NameMiragine War

Pick up an excellent army and take command of it. Miragine War very strong opponents will be waiting for you on the battlefield, so you should prepare well to fight back.

Pick up a variety of combat units, look at their abilities and gradually develop them. You will have to show all the strategic talent here, take command of a huge army and smash any enemy. You will have a huge selection of warriors, but you will need a lot of gold to hire them. That is why it is worth thinking carefully and not wasting your gold.

Each soldier will have strengths and weaknesses, so you need to take a closer look at them. Each of them has a completely different effectiveness, confrontation with opponents, as well as a one-time blow. Decide on your army, compare the strength of the enemy and choose the best option for yourself.

The graphics in this project are quite high quality, so it will be interesting to look at all the graphic components. A lot of combat units await you, which you still need to figure out, and then invite you to your army. You will be able to fight with other players, show your qualities as a real strategist and win in any battle.

Miragine War MOD

This game is my favorite game in FRIV this game is so great And good this miragine war is my top one game. it won't connect. I loved the old one but I can't even get past the load screen. nothing wrong on my end.. Great game all the way around...I've been playing this for 10 years now and this is still a great game! Good for relieving stress and a great time killer!. Been playing this since flash game. But the mobile version is just pay2win. Chinese players are mostly racist and eager to trashtalk and belittle other people's country since they see your flag. No report system for toxic players. Devs won't change anything. Chinese heroes are way OP than other heroes. Its obvious the devs are catering to them so nothing will be done. Stay clear from this game. Not worth your time.. ahh i remember when i was a kid , i used to play this like for hour . And finally i found back this game !!.

Miragine War APK

The Developers and Management of this game are mind numbingly stupid or hypocrites, who have absolutely no sense about balancing the game .All they care about is their 2 Chinese heroes and the 8 troops empowered by them. This game is an absolute pay to win if you want to play at a higher arena, filled with freaking cosmetic micro transactions which makes it addictive that once you start playing you cant quit it even if you want to,its too late for me now but save yourselves DON'T download this.. I really loved the game when I was young but just to find out it is mostly pay to win, and rng due to some items being better than others such as crit and dodge charms. Some heroes seem to have more impact full abilities such as sounds of heaven compared to spheres summon. Servers vary as some areas will need to play with 200 ping. In a game with precision, ping matters. I am very disappointed in a childhood favorite game. I have been at 800 and every opponent is stronger in everything, f2p hard. This game is ok I guess but I just feel like it's extreme pay to win I'm a beginner playing with other beginners who have payed actual money for high level troops. Don't play this game if your not interested in paying to win. I love this game so much it brings back my memories i have never played this game since 2016 its so good to bring back my childhood.

Miragine War APK

BRINGS ME TO THE OLD GOOD DAYS THE GAME IS NEVER BORING AND AMAZING STRAGIC GAME KEEP THE GOOD WORK #1. I have ceaser as a hero and when I use his special he flexes but don't attack and wastes it .. It wont let me connect to game please help me! I made alot of progress and this isnt the first time this has happened!. The best strategic game ever . I think sometimes rings are not fairly for all but it's okay, i'm playing for years and never got black dragon eyes or sky walker rings, and some player for 2 month win them. But this dont matter so much, this is one of the best games i played in my life ..

Miragine War APK

Y'know I'd really like to play this game again, but it just eternally says connecting at the title screen upon redownload.. Is this game not being illegally copied? Dragonforce DID exist guys and this is literally that game made over, even took the exact same character design. The battle is enjoyable but I wish the units stats were explained more as well as the glyph table can become very confusing and the cost of new characters seems to be out of reach. Very good & it's balanced! There is a bug where the "donate" button does not show that you can donate, although when its clicked, It donates..

Fun game keep getting glitch were im kicked the second a match starts and cant get back in. Also match making is horrible a kind of new mid player can't beat a pro with maxed out stuff vary unfair for beginners.. Their company is based in China. Given the current state of their country I wouldn't trust this app. Their information is difficult to find so it's obvious they're hiding something. Stay away from this app.. Wheres the og soundtrack? Why switch up from what worked as a flash game so long ago. You had the perfect little game and you've ruined it.. One of the reasons I love this game is because you can play it offline & it actually brings back nostalgia of flash games and it is also relatively easy to play. The problems with this game is that sometimes it doesn't run smoothly, the game is also pay to win especially when you have to pay 500 gems for just a formation, and most of the chinese unit is very overpowered and it makes the game very unbalance. At this point I might as well use the chinese units.

