NameOPG Treasure Island

Mix RPG video video video games with regular anime reveals, and you must have a beautiful time having enjoyable with at present! Prepare for OPG Treasure Island and luxuriate in a thrilling journey while you develop to be the captain. Do you profit from RPG video video video games that showcase your favorite anime motion pictures? One among many regular codecs for anime video video video games is the RPG kind because it presents all the points. In these video video video games, avid players can go on adventures, meet actors, and luxuriate in combating enemies.

This game from ATUMO means that you can go on epic adventures collectively with your of us as you develop to be the captain. Correct proper right here, you presumably can freely buy fully wholly different characters as you buy bigger than 100 characters at present

OPG Treasure Island MOD

Its a very good game but i feel it more like a pay to win game but the gameplay is good. I love the game but when i want to login my account via Facebook I can't it won't let me it always says "error app is active.This app is not accessible right now and the app developer is aware of the issue you will able to login when the app is reactivated" please fix this . This game is so good but i update it in my account is gone I don't know why is so hard to be strong in game am vip 4 but is gone then I decided to delete it good game but fix the problem please. If you have money you're strong if you are poor sorry to say but you're weak in this game, and once i log out my account i can't open it until now, i wasted only my money in this game. This game is one of my favourite game back then when I'm just 13, I hope it's still the best of it..

OPG Treasure Island APK

Not optimize for phone and tablet ,it drains battery so fast I use android firmware 12 on tablet , and miui 14 on Poco F3. Pls fix the loading screen I can't get in the game i have good wifi connection but the loading screen ahhh. I just started and I get Two sSs already and I like that on event it's so cheap to buy need more updates like this!!!!!!. I love the game but the codes aren't working only newbie hot new server and the other one so please fix it.

OPG Treasure Island APK

I purchased diamond, the transaction is success but diamond not sdded to my account, i sent email to developer and there is not respond at all.. this developer is really has no responsibility.. fu... The game is fun and Exciting but When I Top up just now , After the transac got successful the App closed , When I reopen it , I didnt get what I bought I emailed the Developers But theres still No Response! I got a response from their FB page He said he'll Check but its already Hours came by , I got no response since then I have the receipt and everything you need as a proof! IF YOU'RE A BUYER TOO , YOU'LL ALSO FEEL DOUBT BUYING THINGS FROM THIS GAME!!! DECIDE WISELY!!!. On year 2021 they don't give me free sSs hero you need to top-up to get sSs but now it's giving free sSs hero with a bit of requirements i love this game. I'm Disappointed. I even spend a lot on these game. cause i really like it. But today when i open it. You just Suspended my Account..

OPG Treasure Island APK

Can you pls fix this bug I can open opg and he saying is no Internet but my Internet is open and I have signal pls fix this my account is have sss hero shank and g4 I will give 5 star if you fix this bug<:<. Again, i am asking to PLEASE ADD RESET HERO. OR JUST PLEASE A DISCORD OR TIERLIST. I BEEN WASTING SO MUCH HAMMER JUST TO CHECK WHO IS BETTER. Now i cant bcus i dont have any hammers left. There is no tierlist so i had to do it so i know who to use. So pls add reset hero so i can levels and get all hammers from all hero i upgraded but dont use anymore. Perfect for introverts well done every enjoyable to play but sometimes to hard to fight other player because they paying to win hahahag. Takes forever to load even when i have wasted 10 minutes it says update is unable to load what the hell does that mean?? Why does it take forever to download probably one of the worst game i have ever played or even worst not played.

When I play months ago it's Good but when I play it again it's till saying verify version. I been waiting for 10 minutes but there's nothing happened. Please IF THERE UPDATE AGAIN ADD SOME NEW MAP IN ADVENTURE AND ADD THAT CAN BUY DIAMON USING BELLY EXAMPLE 1000000 BELLY = TO 5000 TO 10000 DIAMON PLSSS ADD THIS.THIS IS FOR F2P PLAYERS PLSSS ADD THANKYOU. THE DEVS OF THIS GAME ARE SCAMMERS!!! I TOPPED UP FOR 2000 DIAMONDS YET DIDN'T RECEIVED ANYTHING EVENTHOUGH I HAVE THE BILL. THEY WILL JUST TELL YOU GIVE ANOTHER BILL. THIS IS FRUSTRATING AND STRESSING OUT. SHOULD REPORT THIS APP!!! -0. Im kinda new to this game ive been playing it for a month its really good the design 4/5 and quality 4/5 i also have a reccomendation of putting in game a afk system like you can afk through all the normal and elite stages without your hands getting tired i took the idea from idle gog and can you plz rempve the bugs ppl are arguing about i think it can make the game more satisfying to play add new characters improve the quality of art and this game will rise to top 10 or even top 1 i hope....ty.

I cant top up using my visa it says that it is unavailable. I recently migrated to another country that's why my google play changed its country as well. I wanna top up so bad but it wont let me because the app is not in the play store. A lot of issues that needs to be fix including lost diamond purchases. Admins are so incompetent that you would get late reply to no reply at all! Very upset with these developers not like Nami.. Grabe kakadismaya yung admin puro top up event inaatupag kesa sa problema ng manlalaro pangit na game to di aasikasuhin mga complain nyo busy magpayaman puro bug yung laro na ito not recommend. Just went and closed my phone then boom game said failed updating then game stuck on loading I tried reinstalling didn't work still the same :/.

the maintenance was too long...I still can't play I've been waiting so much I am really disappointed I am sending some messages but the game doesn't answer me at all.... I am really disappointed kindly fix your game . I gave you 5 stars if you fix this I can't log in why there's always a problem when I login I'm new here pls help me.

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