like the 4 hour limit feels dumb I understand u need to make money but that bugs me also need more maps like those that cross back and forth so u can use your slower guys more cuz there's no point out side the beginning and end of the map also i like big butts i can not lie. It is fun a bit glitchy ads wise and in app purchases way too expensive but fun none the less. It's a fun silly tower game. I like how you can play without having to pay but can if you wanna speed up progress. Fun time killer when I'm waiting on other afk games to generate resources lol.

Dev honesty got me to download, tower defense enjoyment got me invested, quality game keeps me hooked. It is what it is but if you like what it is, youll enjoy it.. Progress is much too slow unless you invest in microtransactions. A blatant cash grab. Aside from that, a cute game and decent way to pass the time.. Great game! I have been enjoying this TD experience quite a bit and very little pressure to buy upgrades. The advancement is easily gained through grinding and it's not tedious. Very enjoyable!. I love how the units levels move from map to map and all the ways you can power them up..

This Is the best tower defence game I have ever played and will ever play. Thank you for making this game.:). Very Enjoyable! Yes pay to get a lot further faster is a thing but you can have great fun for free!. Gameplay is fun and the devs are honest, while there is pay to win the game definitely isnt pay to play. Id apreciate a bit more variety in graphics and music but aside of that its a good game. I'm so far really enjoying it the writing is fun, the animation is adorable, but im leaving at 4/5 just so i can leave up some suggestions, when trading gems and scrolls, maybe an option to press on either side to increase/decrease amount manually, i know some folks dont have great manual dexterityand sliders are nightmares, also, more options for combos of paid content, like, x2 with no ads, or other things like that Keep up the great work.

Unbelievably as described. Only plays ads you decide to play. Worth a peek if TD/wave games are your jam.. Actually pretty fun no in your face ads like other games, although you can choose to watch ads for free stuff here and there. Fun game without pushing adds. Good for people who can play a bit and let it sit for a bit.. Standard tower defense. Ad's aren't invasive and are only activated when you request them. Could use some UI improvements like hot swapping of units or locating via the menu,.

Pretty fun tower defense. No weird pay walls, as far as the early levels are concerned at least progress is stable and no micro transactions are necessary. If you choose to watch an ad the rewards are worth it and it's ways your choice. A very respectable game, bjg props!. Game is way too focused on making you have your phone awake. Idling only gets you some gold, to actually progress or do pretty much anything you have to have the app open and your phone awake. This coupled with the slow enemies and no way to speed it up (without giving away money) makes this game extremely boring. This game is very fun, I would suggest the ads removal bundle, but other than that, great to free play. Perfectly average. It's fine. You can get a reasonable amount of progression without paying. But the game is nothing special. Enjoyed for a while, got bored..

A great game if you like idle monster TD the other game by this dev and want more TD action. Some times after the ad, the enemies won't move from their place, I think this a glitch, otherwise this is an excellent time killer, when all you want to do is just waste time.. Game is fun if you like to grind away. There is enough to keep you busy awhile. The big negative is these guys charge was way too much cash for things. For is slower than most so they charge double, and almost triple of most games that are faster to start with. 4.99 to speed up game compared to 1.99 or some gold and rubies. Everything is overpriced this way. I will play until it is no fun anymore. The WATCH ADS now freezes the game . No rewards. It is good. Should be able to unlock more perks for free. For example for reaching higher levels and watching adds. Otherwise it's fun..

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