NameCS: Surf GO. Bhop & Strafing
ReleasePDA Games

CSS: SurfGO. Shop & Strafing! is a shooting game that will delight fans of terrorists and special forces. Not only can you create a character, but you can also choose a unique weapon. This means that the players decide for themselves the main things. If we consider weapons, choosing the best goods in the store is very easy. By default, only pistols. In the first battle, they will undoubtedly help, but then you have to look at the machine gun. Many people choose one rifle and one pistol. This combination shows the need for roasting.

CS: Surf GO. Shop & Strafing! Be in a comfortable place and shoot from a distance. Many manage to eliminate a large number of opponents in this way. Also, in the game, you can act powerfully with a rifle. You don’t have to stay away. Even a single gun can take out a team in minutes if you shoot correctly. Experienced players remember that it’s worth playing, depending on the map. There are good places for active attacks. It is essential to arrange the breakout and not rely on luck. There are also maps where it is necessary not to show the nose around the corner.

Then it is essential to keep the doors open and wait for the opponents. In any case, there are safe passages for you to cross. Players judge their team. For example, they have guys with rifles and machine guns. When the fighters support the commander, rounds are allowed. It seems like a good idea to occupy a particular slope. However, he denies that it’s too late to return to another part of the map when it comes to explosives. A mod that makes a lot of money is the best salvation from failures. Any player can pick up a fast-firing weapon and no longer have to think about the problem. While the opponent shows the gun, you can modify the rifle.

CS: Surf GO. Bhop & Strafing MOD

The game is good, but theres one problem. Im lagging without photo mode. Please add it back to the game so i wont be laggy and ill give it a 5 star. I like how paying for the vip doesn't even remove the forced ads you have to pay for that separately. Apart from this the gameplay is good.. I love this game i played it since it came out it really kind of blew out so now i just came back to it, and its Beatufull!. Love the game it's so much fun and I shared the game with my friends and family they also liked the game.. It's a pretty good game, only complaint is that there should be outdoor levels once in a while for a change of scenery. Microtransaction prices are actually reasonable for a change too..

CS: Surf GO. Bhop & Strafing APK

I just love this game! It is so addicting, and fun to play. I love playing these parkour games like this.. Best game ever a played a will love if they put more maps and skins it's cool and everything graphics almost perfect but cool a want more knife example: Butterfly Fire N Ice That's will be so cool but Thanks for your work. The game is good but maybe you can add a usp pistol just like in the original surf go. But the game is good. WAY, WAY TOO MANY ADS. In one match, you may fall off or have to restart the attempt in order to get a better score yet each and every time you do fall or try again you then have to watch another advertisement. I love time trial games and being the fastest in the world, and this game is decent. However, this game is built around forcing advertisements upon the player and ruining the users experience. Instead of ruining user experience, actually give them an incentive to watch it. Its Shameless..

CS: Surf GO. Bhop & Strafing APK

very good game but they should make it to where you can whatch an ad to get money not just for the mini game but for the shop too, that would make me very happy over all 7/10. Best game i ever play also whan my mood is off i play this game i feel very happy love you from india. This is a good game but please add more graphics settings, I am lagging like crazy. Like Resolution Scale or something, Thank you Dev!. All good so far, maybe a few crashes after playing for a long time but can we get an uodate on the hud? Like opacity rather than just removing all of em? And maybe a joystick atleast, i cant really hit those smooth movements like on actual csgo surf but ya and probably some new gloves or sumthin all good though I see a lot of potential..

CS: Surf GO. Bhop & Strafing APK

I gives this.. This because its a great game and i really Have fun but deleting the app makes your all progress of work on your knife and gloves will be deleted so yeah. Game is fun, but every time I die I get an ad. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Fun game, sure, but I don't want to watch a ton of ads every single time I die.. Finished hard mode with the time of 4:07 but a screen appeared asking to load save or continue current ( I pressed load save because I thought it would save my progress ) but instead I lost all my hard mode progress sadly. Die my friend die then cry but die game I don't die but cri die? Bad game friend die .

This game is good but every sigle die i has the add every i died so thats why i give it 4 stars. This ads a disgusting and the bots are playing but please remove this all ads and do better I've being so angry now! >:(. This game has a ton of ads who made this a gambler? if so then this game is trash dont spend your time and storage just for this game its completely useless. Saw this game on a YouTube video and instantly downloaded it its so fun I spent a whole hour playing!.

The game over all is great but when you beat the level the starting position is kinda bad bud the game is 10/10. It was a good game i loved it and it is still nice but you cant go back when you're in the shop and the jump button must come back in the endless mode pls. I wish I could give more stars, because wow. I love this game so much and I can't get bored with it. I contemplated even installing it at first but now I love it. If you are reading this and trying to figure out whether you wanna install it or not, just do it. It's a great game and you were thinking about getting it because it looks cool I'll assure you it's what you're looking for. Of course not everybody will like this game, but I'm giving it five stars and that should say something.. Really good! There are ads every 2-3rd time you die but you don't die too often. Really good graphics and smooth gameplay. You also don't need to pay to get good knifes/skins like karambits and stuff. Really good! Would recommend!.

people however likes Parkour this is a great for you I love this game I am going to spend money.

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