NameAvatar Life – Love Metaverse
Release101XP LIMITED

The world of Avataria is a place where there are no barriers to self-expression and all dreams come true! Avataria is one of the most popular social media games now for Android!

Avataria – a world without restrictions for your self-expression, a world with a sea of ​​​​opportunities, a world where any of your fantasies come true! In Avataria, life flows according to its own laws, and each inhabitant of this world is a unique person who is able to change this world at will.

Game features:

  • A rich selection of hairstyles to help emphasize your individuality.
  • The ability to equip your apartment as you like, a huge selection of furniture, and decor will allow you to turn your home into a real work of art and emphasize your individuality.
  • Be always in the center of attention, communicate and meet new people. Avataria has many opportunities to make new friends.
  • Lots of mini-games where you can win unique items to customize your character and home.
  • The ability to compete with other people by taking part in daily events. Various tops and ratings of players.
  • Each inhabitant in the game is a separate player capable of influencing the world.
  • The game is able to drag you into the world of Avataria for a long time.
Avatar Life – Love Metaverse MOD

People who play the game are very rude and mean if you ask for help with the task they tell you off and call you all kinds of names and say very hurtful mean things.. Cool app but sometimes when i go out i ha e to sign in agin and some times it takes me out of game plz fix it and hwlp with the long resource download. ahm this game is good but if this game have good design that will be very awesome. the boy face is not looking that good..... don't mind please.. This game to boring and every time loding loding loding loding it's to much anoing me,my all friends and my brother, sister hate this game. Please, I want u back in PC! Avataria! eu sei que tem uma verso pra baixar em desktop, Mas eu tinha uma conta no Avataria do Facebook, h anos! Desde 2015 (Gislany) e perdi tudo!!! Qual a graa disso? Eu tinha muitas roupas, acessrios, mveis, etc, e gastei muito nisso, mas agora simplesmente preciso recomear!? Eu quero minha conta de volta, ou algo equivalente..

Avatar Life – Love Metaverse APK

It's game is very cool and smart for us and it's a cool and smart for our it 's a very good idea to make game tnx by. The game has a bug and it need to download resources every time I enter the games. Plz fix it. I see no improvement has been made so it either has been abandoned or they just don't give a damn!!. I love this game I don't want my little sister to see this or else you would know how that would happen anyway I can love this game to the and.

Avatar Life – Love Metaverse APK

The game didnt give me stuff to where so I deleted it and its long time to load pls make the game better. Hi Ielhtej and you can get a pizza Jfkwjd e a surprise ceremony tomorrow lol Nich to get my babies up for lol Dkhhep I was up to me more. stupid game. ive played my whole life and its not avalible on facebook anymore.. and if you are cerious. no your acc doesnt save when you install on phone. BRING IT BACK ON FACEBOOK!!!!. Was this game abandoned? Seems like a game that was made but is no longer supported or monitored? Very little choices for clothing and hard to load other servers. Chat is also awkward to use. Otherwise it's a cute fun social game. I played it a year or 2 ago and I remember it had more to do. Definitely has an abandoned feeling now.

Avatar Life – Love Metaverse APK

I thought this game will be interesting. Every time where I download this game it usually hanging and removing itself. I am very angry on you. plz fix this problem or l will never play your game ever. it will be interesting soon .ok. I've been playing the game years ago when it suddenly wasn't available on facebook anymore. And I'm curious if whether or not I can still access my account from there since I don't want to start over again.. Please add features for LGBT community, many guys want to date guys, and girls with girls but can not because of lack of function(. Love this game!!! Great features, everyone is very helpful, task based but fun and you always have something to do.

I play this game when it was still in facebook I play this game since the 1st grade back in 2010, nostalgic game ever. I had over 30 rooms and than the game just started over all by itself and I have put so much money into this game and it's all gone. Blunt rip-off of Highrise, compared to Highrise Avatar life has: Horrible avatar designs, Inappropriate, Boring cause there are less rooms, Avatars move too slow, It is nothing like what it is on the picture, Lastly don't even install it. it is a fun game I really like it I could talk with people now I have a lot of in real life and in the game.

Everything keeps loading only the place available in whole game is cafe this sucks... Just waste of time and data. I would have given more star's.i truly love this game.its perfect but a lot of things need to be fixed.i paid for gold coins and so much more.i had to get a new phone and it made me start all over again .so I'm not playing it .it sucks I really like this game.well I started over again paid for a lot of things once again it's not working.i really like this game but I'm never going to play or pay for your game.this is the second time it took my money.. I'm enjoying playing this game, and suddenly we experiencing a bug, my resources is downloaded, but I can't see other people wearing their clothes, it's only undies, and no furniture appearing on my house.. I have been playing this game since I was 11 now I am 18 I love this game its name was "avataria" I used to love this game and play it with my childhood friends as today I have been searching for this game I was very sad when I read that "avataria" has been deleted or removed , but when I found out that the game is on the Phone and it's name just changed to "avatar life" I was excited and happy it's fine they changed a game a little bit but it still 90% the same.

I recently got wrongfully reported by a jealous player. I cant login. And theres no available customer service where i can get my account back. Customer Support sucks! You just lost my money.. sucks it is so laggy and I'm hoping for huge revamp kindly add more interesting job it's the same scenario and may there's day and also night. I used to play this game on facebook but i eventually stopped. Today i thought let me download it. I downloaded it and i logged in with my facebook account and what did i see. Nothing was saved. I was so sad. I had so much friends here and its very emotional that none of it is saved. Hope you fix this problem. You should lower the cost of the offers you're selling. It doesn't make any sense for me to pay 4.99$ on a woman's account while you're charging only 1.99$ to men's accounts. I've been purchasing a lot on the game and it is just unfair for me to pay more money than men are paying. Fix it, please and I promise I'll be purchasing much more than usual.

I love this game, but it concerns me why everytime i spend few mins browsing on their stores, the game would hang afterwards, then i have to restart the game. In order for it to not hang, i must buy immediately . Please fix this. Otherwise, this game is cool for me.. I give it a one star because Im trying to find the Wednesday Addams hair outfit and hand but there's no search bar for me to look for it or anything so I'm really upset. I love it but then l guy started to harass me telling me to send him nude pics on Snapchat l hate it when he does that fix that and l will love the game. The game is just average, it's similar to other social games. I thought this one would have unique mini games but I was wrong. Also the graphics can be improved as their are many other games who are similar to this and are much better :(.

This game sucks, its total junk, it lagged and i couldnt even press one button it just didn't work. This dosent make sense but please fix this and I cant even play. This game is pretty nice but it's mb is too much and the prize should be a little lower please . I like when you get to create your own avatar rather its a guy or girl you still get to make new friends have relationships in the game you get to work on different tasks and quest to help you level up to keep you busy and I wish there was a way to earn money if you running low know how much cost to expand your own room when things get tight but the game is fun cool. Not a good game if people are bully's on it and they won't do nothing but sit there and watch and them kicking and slapping each other isn't ok and bringing the past up is dumb.

I suppose playing this game for a year's and naw I'm back to play avatar life.... but Noooooo it's not even opening after 4 day's back to play it..... to day's and yesterday and today it's not opening bad game .... don't waste your time on it believing me guys (Bad Game)... I've played this game a lot in my childhood with my sister. But it was Russian Avataria. Unfortunately, only few people play it nowadays. But it still brings some memories from the childhood. Also this music at home. . The resource pack is not downloading you do not have much to do unless the resource pack downloads it's taking forever I'm not going to wait.

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