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ReleaseIron Horse Games LLC
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Tower Defense Heroes – Strategy for mobile devices with cartoonish design. An excellent mobile strategy designed in the style of “fortress defense”, in which the player needs to correctly place the towers around the perimeter and protect his base from the impending threat in the form of monsters.

If you like such strategies, then you should Tower Defense Heroes and try this toy. After the start, you will find yourself in a fantasy world full of heroes and monsters. You need to place defensive troops and towers around the perimeter of your base so that they can destroy the impending threat in the face of evil monsters. At the same time, you can hire a hero who can move around the game arena and destroy these monsters.

For destroying monsters, you will receive resources that you can spend on various upgrades for towers, new towers, as well as buying a new hero. The peculiarity of the game is that it can work in passive mode. That is, the gold will drop to you in passive mode when you are offline. All actions are controlled with one touch. We recommend that you download Tower Defense Heroes and try out the fantasy universe.

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