NameEjen Ali: Emergency
ReleaseMedia Prima Digital

In the fantasy story Ejen Ali: Emergency, an emergency has come. The enemy is attacking from all sides, and something has to be done.

As the main character, you will take on the role of Agen and then try to go through this adventure to the end. Embark on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the very depths of MATA. You will have the most modern equipment and weapons, so it’s time to explore the challenging levels. You will have to do everything to defeat any enemy and escape the robust protection of MATA. Explore every corner of this universe, destroy walls, move forward, and reach your main goal. Nothing can stand in your way, so it’s time to kill it and get another quest: high-quality graphics, an exciting space adventure, and many enemies.

Ejen Ali: Emergency MOD

I gave it 3 star because of a bug this game is cool and one of my favourite game but because of bug it says connection failed if I click no then the game starts but I cannot download any level because the connection problem pls fix it. Hampir purchase untuk mission azurium, but then connection problem, I thought it was me but my connection is good. All review is about connection problem so I believe the problem is on the server. Baru nk comeback hmmmm :'). Super coll and very good game for Ejen Ali's fans. But 1 issue, why it cost so many CR to upgrade like 500cr even more. Can you cost it developer. Thanks for the nice project. And i can only play "neonimus" level 1-10 and level 11 was unplayable. Can you fix it. . Please download ho jao main Tumhen is game ko bahut bar download karne ki koshish kar chuka hun lekin ho hi nahin Pata download karna hai please game bhi kam kar do is game company please Uske MBS ko kam kar do download karne ke please please please. Love the game,has great graphics and the controls are easy to master.but l can't download the extra file within the game,l've tried redownloading the game but it can't download the remaining files please fix that..

Ejen Ali: Emergency APK

It's awesome , but once I finish the 10th level in neomynous and about to enter the 11th it says connection problem please fix this thanks. This game is cool but when i play i cant download because it says no connection but its still a good game. I really love this game but I had problems downloading in it. It always says the connection failed. I looked at the reviews and it has the same problem too. Pls fixed it, I want to play this game again :(. why can i update when comes to level 11 i always stuck there.please fixed the conection problem i want to update my line was ok but if i try to update the conection in the is the problem please fixed it.

Ejen Ali: Emergency APK

Boringg.....I cant play it at all...why i cant download the level...Im using high internet but cant download...please fix it.. Barssa gaming is a great way to get a good feel for the game and the game is a great a great game game for you to t t and the game is a great game for you you you want to play with your your favorite game and play it with your own game and play play Game with with with with. Uuiiii Jjijcjfnfhchphigdiddgikgditsyigidgsgkdogeoeydgodkdkhdogdogdigdigfhfhfodyodgodig8ysiydgidgidiggixbkxgkdositdkgxigdidigxihct7xygjoahkehfwheihaxjshjcswkbe0r2g3r9kbvw0dk0rg2r0jfghjjjjjodhhochcsh hohsxososhxoehow so I don't know if you are available lg ka sabtu so I don't know if you can do that I think about is you are doing better now than ever ok kak izah in a bit to normal after x blk kg to normal now I have a question for me and bersabarlah in a few weeks so I. Game ini bagus siapa yang mau jadi teras kombat atau neuro atau tekno atau invizo jadi kalian pilih teras kombat atau teras neuro tekno atau invizo.

Ejen Ali: Emergency APK

Boleh lah game dia tapi masa nsk muat turun misi tu dia kata tak de internet. Boleh tak kalau upgrede sikit ali dapat sut megnet ke.. Such a shame that an amazing game like this has to be deleted just cuz of a connection failed problem . I really love this game but the main thing is that the game is not free when you want to play another lvl. I played this game for it was nice I would give it I would keep it 3 stars But it still need some updating so.

I love this game.when I play it,it remembers me of ali in the movie. Every thing is good but there is one problem. When you reach to level 12,they will ask you to download somethings. Every time I try to download it,the connection will failed while l have data . So please fix that problem. It is not downloading at all it is easy But I will make sure that I will be happy they will one more games. i like this game , but why this game always say connection failed even though I've used wifi and topup my phone.

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