NameGrow Empire: Rome
SizeVaries with device
ReleaseGames Station Studio
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Grow Empire: Rome

Tower Defense elements are intertwined with RPG particles.

The player will be in the role of Caesar, the most formidable leader of the Roman Republic. The main task is to conquer other peoples living in ancient Europe with the help of your troops, which include countless warriors, siege weapons, famous heroes, and mercenaries from other countries.

Get ready for epic battles! To start a war, you need to download Grow Empire: Rome for Android.

From a small republic in the center of the peninsula, your empire will grow into a colossal civilization that has never existed before. Weak peasants will temper their fighting spirit in battles and become invincible soldiers.

Pump up your fort to defend against the most ferocious enemy clans, as well as the armies of Italy, Carthage, Gaul, and others. Defeat them and expand your holdings, increasing the wealth of your nation. I came, I saw, I conquered!

Distinctive features:

  • Almost 1500 waves to hit;
  • Over 100 cities to capture;
  • Modernization of buildings consists of more than 100 improvements;
  • Over 30 different Roman warriors to customize and unlock.

The game is free, so it’s best to download Grow Empire: Rome for Android right now.

Download ( V1.30.10 )

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v1.0.1033 • January 24, 2024



v1.145.51 • May 14, 2024

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v1.10.16 • May 28, 2024

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v3.11.8 • May 13, 2024

Europe Empire


v3.6.8 • May 17, 2024