Isle Builder Mod 0.3.18 (Menu/Unlimited Money)

Install Original android iphone

Isle Builder: Survival Clicker – the main character has a plane crash. The plane on which he was flying crashed on a deserted island. After he gets out of the salon somehow, he will have to settle in a strange place, far from civilization.

Isle Builder Mod

The main task is to return home, hold out for as long as possible. You need to master the basic skills – mining, crafting tools from scrap, finding food and crafting things. The countdown has begun.

Features of Isle Builder

  • Great opportunity on a deserted island – explore the area where everything you need is available. Find and collect resources like wood, stone and ore. Create tools, build whole houses.
  • Improve skills – in finding, mining, building and producing items. Crafting system, crafting objects, merging with other survivors, because together any work is done faster.
  • Pixel 3D graphics, so events appear more real.
  • Choose a survival strategy with the construction of shelters, explore new locations.
  • Third person view, good optimization and variety of tasks with simple controls. Mod to buy for free, small system requirements.

Isle Builder

Every decision you make can have consequences. On the island, in addition to the main character, there are other survivors, you can unite with them, because which adversity is easier to endure together. A type of plot, the development of which includes the actions of the user. Will his character survive or die, unable to stand the test of fate.