Still the best game found it so many years ago back when it was on friv glad i gave it a shot original music was the best part . It will be great if you guys can make another game, preferably turn based rpg games with all the miragine characters on it.. unfair team crashes many time, I went offline, my troops are controlled by server, but server play as mono type making you lose again and again. If i win a match, next match server will give me a noob teammate who will make sure lose. Really frustrating. That is why i gave this rating.. you fight the same 4 people over and over again it says 1m downloads but there's like 6 people who actually play.

why the game is p2w now is beyond my comprehension such a basic game was good time kill but being p2w ruins it's rating. This is an amazing game for mobile, I haven't found any other game that I enjoyed as much as miragine, I used to play the classic when I young and this game has had so many updates that make it wayyy better and is still being supported.. I love this game But I am from middle class family so I can't afford money to buy a hero please give me some diamonds.. Love this game but still won't let me log in.. just keeps connecting.. then says error and auto exits game....

In stages...formation put..24 vampire..12 shadow warior..58 immortal..40 high lord which cost more than possible to win this...fix this..bocoz we get only 20000..:). Mixed feelings, I loved this game on the computer. And so when I saw it on the computer I was so excited, but when I open the game it just keeps saying connecting until saying can't connect. I really would like to play this game but it won't work. I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy 22. I'm in a place saying 5g but even if it isn't 5g, is there not an offline mode? I'll be more then happy changing my review if I could play the game.. I've played this game back when it was a flash game on PC and I remember playing it on mobile when it was fairly new have to admit it was a bit refreshing with the new setup it has now, not sure when it had it's updated but it's an improvement. I tried logging in but it keeps saying error and that I can't log in and I had a really good account, it's a shame cus I loved the game too. What irritates me the most is that I hardly doubt the company will fix it as there has been complaints and non have been responded to plus I can't even log in to see if that new update did anything. It's losing alot of its fan base cus of neglect and its shameful.

I see the game still crashes during play been a few yrs since I was last on still hasn't been fixed. Well what can I say... I still remember when I was a kiddo I used to play this and the fact that the developers made a "classic" music button for us shows how much they care about the original game. Never has an app reached 5 stars for me within seconds. Amazing job. This game is one of my favorites ever, so much fun I wish there were more games like it but recently for some reason it hasn't been working. At least everytime I've tried in the last month or so.. I've encountered a bug where i can't even get on because something with servers I've been trying to get on but still keeps not alouing me to get on.

Nostalgic Flash expierience for me but it could use a update, nothing has been changed for a while now and i want to see new stuff come out of it but still solid game. Been revisiting old games i used to play and came across this again.. So far I am enjoying the game. I love it from the mechanics and gameplay. However, I encountered a bug where it doesn't allow me to play PVP whether it be 1v1, or 2v2. Everytime I would play PVP, a pop up shows up and it tells me that "A player is busy.". It kinda bugs me since I couldn't play with other players. I hope they would resolve this issue, and develop this wonderful game further.. Perfect! Game has the singleplayer it did more than 5 years ago, and an active multiplayer community! ads are not forced, can't really pay to win. Finding a match always takes less than one minute, awesome game!. Very bad server am trying to open this game since yesterday but saying connection limite out what tha hell is this? Very bad things.

Was very pay to win when it was playable and probably still is. They haven't updated the game in two years and I believe servers don't work for the United States region. Great game guys.. Fun game for a bit , i have been playing with my friend and it seems there is zero strategy in this game it seems to be about quantity if troops than quality , you use a certain strategy against a set of troops and you win , you use same strategy again against same troops and same numbers of troops and you lose , how does that happen , that my problem with this game. The game is good! This is my childhood game but until now im still playing it though i hope they add more characters....Keep it up!. This game has many connection related issues even though my wifi is perfectly fine and good the game just struggles to cope with my wifi for some reason please fix this.

This game is fun and enjoyable until I started playing with my friend which had 7??vtrophys while I have 541 the game would put me with players with 851 trophy's not letting us level up or get more trophies makeing the game compleatly unfair and the amount of bots if there isn't overpowered players there are bots which send the same charectar all the time sure it's good for more trophies and to level up but it gets boring when it's always a bot then when it's not a bot it's an overpowered player. Please add more content and maybe 3v3? Pretty Please? BadArse Game!! I will definitely be spending a few koinz on it even though you really don't need to!!. Am i the only one who can't access a server anymore? I love this game but can't play online unfortunately..

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